Friday, June 18, 2010

Ananda Shankar - An inspiration!

Howdy people! It has been a while since I wrote something. I just was too surprised with what I wrote last and wanted to give myself sufficient time to get out of the serious writing stuff! I am still recovering and so I am not going to write much today.

But I did stumble across this video on Ted - the story of Ananda Shankar. Guys, you gotta watch this one.

Her story reminded me of the many examples (a little too many really) from my own life where people have been fighting this horrible disease. Cancer does not hurt just one body. It shatters the lives of every life associated and things are never the same again.

Cancer needs to be eradicated. Please help in whatever way you can to fight this disease. Here are some links you may find useful.

In my prayers always, all the wonderful people affected by Cancer..