Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Comeback to blogspot

After being away for almost 2 months, I feel this blog space deserves a bit more attention. I know this may sound really funny, but the reason for this self imposed Sabbath was that I was busy. But before you start imagining myself coding frantically on my computer for a crazy deadline, let me tell you beforehand - I did not code anything worth even an Afgani. Actually my TL caught me napping one fine afternoon and decided to load me with work which comprised giving effort estimations for some projects which, everybody's sure, would remain in pipeline.

Another reason for being away from blogspot was that all brave hearted souls who used to visit this space (Rohan, Rt, Dev Babu, Vandit a.k.a Kobra etc) have gone busy - the gentlemen with their B-schools and the lady with her hubby (ie Rohan) , trying to make him a good boy (for more details on this activity pls see Rohan's blogspot link in the navigation bar). With Varsha busy with her sister's marriage, I was quite sure there would be no one who would want to waste time here.

Well, a lot many things happened in these two months. I went to Harsha di's (Varsha's sis) marriage. It was awesome! Attending two marriages back to back in two consecutive months was reason good enough for my mom to sky rocket her BP. She is playing the role of "jawaan ladki ki ma" to perfection! But sometimes I really wonder why does she go berserk everytime I delay my "settling down" plans. Is it really the genuine concern of a "jawaan ladki ki ma" or does she want to get rid of me asap!?!? I am more inclined to think of the latter because my dad has not shown any signs of stooping as he should have being "jawaan ladki ke pita". My younger brother, on the other hand, is seriously convinced that I have always shown signs of retarded mental growth and by his calculations, I would take another couple of years atleast, to reach the mental age of an avg 21 yr old female. So "jawaan ladki ka bhai" is hardly bothered just like the "jawaan ladki" herself is!!

Coming back to the central theme of this post, which is what I did in the intervening months of the last two posts, I must say that I had one helluva roller coaster ride. Pune roads offer many chances of enjoying this ride lest you missed it in your tiny tot days. I also went to Sinhagarh (this time in the correct trek route) with my brother and after seeing the scenic beauty I forgave Pune for its bad roads. Western Ghats is trekkers paradise in monsoons. I would try to upload some of those stunning moments soon.

And in the meantime, I purchased a smart Nokia 6270. It is an amazing s**y silver beauty with a 2 mega pixel camera, mp3 player with dual speakers with features like bluetooth, infrared etc. I got a 512 MB memory card with it. And I store all kinds of crazy photos and videos in it. I have a foto which shows my finger nails and I can swear by the image quality. It could pick the tiny dust peck in the finger tip of my small finger. I also got a USB port with it so my computer is also flooded with crap. I have some good games in it, I can connect to internet and yes, even make a phonecall!!

So these were a few things that kept me away from blogspot. But I am back!! You see, my work has been drastically reduced in last few days. So I have started spending some time thinking how to bog down all you brave hearted souls. Keep visiting. :-)