Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A new beginning..

First things first - Heartiest New Year wishes to all the readers of this blog. May the New Year ring the right kind of bells in your life and may you wish everything you deserve so that you get everything you wished for!

Another year went by, another new beginning. The New Year celebrations bring memories of two years - 2001 and 2007 - former for the gala celebrations we had in hostel and the second for, well, all the wrong reasons and it is better if I don't delve into it. This time I wanted not to repeat the history of last year's celebrations(?). So I was a bit careful. I had resolved not to hurt people. But my first resolution went for a toss with my efforts to synchronize my limb movement with music - an activity vaguely resembling to what is frequently referred as "dance" in routine parlance. Varsha and Ankita are recuperating and I will convey your "get well soon" wishes to them. 

By the time of writing this post, I had broken all the resolutions I made a week back. So there really isn't much to tell you about them. I had decided to hit the gym with a vengeance - I have not even bothered to step in (Round is a shape, I am in shape!). I had decided to control my emotions while watching ads, movies, plays - but I watched TZP and there went my resolution with a bucket full of tears. And yes the one I could keep for a full week was my resolution not to write blogs. But I just could not stop on the 8th day. And here I am with my year's first post. That reminds me I did a major kand last year. I created another blog and found a new, more torturous and horrendous way of reducing human life expectancy. I created a new blog you can find here - http://anusha-sings.blogspot.com. Now that's torture of the third degree kind! 

But, there are few things I really want to change. One thing is that I want to leave early from office. You see spending extended hours in office is a total wastage of critical resources like electricity, water, caffeine, chairs, server space, bandwidth. We are running short of these IT lifelines anyway. I have been successful till now. Let's see how long I am able to kick myself out of office premises before sunset. Another is to really really think hard and honestly about getting married. Some very important people have been giving me all sorts of reasons in favor of tying the nuptial knot. Mind you, they themselves have not experienced the effects of the same but are quite sure of the benefits. Since then I am trying to convince myself of them and mom has started praying harder. There is no decent Telugu Brahmin teetotaler IT engineer (male variant ;-) ) of average height and build, hailing from a north based family to consider yet, but my family wants me to marry by the time it is time to change the calender! OK ji, lekin ladka kahan hai?? :-O. Sigh! Third, I really want to start my music lessons and I will be highly obliged if anyone can direct me to a Hindustani Classical Music class in Pune. And there are many fourths, fifths etc which I do not remember right now! 

Anyway, this blog is becoming a good place to vent out my frustration. And I am quite sure that this will be put to good use this year. So you can expect more posts than the previous two years. I suggest keep your reading of this site to the minimal. 

And here is something worthwhile I did this weekend. I went to a trek with my brother to Sinhagad. And here are the snaps which I am sure you will like a lot!