Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Diwali time

Howdy people! It has been a while since I wrote something. Good new is my nightmares have gone and I am back to dreamless nights. Not sure what changed but I am not complaining.J
This is a little late, but I hope you all had a bombastic Diwali. Diwali is such a special time. I mean, even being in this far off land where nothing is as it would be at Ma-Papa’s place, this time of the year brings out the grandiosity of existence. It is the most spectacular time of the year for me. It is not just about the sweets and the nice food and all the hard work for prepping the house. Just the whole extravaganza that goes with it makes it the larger than life occasion that it is.
Meri life sahi hai yaar. This year was a very special Diwali. Infact, it was one of the best ever! I have this great friend who has been my friend since 6th grade. And after all these years I came to know what a wonderful cook she is. She invited about 25 people for lunch and the menu was nothing less than a restaurant menu. From shahi paneer to palak paneer to dal makhni, the main course was fingerlickicious. Infact, I noticed that I don’t have any fingers left in my right hand now! I licked and licked ‘em all! And the desserts were even more special – gulab jamun, kheer, aate ka halwa. All home made! And you should have seen the patience with which she went about cooking. I have had the luck of knowing some real amazing cooks. Ila just made that list longer! My friends are such an inspiration.

And as usual I didn’t want to come back. The week after that was hectic, yet, I went down the memory lane – not just this Diwali but all those I remembered from the past. Some were good, some were ok and some were nasty. But, Diwali was something when ma-papa slogged like anything. I think it is time for my generation to take over. No one could have done it better than you Ila! You just rock!J
I am back to living life. You all, take care people.