Wednesday, July 30, 2008

About Me..

Hum hain..aur gam hain...

Kuch bhi kaaam nahi hai..
Kuch kaam aata bhi nahi hai..
Log milte rahe..Orkut se judte rahe..
Par ab log profile par aate tak nahi hain..(Thanks to orkut and helpers!)
Baat likhun apne baare mein..
Khayal kuch aate nahi hain..
School gayi kissi sheher mein..
Naam logon ke yaad aate nahi hain..
College bhi gayi kissi aur sheher mein..
Auron ko humare naam ab yaad aate nahi hain..
Padhai kabhi ki nahi, number kam hi aate hain..
Batein ki bahut, dost bade yaad aate hain..
Kai dost bane unke kisse yaad aate hain..
Kai log bichade, kya kya ab yaad aate hain..
Office mein kuch khaas mujhe bhaata nahi hai..
Company ko mere paise yaad aate nahi hain...
To socha blog likhun par koi padhta nahi hai..
Arey ek comment kar do magar koi sunta nahi hai...
Shadi kar lun, ma-papa ko yeh khayal aate hain..
Kabhi ladke humein, kabhi hum ladke ko pasand aate nahi hain..
Life kat rahi hai, sabke duaein saath hain..
Lekin hum hai..par life ke gam jaate nahi hain...


Well I am changing my orkut profile's about me section and I do not want to lose this master creation (ahem) which no one read except those who were lectured, bribed, punished or blackmailed (sam, dam, dand, bhed). So I thought, I would keep it safe and sound and archived on my blog which is the place where all the trash goes..

Now I know, you all are waiting for my next post! Well, the question for me is who all apart form those described in the last para..So if you do happen to read my blog, then, sahibaan, meherbaan, kadradaan, koodadaan or any other type of daan, please wait for a few more days..I have a delicious post coming up which will sure bore you to death! I have been working so hard on it that now I hardly work in office..I have major updates about myself (no, marriage not yet, sigh!) and some blockbuster experiences which sure is going to beat all the Karan Johar dramas of this world..

Tab tak ke liye, read my about me section and pull your hair..Remember, together we can and we will err.. make you go bald!