Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Of Cricket, movies, fridge and TV

I recently realized one thing. I sit to update my blog the day I forget how my blog actually looks. So the first thing that came to me this morning was how my blog looks like. And I just could not remember the template. So I thought I would revisit it and write something.

With the World Cup fever on, I thought I should write something about Cricket. But then already more than 1 billion compatriots are writing about it or discussing it in schools, colleges, offices, Parliament etc. Also, the wonderful situation that the Indian team has managed to be in leaves little to comment on. More than our game, we need to see how the two so called minnows, Bangladesh and Bermuda, play, their margin of victory, their run rates etc etc. We might also want to worry about the health of the coaches! Guess, now even the coaches will have to undergo a fitness test to be a part of the squad. But this world cup has made me realize one thing. It is time we stop taking cricket too seriously. The whole country sits and watches these matches. Only to see them lose to the weakest team! The entire nation worries about the form of Mr. Sehwag, who after scoring a century against Bermuda after nearly two years has the guts to say that he was never really worried about his form! What is more, this game is now taking toll on people’s lives. And to top it all, we get masala news like this Come on! We don’t play sports like this. Being obsessed with cricket, we think we are being patriotic. Somebody rightly remarked in one of the forums – “We take patriotism sportingly and sports patriotically.” Well, it is not worth it. Just not worth it!

I also thought, that I might want to write something about the next obsession – movies. The last movie I saw was Apocalypto. I don’t want to say much about that movie. It will make me revisit it and I think I will faint if I think about that heart held in the hand or the head being chopped and rolling down! Blood and gore is what it is all about. I had to go to the other extreme and watch “Hum Saath Saath Hain” to come out of the spell of Apocalypto.

So the two things I was obsessed with have kind of let me down. But I have developed a new interest now. The best channel in this universe – POGO! I have been watching “Just for laugh gags” and “Takeshi’s castle” for a week now and every time I break into non stop laughter. Varsha swears she never saw me in this dangerous avatar ever. Another good thing to have happened to me is the fridge we bought to beat Pune heat. I get ice-cream (every second day) and put it in the freezer and enjoy it! That the ice-cream remains in the freezer for only 5 minutes is a different thing altogether.

So you see, I really don’t have anything to write about. But I promise to write something as soon as I get something to write about or as soon as I forget my blog template (whichever happens later). Till then this can rust in peace!


varsha said...

for all these days you thought nothing seemed to be getting better,its time to change this belief. Your sense of humour is getting better with every post. and I mean it. 'till then it would rust in peace' amazing line. Good going dear.

(sangat ka asar ho raha hai aakhir!! )LOL

UFO said...

Few observations from my side:
1.Indians are obsessed with cricket because it is the only outdoor game which has got more of politics and less of physical effort. Suits our physique and mindset ;)
2. Going to a Mel Gibson movie you've got to expect some gory scenes. That is his core competency.
3. The best part of having your brains eaten is that you lose the capacity to forget
So there has to be some other reason that makes you update this space...Think about it!


anusha said...


yes..."rust in peace"..Sometimes I wonder on the worth of this read it and Mr/Ms/Mrs UFO is the other one..I dont understand whyI even bother to write when I can talk to you anytime and when I dont think I would ever get to talk to UFO! But then thinking and understanding have never been my forte!


I agree with your observations..and with the brain gone, I lost the capacity to forget and think! So I will keep on writing mindlessly as I have been doing all this while!


UFO said...

I expected that think part...;)
It's heartening that u plan to continue writing no matter what.

Anyway, we write blogs more for our own sake than for the readers, so that should not be a problem. :)

anusha said...

UFO, I could have maintained a diary if the idea was to write only for my own self..It is my wish that I trap a few ppl and make them go through all the crap that comes to my mind.. :-D

Nevermind the few readers..I am happy with the lot who come, read and still come back!


UFO said...

And you trapped a UFO! What a web you've weaved :D

PS: It sure feels good to be trapped.

Karamjot said...

yaar i didn't know that Apocalypto had let u far as i remember ...u had come well prepared for it....u know what....i am really waiting for another such movie which i plan to go with you...he he he

anusha said...

UFO you got it right!

@ Karam
so you finally visited my blog! Apocalypto did not let me down..I really liked the heads rolling down the steps, hundreds of bodies lying in open, priests actually pulling the hearts out and everything else..It was a great lifter!!

Well, I am not sure if I would watch another Mel Gibson flick..i think I would rather prefer a family drama like HSSH or Vivah!! :-D

Bharateeyamodernprince said...

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anusha said...


I guess you intended to post this comment on another post! Nevermind..

Coming to the other points, well I was definitely now aware of the agencies..And afa Tatkal is concerned, there were some other problems with that. Also one cannot be sure of the duration for which you will get your passport under tatkal. It can be anything from 1 yr to 10 yr..I am not in a position to take that risk...

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Bharateeyamodernprince said...

//But still, I stand by my opinion that a visit to PPO can be a much better experience..//

well, that experience has atleast helped you to write a blog.. :))