Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bhaiyya bane Saiyyan!

What an eventful last 20 days I had! There are so many things to talk about about what I did last February. It was Prateek’s wedding after all and one of the grandest events we have ever had in the family. Prateek is my first cousin who uses the 25 days difference between our birthdays to suit his convenience! He would become the strict elder brother and would make me touch his feet on Rakhi. Or become the extremely loving one who would want me to be the first one to tie the Rakhi knot. He has been a very special brother and all my love and wishes to Amruta and Prateek. 

There is a lot that can be written about Prateek himself or Amruta herself. I could start with our childhood days and tell you about the danga we created as kids. But then that would be an entire lifetime. I could talk about how they met and how they finally convinced their families to get them married. But that would not make a very juicy post because it was all very simple and without the family drama associated with alliances. I could maybe, start with the grand engagement ceremony we had in Pune a few months back and how these two lovebirds reduced their phone bills from 7K to 1.5K (yes, per month!) after the engagement. I could talk about the arrangements made for the wedding. But again, you know everything about how we marry our kids in India! The arrangements are never short of being mega fanfare and indeed, they were. I could talk about Prateek’s innumerable designer dresses or Amruta’s lehnga. I could talk about how Prateek’s haldi ceremony was an early Holi for others. I could talk about the DJ present in almost every event in the three days and how people were ready to dance at the drop of a hat, with or without music. I could talk endlessly about how Prasan mesmerized everyone with his singing and dancing abilities or how disappointed we all were when Sandeep could not make it to all the major events because of his mid sems. I could talk about some amazing dances by my granny, my mom and my dad’s patang udaana steps! I could devote at least 5 complete posts to my sweet maamis (specially Chamu mami) and their non-veg jokes and serious pranks! I could go on about how amazing Rachana looked almost everyday and what an excellent dancer Apeksha is. I could tell you what we did in 5 completely sleepless nights. I could tell you how we recorded the snores of everyone at night and how we would laugh the entire day broadcasting them. 

I could go on and on and still could not cover those 5 days in a post. What I will do instead, is post the most memorable events I could capture. Believe me people, you don’t need too many things to be happy. A camera and a great family is enough. 

** While the above where the most memorable ones, there were a few moments which tortured..the last video is a sample.. :-)