Thursday, June 12, 2008

My achievement on the virtual world

The biggest revealer of all times, undoubtedly, has been My four long years in this Sensex boasting IT industry would not have been possible without Google. Behind every successful IT engineer is the beautiful and powerful Google search engine. Though the definition of success is different for different people, for me, success is survival. Without the power of Google’s search, my codes would have gone into infinite loops, my dates would not have got formatted, my timestamps would have been non-existent, my String to number and number to string conversions would have been impossible and in short, I would have been doomed! Nahi nahi this post is not a gaurav gatha of Google dev ki mahima. In fact, this post has nothing to do with Google or search engines in general. Who to maine avain itna kuch likh diya. 

Actually, I was doing some random searches on Google the other day. One of the search keywords was “koi fata” (translated literally to “some poor/pathetic joke” in English). Yeah yeah, I know not very intelligent keywords but who said I made intelligent random searches! But, but I was surprised to see the search results. The first URL, ladies and gentlemen, was my own blog!!! This is the only time I think I came first! Khushi ke mare meri ankhein nam ho gayin, gala bhar aaya saab kya bataun bas rone hi wali thi. Now, I come from a family and friends background where people are listed for writing books on problems like Java Memory Leaks (first link when you search Rajeev Palanki, my brother) and such high fidelity stuff. But someone said every family has a black sheep. I am black by my family standards and I am sheepish most of the times. Err ok, that was a fata and it is precisely for such bakwas that this blog is the most popular fata link ever! 

My PJs are lethal, mass destruction weapons. Any one hearing them can completely lose their mental balance. More people around me are suffering from acute hair fall than around anyone else because they start pulling their hair in disgust! But still, even after bearing all the jokes on them, my managers have not kicked me out of the company, my friends have not stopped talking to me, Varsha has not stopped living with me, my family, even though they have more precious and intelligent members, has not disowned me. Aap sabhi ka mujhpe jo upkar hai use kabhi nahi bhulaya jaega. 

But Pjs hold the wisdom of generations and the paradoxes of life - “ek budhiya bachpan mein mar gayi” is a sample. I have had some really interesting and inspiring sessions with people where we have shared numerous PJs and pondered over serious, mind blowing questions like “Why did the other two chipkali fall off the wall when one started singing?”(answer of course is, the other two started clapping.). Such discussion have only added fuel to the inherent talent I had of killing people by singing and passing jokes. Talent or congenital disorder, I leave it upto the reader to decide.

The motivation of starting this blog has come from this ability to have a PJ for almost every occasion. So people, thank you for coming to my blog, patiently reading stuff and making this the most popular fata link. 

God bless you all!!