Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy Two Zero One One - Everyone!

Hiya people!

I did not have the customary end of year post this year..I did not have anything to write about..It was a strange year and it has gone by! Tata (tootles! LOLMAX!!)...

And as I stand on the threshold of 2011, unable to comprehend if it is 2010 or 2011 (much like the state border in Kansas City, unable to decide which state it really belongs to - err OK bad joke), I just see a lot of hope. Don't know for what, but dear ones, I pray for a lot of hope for everyone of you this year..However things turn out to be (some of them will be massive disappointments, some pleasant surprises), 2011 won't be too different from 2010 or any other year for that matter..But you have a chance to be different (don't be unrecognizable like the anonymous posters here.. :P) but be different like Maggi hot and sweet tomato chilly sauce..There is hope..And that will keep you going, inspite of everything!

Make the time of this year count..Learn something new, meet new people, select one dream you had a few years back and work hard to achieve it, earn a lot, spend a lot, smile a lot, laugh a lot! And then this time will be unlike any other year..

I know this post is more like a note to self...And I know I need it.. :-)

I "hope" you have a rocking 2011!!