Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Queen of subtle gestures, have a very happy birthday!! :-)

My new fascination I will be writing something about pretty soon..Till then, keep wondering!! :-)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tum Chale Jaoge Tab Sochenge..

Tum chale jaoge to sochenge,
Humne kya khoya humne kya paaya,
Zindagi dhoop, tum ghana saaya..
(When you will be gone, I will think what I actually lost and what I gained in our relation, for life is so tough out there and you are like the gentle shade in harsh sun..)

These eternal lines are my exact thoughts as I look back at the last couple of years and the transition in the last couple of months. 

If you have been regular and attentive on this blog, you would know that it was exactly a couple of years back when I moved to US for work. While it was something I was looking forward to, the timing of it was particularly bad. I did not want to travel when I did. It was with a very heavy heart that I came to US. I lost a very special, loved one to cancer the day I was travelling and the worst part was that I could not release that pain with all the travel and relocation I had to do. It was only after a while I could feel the sharp pain and see the enormity of the loss. It was very tough. 

What was not tough, though, was life here in the US. It was not just about the comforts of being in a “first” world country (ahem, the last place to have sunrise and a first world country!), with first class comforts! Honestly, I did not have my comforts until 6 months of my arrival for that is when I got my car!! For those of you new to this place or planning to come, know that Car = comfort in US. So, no not just the comforts of a posh apartment with high speed internet and joys of online shopping! It was about the place I was in – Dallas. Dallas, the big D, the home of Mavericks and Cowboys where I met some amazing people and spent some wonderful times who made life so interesting. 

One of the first impressions I had of the city was “What the ****!” Now don’t get me wrong! It was not my fault really. You see, I thought I was travelling to the United States of America. I thought I was travelling to a very cold country inhabited by people of diverse ethnicities – Caucasians, Blacks, Europeans, and Mexicans etc. To my utter surprise all I could see were Indians – dark Indians, fair Indians, Bengali Indians, Maharashtra Indians, South Indian Indians, North Indian Indians, Indians in suits and sarees and Indians in kurtas and pajamas! And the first place Veethi and Vipul took me to in Dallas was the Hindu temple and Taj Chaat House and I must say the sambhar of TCH is quite authentic which I thought was not the case in  Indore or Pune. The other shocker was Dallas weather. I mean I knew I was travelling in the summers but I did not expect myself to be sweating! It was almost like going back to my summer vacations in Bhopal when all I used to do was sleep, eat and sweat! I was pretty much doing the same here.

With my worries of pani puri and bhel puri taken care of, I could really focus on the other important stuff in life and life itself! And that is where all these wonderful people I mentioned earlier come! First up, the three “V”s – Veethi, Vipul and Viraj! Veethi is my best friend’s cousin and I had met her a few times in Indore. But that was like 4 years back! The fact that she still could recall my name was enough for me to tell her that I was going to stay at her place until I found a rental roof of my own.  That she was one gracious host is really an understatement. She is easily one of the sweetest persons you will ever meet always with a smile on her face and a heart big enough to laugh at my jokes! And Vipul, her husband, could easily become the captain of Indian cricket team! Not because he has maverick batting skills, but because he is cooler than Mr. MSD. The patience with which he goes about his days is something for all the men out there to learn. I have seen Viraj, their adorable son, from his day 1 on planet earth! And it has been an absolute joy seeing him grow 4 teeth, a broken vocabulary, loads of hair and some really funny habits. That he knows me as his mausi (Hindi word for mom’s sister) and DOES NOT know Varsha at all (:P :P :P) is one of the most beautiful feeling and is one of my best achievements ever! 

And then of course the wonderful AOL group. My days in Dallas were made special because of this super enthusiastic group of sweethearts! Ram, Kala, Pravin, Shree, Aravind, Keerti, Achutan, Hardik, Venkat, Karishma, Trupti, Anshul, Gurmeet, Namrata, Tarun, Jwala ji, Ganga ji, Tarkesh, Sudeep, Laxmi, Greeshmi, Deepak, Kamal and everyone else, you all have given me some wonderful memories, some amazing moments (and of course, some wonderful farewell gifts, gee) to treasure. Your presence meant so much. You all have knowingly/unknowingly contributed so much to my growth that my brother who thought that my mental growth stopped after I turned 21 last year has now started believing in miracles. Words fall flat if I try to tell you and any attempt to do so results in the farewell speech disaster that most of you had to bear! But know that you all have a very special place in my heart.

This was all a build up to the actual update. The thing is, I have been relocated to Kansas City for work. People tell me that it is going to get really cold here with snow! I keep telling them that I am looking forward to it but in reality I am not. That's all I got to say, in short but that will not make a juicy long post, will it? 

And since I am not sure when I am going to blog next, a happy Eid to everyone! With the speed with which I am going this year, I hope to get another post before Diwali.

You all have fun, take care and post a comment here! :-)