Saturday, November 07, 2009

Random blabbing

Mera Birthday hai, Travel again, packing still not done. Eat food. Should I buy DSLR? American football is awesome! Still Cricket is the only sport I am ever going to follow. Mera birthday hai. Cooked food and yet not in jail for homicide! I think I should buy DSLR. Cakes. My biggest achievement this year – I cut 3 cakes. I love Dhoni. Work. Maybe I should not buy DSLR. When will I go back to India? Iowa is beautiful. Sometimes I think I should settle down in mid-west. Missing Varsha. Priyanka di, Nidhi, Nupoor, Deepshikha, me – all born between 25th October and 30th October – Gods must be crazy! Or maybe I should just buy DSLR. Work. Deployment on the night of birthday. Worked on the day of birthday (supposed to take the day off). Sapan and his awesome playlist. Orkut testimonials! Thanks Vishu! Facebook. Sach Is life! Art of Living. Eat food. Forget DSLR! India calling. Missing family. TV – Picture tube died. Aaoge jab tum O Sajna. Cook food. DSLRs are expensive. No surprises this birthday! Contended. Got a smart shirt for birthday. I look ekdum dhaain sporting it! Still sleeping on the couch. Rearranging furniture. Facebook. Mindjolt games. Solitaire. Day light Saving. Deployment. Work. DSLR is worth every penny. Cricket. Missing Sandeep. Reading novel. Work. Photographs. Painting. Looking forward to winters. Social Interview on Facebook. Ordered DSLR!

I wanted to write about all these things. All these thoughts came to my mind almost at the same time. Imagine living being me. Okay don’t, I am not that cruel. So this is all we have for a post this post, people, because I am feeling lazy.

I know you can deal with it!