Monday, September 11, 2006

An irritating one.

It is a strange day. The sun is shining brightly, but it is very gloomy inside the office building. It seems there has been some outage in Hadapsar which has forced the facilities to switch to single tube mode instead of the usual two. I feel very uncomfortable whenever I am in a dimly lit place. I recently had an argument with Varsha, who also happens to be my flat mate, on a similar issue. We live in a single room flat (I prefer to call it "ek kamare ka ghar" instead of the more sophisticated "studio partitioned" flat.) and there are two tubelights to light up that room. Varsha usually comes back before me and switches only one tubelight. Now, when I come back, the first thing I do is go to the other end of the room and switch on the second tubelight. This would have been alright but if you do this before saying a simple "Hi" and after giving a nasty look to your roommate, you deserve to get a good thrashing, don't you?

I used to be a fairly unruffled person. I used to stay calm on a day before my semester exam even when I was fully aware that only a miracle would help me cross the magic no. I usually cleared my subjects decently (thanks to the little miracles), but there were times when I cleared them gracefully (pun intended). I remained my usual calm self when I was being rejected by quite a few companies during placement days. I remain calm when my boss bangs his head on my table trying to make me work, somehow. That reminds me sometimes of a donkey - who remains calm and collected even when it is beaten up and made to carry the load. There is no other specie which remains more calm and sober. I feel a lot like the donkey (even without the load) – calm and collected.

Or so I believed I was. Because off late I have realized that there are many things that make me uncomfortable. I feel very uncomfortable when I twist my leg wearing those goddamn heals. I feel unable to breathe when I find that my top, which I brought from the Shopper’s Stop sale a couple of months back, does not fit anymore. :-( I feel like crying when I have to drive through one of those pot holes ridden office route. I feel irritated when I find one of those chain mails in my inbox asking me to forward the mail to everyone in my mail list so that Amy Bruce, a 3 yr old kid will receive a new life. I feel like going and hitting the person who sends me yet another dumb joke on Sardars. I feel like smashing the TV set when I see movies which show South Indians as funny variant of Homo sapiens. I frequently get those you-are-crazy and have-you-gone-mad looks from my friends when I show my resentment when a young man driving his Karizma (or even Bajaj M80 for that matter) thinks that he is the king of roads and the traffic signals are meant to be damned. You know, even seemingly innocuous comment on how boring Telugu marriages can be from a very good friend makes me furious these days. I think every kind of marriage, leave alone Telugu marriage, is a boring affair. Then why blame one community!! More so, what right does anyone have to pass on a comment like that?

In most of these cases, all I can do is complain and trust me, I do that very well. But there are cases when the mob mentality hurts. It hurts something in me which I call self-respect. It might be my bloated ego as well, I don’t know. But it does hurt and all I can do is get more irritated and more furious. There are things I cannot change but I won’t accept them as a way of life either. Not until I realize the futility of the effort.

I had no intentions of writing this post. But my dimly lit bay made me write this. And just by the way, Varsha and I reached an agreement about the tubelight issue. She makes sure that she switches on both of them before I come back. And I don’t give her that nasty look if she forgets to do so someday. And we have been living happily ever after. :-)


varsha said...

Hey sweetie i know these things irritate you.. but must say it was an interesting blog...I somehow felt as the main character of a novel written by some great writer:)

I am lost.......please find me said...

i am sorry for whatever i said but surely i know that your wedding is gonna be the most interesting one to attend dear.......only if you will invite me:-). and indeed it was really an intersting blog that came out of ur extra exceptional writing skills after such a long time.......keep knocking me off.......cheers

anusha said...

@ varsha..
you are the central character in more than one ways..and i guess you kept your promise and actually did some advertising for this otherwise good for nothing blogspace..:-)

@i am lost..pls find me
i m not sure what my wedding will be like..and I wonder why the discussion always comes down to my marriage..:-X another reason to get irritate...:-))

Thanks anyways for reading this..and I think I recognized you..:-P

Shobhit said...

So you two lived happily ever after...well that was the best part..lolz.
And...are marriages really that boring? Well that is a highly polemical/debatable/contentious/dubious (phew!) topic...
But one thing's for sure...whenever you decide to pen down even the simplest of events, they become not only an interesting read but also hook up the seem to be a girl possessed while writing a have some skill!

anusha said...


well sir i am flattered to say the least..and just this morning i was thinking of changing the "about me" description from a social misfit to an unskilled labourer..

keep coming..i cant tell you how happy i am to have someone reading all the crap i write and applauding as well.. :-)

Shrijeet said...

Realy interesting reading.Even more so when i am someone who knows both the central characters closely :)

My advice-"Lage Raho Munnabhai"

Few have guts to stand tall!But dont forget to keep a smile on the face.Peace!

Shrijeet said...

Bookmarked on firefox!!!!!!!!!!

anusha said...

@shreejit mamu

munnabhi was still a courteous chap..i have lost that trait over the years..:-))

thanks for visiting..:-)

Bruce Almighty said...

haan to bhaiya.. bade samay baad hamne tumhari blog pe tashreef rakhi hai to fir kuch lamba likh de....

kya laga rakha hai yeh aaj kal... bichari nanhi see jaan versha pe apne irritation nikaltiho...

aur koi khabar wagerah bhi nahi hai tumhari.. koi chitthi na koi sandes...

aur shaadi kar lo ab... nahi to 20's main hi sathiyaa jaogi....

aur dekhr rahaa hoon apka fanclub din dugni,raat chogni tarraki kar raha hai... good going ..... wise cracks and smart wit.. despite of the gender... admitted.

aur kya baat hai.. word verification is here... looks like u got noticed by National spammers association, worldwide.

anusha said...

@rohan a.k.a bruce almighty..

all this while i was thinking that i have a new anonymous admirer who thinks that this is a "very best link"..and i actually developed some false opinions about myself and my writing abilities b4 i realized that there were some who were abusing my blogspace like me, if not more...:-))

but still, there are some new entries in the brave hearted ppl's list..i thank shobhi and shrijeet for bearing the brunt!

tum exams se free ho jao..we will talk..and i would expect some new posts at your blogspace..

keep visting..

archie said...

Anusha!! I dont know what to say..didn't know you write, leave alone the part tat it hooked me on for whatever time I took reading it. and I actually got irritated when someone came to my desk to talk to me while I was at it :-))..see we have something in common..the getting irritated part.
Is it the IT life that we live that makes us so edgy or is it just us...I would never be able to answer that one. And I think I am so going to get back to my writting soon. Coz u have inspired me gurl :-)..
way to go!!

anusha said...

@archie a.k.a archana

well, thanks a lot archana..this appreciation will cost you because you have just inspired me to write some more.. :-)) May God give you strength to bear it..

Keep visiting!