Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Main aur Mera Chaand

Jalun tere saath main bhi chaand
Chalun tere saath main bhi chaand..

Raat ki khamoshi ki kahaani kaise tu..
Tere jaise main bhi ek afsana chaand..
Jalun tere saath main bhi chaand...

Sitaron ki bheed mein akela kaise tu..
Tere jaise main bhi akela chaand..
Jalun tere saath main bhi chaand..

Ek raat hi purnim, poora fir bhi kaise tu..
Mera ishq bhi saagar mein ek leher chaand..
Jalun tere saath main bhi chaand...

Chakor ke aansun mein bheega kaise tu..
Main bhi roun aise tujhe dekh ke chaand..
Jalun tere saath main bhi chaand...

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

There is Only One Doer

Accept the World at its Worst
Suppose the worst of the world is given to you; what would you do with
You should not complain if you get the worst. If you have received the
worst, then things can only get better. And you are here to make it
Jim: When things are at their very worst, there is only time and space.
Patty: When you see life as suffering, then you go within.
Paula: It is like running out of breath and you have to inhale.
What happens when you have to do something all by yourself -- and no
comes to help?
Here are three options:
1. Be frustrated and complain;
2. Thank others for not helping so that
you can take all the credit;
3. Be grateful, pray deeply, and know that
you will get all the energy
needed to do it alone. There is only one

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello World - Reboot!

A long time has passed since I wrote something. In fact, after almost a year, I visited my own blog today. I was losing my ability to write anything substantial for a long time as is quite evident from the last few posts here. I am happy, however, that the last post on this blog was about the good news on support for Shriya. That was an important cause.

But if we scroll down this blog, the last real post from me was in September 2012. Now that indeed is a very long time. I mean Wow! Writing, which used to come so freely to me, suddenly, left me blank. Let’s keep aside the standards. I hardly held any high standards, both in terms of content and delivery. But the attempt to be funny definitely was something which brought a lot of joy and the comments from my friends (and sometimes strangers) always kept me going.

Life has its own way of getting back at you, though. All the jokes on life and living took a full circle and decided to have a go at me. Suddenly, life which was so easily captured in the funny lines in this blog became so complex that it took a long time to even come to terms with it let alone comprehend it. I became like those cartoon characters being slapped tight on their faces and swirling clockwise and just when they come to a halt another slap takes them on an anticlockwise swirl. Unfortunately, the pain and dizziness associated with these difficult motions is what makes cartoons funny. But life’s lessons come with experiences like these and it is good to have a hearty laugh on these matters as well. There were some important things to learn and they have been learned. Things that could be taken care of have been taken care of. Things that should have been accepted as is have been accepted as is. Life is BAU and all is well!

But I realized today that I miss writing. It isn't important that I “miss writing” because what I wrote was never important. The important thing is that I “realize” that I am missing writing. The realization has come after churning through life itself and now there is some breathing space to feel.

I don’t think I can attempt to be funny like I used to. That bit in me has definitely eroded!  But write shall I. Write on what? Well, we shall see.

Good news for the regular visitors though (now that’s funny because, hello, are there any left?). You are free from the bonds of bribe and blackmail. You were awesome! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Ray of Hope for Shriya

Dear All,

I have a wonderful news to share about Shriya. 

Due to continued efforts by Shriya's parents, the Genzyme Corporation (the company which manufactures the drug given to Shriya) has given their consent to sponsor Shriya's ERT, at least for the time being. This is part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program of the company. This gives an immediate relief to Shriya's parents. While this is not a permanent solution for Shriya's family, this gives them enough time to work with other agencies for a long term solution for Shriya. 

Shriya's parents have requested to STOP the donations which was generously offered. This was communicated to me in late November last year. But I wanted to wait to see that the situation did not change. So my apologies in case this comes to you a little late.

Please do not stop praying for Shriya and her family. Their life still revolves going to the hospital twice a month and manage their routine lives. It is still not easy for the family and your best wishes will be needed always. 

I thank everyone who read my posts on Shriya and generously came forward with help and prayers. A big THANK YOU! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shriya - Update

Dear Friends! 

Just a little post here to update you all about the SaveShriya campaign launched by Fortis Foundation. 

Tweets 14,621
Re-Tweets 3617
Total Tweets 18,238

Which means that Fortis foundation will contribute INR 1,82,380/- for Shriya. It translates to 2 months of ERT for her. Which is a big help for Jaydeep and Shivani!

All these tweets were generated in just about 15 days - through word of mouth, through a friend re-tweeting and then another friend re-re-tweeting, through people like Aman sir and Deepak Singh making it their mission to sit the whole night to tweet for Shirya, through celebs like Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan, Sandhya Mridul tweeting and spreading the word to hundreds of others! It was all made possible by people like you and me.  

And I want to thank everyone who read about Shriya here on my blog and cared enough to do something for her. Thank you and you should know that you are a star!!

And finally I appeal you all once again to not forget about Shriya. She needs the ERT (each ERT costs INR 90,000/-) twice every month for at least another 15 years. Keep tweeting, keep mailing and keep talking about Shirya when you can, where you can. And when you have a little more cash, please do not hesitate in helping financially as well. It is a little girl's life at stake!

Take care and God bless!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Joy of Giving

Dear ones,

October 1 - October 8 is the Joy of Giving week. Renowned healthcare group Fortis Foundation has launched a twitter campaign to support Shriya and raise awareness for Gaucher's disease. Fortis has agreed to sponsor one ERT treatment for Shriya. Each ERT costs INR 90,000. And they have also agreed to donate INR 10 for every tweet for Shriya. This is the easiest way you can help Shriya over the next couple of weeks. 

