Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Outage in IT..

Time for a new post!

I have loads of time today (not that I had less of it yesterday, the other day or any day for that matter). Reason - there is some major network outage in the client network today and the hardworking souls of my company have been left strangled in the middle with nothing better to do. So here I am with the next post. Now, let me not get into the technicalites of the matter, though I am not sure what technical information I can give, but in simple words internet not working. :-) And since a fast reliable internet connection is the raw material in the IT industry, we have no option left but to enjoy the break!

You have to be in a software firm to fully appreciate the kind of reactions people give in distressing times like these. For one, the entire floor becomes empty baring a few souls who can still be found glued to their seats. Nah, dont mistaken them to be the sincere types. They actually are freshers who have recently joined their projects. The young blood cannot rest and tries to go against the basic commandment of internet - Thou shalt not be able to work if the server is down. They try to show their commitment to their project in difficult times - trying to impress a team lead who is not at his/her cubicle! Sooner or later these young turks realize that they missed having fun and that too officially. Well you learn that with experience!

The Team Lead, depending on the person's gender, gets time to discuss matters of grave importance with his/her peers. If the TL happens to be a male, you will find him smoking with others in the clan in the lobby, cursing his Project Manager or planning his next vacation. On the other hand, the female TL can be found having coffee in the pantry, cursing her Project Manager or planning her next vacation. No gender discriminations in such matters.

Some people get the shock of their lives! Network down is the last thing they expect to happen. These are the souls who have a sword dangling dangerously over their heads in the form of a deadline. Each day (and night) counts. They have been working 74 hrs a week to meet this creepy deadline and all they find is a deadend! My sympathies with them.

Finally, there are those who are beyond such petty things. God bless these carefree souls, life is party for them with or without a network! And they find really good means to kill their free time - blogging for instance..

Wondering how I could post this? Well my $ 97 bn company has a network of it's own :-)!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

May, Mitra and Mitraa

Well blogger.com does not allow me to type in Hindi. So pls read the title as "May, Mitra and Mitraa" :-)). See Mitra - friend and Mitraa - beloved.

May is the hottest month in this part of the globe. And it's going to get really hot this year. No I dont work for the Metrological dept and unlike them, my prediction's gonna be correct..And the reason for Mercury rising like the Sensex this year is one of my mitra has found his mitraa. That's not all! His mitraa also happens to be my mitra and they are getting married when the mitra (mitra also happens to be a Sanskrit word for Sun) is going to shine brightest! To cut the long story short, Rohan, my classmate and a close buddy, is tying wedding knots with Aarti, one of my first roommate, this May..

Ok! Enough playing with words. But I like dramatic openings :-). And Rohan Aarti's wedding is a big news afterall..The first one in my gang of brats. Now we all knew of their long courtship - the lanky, handsome dude falling all over Aarti who drew loads of oos and aahs form the guys...The surprise element was the date (and month and year as well!!) and you bet it was a pleasant one..Frankly, I was not expecting it to happen so soon..But Kabirdas probably had couples like Ro Ro and RT in mind when he gave the world the famous "Kaal kare so aaj kar" doha!

Rt u break hearts of many! Though I am not aware of ur heart breaking abilities, Rohan :-). Yeah but I remember u broke many promises. Rohan skipped so many brain storming sessions we used to have while making our final year project that we stopped counting him in our batch! Well, that we used to end up eating samosas in canteen or playing taash in Varsha's place in these meetings is a different story altogether (More on that in the coming posts!) ..This true fokat son of Instru wanted to change his branch to TC in his final year. Even we wished it was possible for their convenience (and ours too..). But that did not happen. And we had to tie him to a computer in our lab to finally get some coding done. He actually did a wonderful job in just one day and that was the only part working in our project :-).. Rohan's a stud in his own right..

And his sweetheart is nothing short of an all rounder..She is beautiful, she has brains (as per Rohan that's a rare combination in females, though i beg to differ!), she sings, she dances and is a total mastikhor when it comes to having fun. I would always remember the way Aarti's slapped this guy during Dhadkan practices (dont want to mention his name and risk getting sued in the process)..So Rohan u know that u will have to behave urself!

All in all a very sweet couple...Here's wishing both of u a very happy and wonderful married life..Khoob saare bachche hon aapke aur dher saari shaitaniyan karke pareshan karen tum dono ko (u both deserve this - itna pareshan kiya hai sabko!)..

Waiting eagerly for this May!! When all mitra will meet once again for the marriage of our mitra and his mitraa!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My experiences with..well..read on!

There cannot be a more beautiful body than the one I am seeing now. There cannot be a more perfect neck either. The body is handsome and fits so perfectly in my hands. The lines and cuts are divine. The tan brown colour of the skin only adds to the beauty.

As I roll my fingers over it, I feel a sensation beyond words and I feel something moving within me. As that blissful sensation reaches my heart, my eyes fill with tears..For my love cannot find any other way to express itself - all other senses are mesmerised..And with the first sounds I realise that something hot is running down my cheeks..I finally have it! After years of yearning and dreaming, I have my guitar in my hands..

I was always fascinated by the sounds of this beautiful instrument (infact, I am in love with all the music instruments I know..). The chords can do wonders and has such soothing effect!!..There used to be a music class near my hostel in my first yr engineering..I remember a couple of instances when I used to hover around that building just to hear the sounds - though they were never very clear..:-) And then I heard my dear friend, Vandit, playing Mandolin..These experiences only added some shudh desi ghee to the desire to own one - some day..

Own one - someday! And it took me almost 5 years to finally have one..And was I delighted! It was like the experience of owning the first bicycle, running the scooter for the first time..Boy! I actually, wanted to dance..:-) But keeping my foot tapping abilities and my general concern for the neighbours in mind, I decided otherwise and settled for a bar of Dairy Milk and some coke for the celebrations..

I found a class and I go there every Saturday..My teacher is a wonderful guitarist..and you know what he did in the first class?? He played Summer of 69..and my reaction? a very simple - Ah!! And I was all geared up for the lesson..I was very confident that I will do wonders..I said to myself - boss u have a reasonably good music sense! This should not be tough..And after some basic understanding of the instrument, I started with the G chord..And then I realised a simple fact - this is not going to be that simple! And in another 10 min time, I was sharing my confidence level with a certain Saurav Ganguly..Yeah I was not feeling any better. I even thought that I was looking very awkward with the guitar..Soon I realised that the strings want to test my endurance..There was a sharp pain in my fingers..The strings won the first battle and got good taste of my blood!! My teacher smiled and said "That should be enough for the day.."

It has been almost 3 months now..I practise a lot and I feel less awkward holding it..The tips have become numb..I guess the battle is almost over..My guitar allows me to experiment with it now..And the sounds have started making some sense..I think in a year's time I will be much better at it..Well, I just hope so..:-)

Friday, April 07, 2006

The new Chaska..

Being in a software firm has one big advantage..A free access to a computer with 1GB RAM and an internet connection whose speed is rivaled by the supersonic jets.So here I am, with a free blog space and hundreds of thoughts, raring to go..

Right now I am just trying to acquaint myself..and will start posting soon..

Till then take care..