Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mile Sur..

How do you inspire a nation? How do you instill the sense of pride yet humility in a billion hearts?
We do it with art and music and dance. In our country, there is music in every state, city, street, even every house (one should hear my mom waking me up!) and that becomes the obvious medium..
Back in the 80s, when I was growing up, I was too young to understand anything about the political climate of the nation but from the 9 pm news I remembered it was turmoil. We had a Prime Minister murdered, community hate crimes, formation of many regional political parties. The late 80s was probably one of the most volatile times the nation has seen.
At this time, the Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad inspired a nation’s spirit with Mile Sur Mera Tumhara – written by an accountant and composed by a Marathi Music Director. They created a musical master piece – one message conveyed in 14 languages, rendered by the musical greats of the nation. It started with the power packed voice of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi ji. Then there was Shri Balamurlikrishna ji who sang his piece with the sweetest smile along a beach. I distinctly remember a short wave rising and ending with his notes – perfect timing! And of course there was Lata ji with her pallu in tri-color and an unmatched voice. I learned all the 14 languages by heart even if there was only one line I could really say. I loved the painting that a lonely painter paints on the beach of Goa. There were singers, sportsperson, dancers, painters, actors but most importantly, the general population.
As a child, it had a very deep impact on me. This was my first brush with the diversity of my land. Not a single run of this on TV would be missed. Mom would come out of kitchen to hear it completely and that etched the importance of this work – not just a rare musical feat but a very important one.
Yes, it indeed inspired the nation. It inspired me.
I was waiting to see how the new version looked like. Forget about inspiring, it hardly had any impact on me. It dragged and dragged and dragged – 3 times the length of the original track, yet no where close to what the original did. I liked a few bits of it, the instruments, Bhupendra Hazarika ji and Sonu Nigam doing his bit. But can someone tell me what all those Bollywood stars were doing there? I mean it was not a Filmfare function where every one had to come on stage! We needed youth icons and representatives - not the entire industry! Can some one tell me what was Salman Khan doing in this video? Isn’t he criminally charged with, like, killing a few people and the endangered Chinkara? While, I must admit that his was one of the best shots piece but did the makers not have enough sense to have him put on a shirt while he was around kids? And for heaven’s sake, don’t gesture bite on TV!! Can someone tell Mr. Shahrukh Khan that it is a patriotic album and not one of those stupid romantic movies where he cries, pouts and expects a heroine to run into his outstretched arms? Can someone tell me what was that stupid piece to which Aamir Khan tried his best to bring life to? Lata Mangeshkar ji has been inspiring nation right from the days of Aye Mere Vatan ke logon. I believe she still does that..Did she not deserve a spot here? Haven't the industrialists and entrepreneurs inspired the nation more than the KJos of Indian film industry to find a place in this? And does one really think that Cricket and Hockey will find no representation when showing India and its unity in diversity? Crazy!!
No guys, it is the quality which matters not the quantity. Phir Mile Sur is the display of Indian cinema glamor stars, unlike the original. And that's pretty much about it..
Here's the original one..

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Long live Indian Republic!