Friday, December 19, 2008


This blog made it to the end of year 2008. This also implies that I made it to the end of 2008 which is exactly what I had in mind when I posted the first post this year. This has been an absolute cracker of all times. One of the richest in terms of experiences. Marked by happiness, routine, pain, drama, melodrama. I met more people in this one year than probably my entire lifetime. This has not been the best year, but this has definitely been one where I had some best learning. There was a desire to have one blog per month posted and I can now say that I could make it. However, I do not think that any of the last 12 posts made much sense except for this

Time for a quick recap! 

January – New Year 2008! Had some nice celebrations with Varsha and Ankita. I danced my way to glory much to the annoyance of neighbors and friends alike! Went to trek with Sandeep and saw some of the most beautiful shades of blue. Nice beginning. 

February – The month of love! Another lone Valentine’s Day. Also, realistically speaking, I doubt this situation is going to change in February 2009. But with love, as with life, you never know! 

March – Month of marriages! Highlight of the month was of course, Prateek’s wedding. We have so many fond memories from childhood that just the thought of Prateek getting married made me wonder how quickly time flies. It seems only yesterday when we were playing cricket at my grandmother’s place on a hot summer afternoon. And that same sweet brother embarks on a new journey. And then there was Anjali’s wedding. I was there for hardly a few hours but somewhere deep down within I realized that it was an emotional moment. Anjali has always been a person I respected a lot. Then, I met my college friends after a long time. And I can never forget how I felt when Deepshikha quickly packed my lunch (even the pan!) before I rushed to catch my train. Some friends are for life, even if you don’t meet them often, even if you don’t talk to them often.

April – Deepshikha’s marriage :-)! And some major upheavals in lives that crisscross mine. ‘Why, but why?’ was the question all over. And yes, no answers as expected!

May – Chicken Pox and IPL! I am still living with the marks of CP. The three days when I was alone surviving on Rooh-Afza, IPL and on-phone talks with Amit ji were the toughest 96 hours I endured, personally. For the first time I remember, my ego was beaten to death ;-)! It however, sprang back to life after I had sufficient doses of Nariyal Pani and curd rice! Team Chennai lost in the finals to underdogs Rajasthan Royals and I had a new respect for Mahi! 

June – The toughest month on the whole. This was a hectic, tiring, draining period. It was revealing and I lost more than what I had bargained for. It was life changing as well. I also boarded my first international flight. Saumya, Amruta bhabhi thanks for making it to the airport. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for being able to make it. “Sitting on the lounge, waiting for the flight, I realized that the things you want in life come to you at a cost. And sometimes, you are not willing to pay the price.” This realization still holds true.

July – Travel time! I found beautiful friends in Veethi and Vipul. I found a place to live in US. I visited San Antonio and Houston. I spilled out my frustration to the person who genuinely believed that I will come over it. Still adjusting to my new life in USA, still adjusting to a life without IBM, Pune and Varsha and wowed by the superpower of the world. 

August – Lonely time. Long days without much to do in office, without many people to talk to, without having means to commute, I was practically living my days confined to the 4 walls I just began to call home. Wondering, wondering deep, wondering deeper, trying to make sense of nonsense, I took up cooking!! :-D Ah! It is so much fun. 

September – Month of single, biggest life changing event. I did the Art of Living Basic course. I probably, did not get all my answers, but I saw so many questions melting away. I am glad I did it, I am glad I could do it, I am glad I had people who helped me do it. Kishore mama, Rajju mama, Nidhi, Ila, Shree and last but not the least, Ram – thank you all! You all were instrumental in bringing sanity to my life. 

October – Birthday time, Diwali time. Varsha visited Dallas, Guruji visited Dallas and some of the simplest things I did gave me maximum satisfaction. After a long time, job satisfaction was not in question and I was getting a lot of “work” satisfaction. Paradigm Shift!

November – Thanks giving month and a month of immense thinking and self speculation. I came to know a lot of things about myself. And I found myself praying for Mumbai in Chicago. An intense month in every sense of the word. 

December – Smiles are back! Lot of things have happened already! I bought my car, ipod and electronic keyboard. All these things make me happy :-). Sandeep's birthday was one of the happiest days this year! And I plan to take the last week off and visit a few places this holiday season. Will upload photos soon after.

I am very happy as I write this. I know I am smiling. I am happy I lived this year and more importantly, lived through this year. I am happy I learnt so many lessons, had so many experiences. I am happy I am more aware of things around me and more sensitive to people around me. And finally, I am going to sit back and celebrate this year. 

Also, I am going to free myself from writing a-post-a-month rule. I am going to become my random self again. I am not going to stop writing, but I am not sure how, when and why I would write. I am going to explore this life for another year and just see how it goes from there!! :-)

To all who read this, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Take care, but more importantly, have loads and loads of fun!! We all deserve celebration!