Sunday, November 30, 2008

An incomplete post

People, I have been meaning to write something for a very long time this month. I even have a draft ready. But just could not make myself post it. It has been a month of deliberation, travelling, decision making, self analysing, self criticising, wondering, questioning and what not. I wanted to pen all these emotions. But most of all these, this month has been shocking! Shocking to see the pictures of Taj Hotel burning, worrying once again for friends and family in Mumbai and questioning how a human can inflict such terror on another human being?

Frankly, I don't have words to write anything. Salute to the martyrs who died saving lives of so many. And tears for those who lost everything for no mistake of theirs.

Time is the biggest healer, they say. We soon learn to live again inspite of everything. That is the spirit of life which no terrorist can ever wipe.

In the midst of fear, cheers to the fearless. In the midst of anger, cheers to patience. In the midst of hatred, cheers to love. In the midst of death, cheers to life!