So how does it work? You just need to have a twitter account. To Tweet visit (http://www.fortishealthcare.com/saveshriya) press “TWEET NOW” icon, put your twitter ID and Password. An auto generated tweet message will appear as “I just donated a tweet for saving SHRIYA you should too #saveshriya http://bit.ly/QZndfy”. Make sure you don't change this message. And then just press TWEET. You DO NOT have to draft a message. All you have to do is click. Three clicks and you donate Rs.10 for Shriya's next ERT. 

You can also send your other messages after this tweet message. Multiple tweets from same user will be treated as 1, so when you RT, you are spreading the message and we need to do it at a large scale. Additional tweets should be ending with “#saveshriya http://bit.ly/QZndfy”. 

Fortis is targetting 8500 tweets. Now this is to cover the treatment of ERT. This is also the bare minimum number we want to reach to help sponsor a month's treatment for Shriya. But 8500 is not the upper limit. There IS NO upper limit and this rare but huge opportunity is for the next two weeks only.

Do you think your tweet matters? It does. I was very lucky when I visited the Fortis website (https://saveshriya.fortishealthcare.com/) today afternoon just to check the status. And here's the screenshot I was lucky to take. anusha30 is my Twitter handle. And my tweet was re-tweeted by atleast 5 other people. That's atleast Rs. 60/- for Shriya!! And I am not even popular or active on Twitter. So yes, your little effort matters. It matters a lot for a family really struggling hard to keep the hope floating for their little girl.

Here's a little video Fortis has created for the campaign. 

Please visit, please take a moment to think and please donate. You will feel very happy. It is the Joy of Giving week after all.

Thank you for all you are doing. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Save Shriya

Dear Readers,

I write this post asking for a favor. Please read the entire post with a little patience and consideration.

Shriya is a 2.5 years old baby (born on May 31st, 2010) diagnosed with Gaucher's disease. It is a rare genetic disorder caused by a hereditary deficiency of the enzyme glucosylceramidase, which leads to a collection of fatty material in the spleen, liver, kidneys, lungs, brain, and bone marrow. Little Shriya was diagnosed with Gaucher's Type 1 when she was 3 months old.

Here are the links of the case history and doctor's certificate.


  • Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT): This is the only life saving treatment available world wide. ERT replaces the deficient enzyme with artificial enzymes. These replacement enzymes are administered in an outpatient procedure through a vein (intravenously), typically in high doses at two-week intervals.
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT): This surgical procedure has been used for severe cases of Gaucher's disease. In this technique, blood-forming cells that have been damaged by Gaucher's are removed and replaced, which can reverse many of Gaucher's signs and symptoms. This is a high risk treatment and is very rarely administered.

Monthly ERT is the only treatment option available for Shriya and she needs to undergo this at least until she is 18 after which oral medication can be considered. This enzyme needs to be imported from USA and costs 1650 USD and the dosage (and hence the cost) will change as Shriya grows up. The invoices till May 2012 are uploaded on the website. I have the invoices for the month of July if you want. And you can always request for the latest invoice from Shriya's parents and they are always prompt in replying. I am saying this based on my own personal experience. 

How can you help?

1. The biggest help this family needs at this time is financial. Any sort of financial help is most welcome. If you can contribute 100 USD great! If you can contribute 100 INR great! No amount is too big or too small. I have posted the donation details at the end of this post. I have used the online transfer without any hassles. I have always received prompt reply from Shriya's parents with proper acknowledgement.

*EDIT October 4th, 2012 - Fortis foundation has started a twitter campaign for Shriya. Fortis has pledged to donate Rs.10/- for every tweet with the tag #saveshriya. This is the website - https://saveshriya.fortishealthcare.com/. All you have to do is go to this link, click on tweet and submit. You do not even have to draft a message. It's all done for you. You can post as many, RT as many times. All you have to do is click. Easy, right? I have decided to set aside a time and RT 10 times a week. That's a 100 bucks a week from one person. If we can sustain only this, that will be more than enough! Yeah, that easy!

2. If you are a doctor or someone who can help with the medicine (enzyme) please do reach out to Shriya's parents. I am sure any and all information will be very useful for them.

3. Spread the word! Please spread the word! I can understand if you cannot help financially. Sometimes, we just cannot. But if you are reading this blog, I am sure, you can also copy paste this information on your twitter/Facebook/blog accounts and send it to your local charity chapters. Here is the Facebook group link. 

4. If you are in Delhi, you can make time to visit Shriya and just share your precious time with the little girl at the AIIMS whenever she gets in there for her treatment. I am sure you will feel as good as the Sethis. 

5. Whatever you can think of!

I assure you the validity of this post and all the links posted here. I have verified this personally and I truly believe in the cause. I am sure you will do everything you can. :-)




Please make your donations in the name of SHRIYA SETHI
Account No. 911010065008502
Axis Bank Ltd,
A-13 Swasthya Vihar, Vikas Marg 
New Delhi-110092, India. 
IFS CODE:  UTIB0000055

Contribution in Foreign Currency can be sent to the PAYPAL Account: jay_hcl@yahoo.com
Please also mail your contribution details to shivanisethi0206@gmail.com for  tracking and acknowledgement purpose.


Jaydeep Sethi (Father)
E-mail ID: jay_hcl@yahoo.com
Phone No: +91-9958284420
Shivani Sethi (Mother)
E-mail ID: shivanisethi0206@gmail.com
Phone No: +91-9810033778