Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello World - Reboot!

A long time has passed since I wrote something. In fact, after almost a year, I visited my own blog today. I was losing my ability to write anything substantial for a long time as is quite evident from the last few posts here. I am happy, however, that the last post on this blog was about the good news on support for Shriya. That was an important cause.

But if we scroll down this blog, the last real post from me was in September 2012. Now that indeed is a very long time. I mean Wow! Writing, which used to come so freely to me, suddenly, left me blank. Let’s keep aside the standards. I hardly held any high standards, both in terms of content and delivery. But the attempt to be funny definitely was something which brought a lot of joy and the comments from my friends (and sometimes strangers) always kept me going.

Life has its own way of getting back at you, though. All the jokes on life and living took a full circle and decided to have a go at me. Suddenly, life which was so easily captured in the funny lines in this blog became so complex that it took a long time to even come to terms with it let alone comprehend it. I became like those cartoon characters being slapped tight on their faces and swirling clockwise and just when they come to a halt another slap takes them on an anticlockwise swirl. Unfortunately, the pain and dizziness associated with these difficult motions is what makes cartoons funny. But life’s lessons come with experiences like these and it is good to have a hearty laugh on these matters as well. There were some important things to learn and they have been learned. Things that could be taken care of have been taken care of. Things that should have been accepted as is have been accepted as is. Life is BAU and all is well!

But I realized today that I miss writing. It isn't important that I “miss writing” because what I wrote was never important. The important thing is that I “realize” that I am missing writing. The realization has come after churning through life itself and now there is some breathing space to feel.

I don’t think I can attempt to be funny like I used to. That bit in me has definitely eroded!  But write shall I. Write on what? Well, we shall see.

Good news for the regular visitors though (now that’s funny because, hello, are there any left?). You are free from the bonds of bribe and blackmail. You were awesome!