Friday, July 06, 2007

Late, Later, Latest

Yes I know I have a very bad English but I am not trying to prove that latest is the superlative of late. It is not for nothing that I chose this title. The titles are, probably, the only significant thing in this blog. I know, I have been very late in writing this post and I do not have any excuse this time because most of the people who know me would laugh if I gave the reason of not being active here and so I am not going to tell anyone that I have been working like crazy in office. However, life still moves on and finally, there were enough incidents, which brought me back to the world of blogging.

Well, being world’s laziest person, I am always late. I used to be late for school, I used to be the last one to enter the lectures in college and I am always the last one to enter the meeting room in office – always with a poker face. However, no one missed me ever as I have maintained my position of being the most insignificant member in the group. But the other day, I lost my insignificance when, in the process of grabbing the last seat, I stood in front of the web camera with my back towards it, trying to determine the shortest route possible to the last seat. Incidentally, at that time, I was wearing an IBM t-shirt with “I am the Reason” printed in bright yellow. The “oh-you-just-wait-till-this-meeting-gets-over” look on the face of my grand manager (my manager’s manager) made me understand the importance of being punctual. So now, I have decided to be before time to any meeting and be the first one to grab the last seat.

The other thing I learned is the benefits of networking with important people in the organization. You never know when you might need them. I have been networking a lot with the security guards in IBM. The security guard in IBM would always wave and give a “girl-you-are-late-again” look everyday. I would return a “yeah-man-I-know” look and I guess we developed a special bonding. Of late, I realized that the there is a new security guard and he gives me a real nasty look each morning. I really miss my friend in uniform. So, I could not believe my ears and eyes when I heard him shouting “Hey you! Do you Remember me?” in a famous multiplex. He is now on duty in Inox security and was so happy to see me there. The guy’s really an angel! I was searching for dinner one night (I was late again, sigh!) and he was kind enough to open the gates at mid night (when he was supposed to keep me away since the mall was about to close) so that I could get something to eat from McDonald’s. Therefore, the second lesson I learned is, never be late to a place where you don’t know a security guard.

Now the other thing that has been bothering me is my habit of procrastinating things, my habit of saying “later”. Mom would ask me to study and I would say oh mom, later. Dad would ask me to take my career seriously and I always said later! My boss would request me humbly to get back to work and I would smile and say – later. I guess the only thing I have done eagerly is gana-bajana-khana-peena. But this habit has backfired. I have become a little wary of coding because I thought I don’t need to bother today – I can do it later. I have lost touch with so many friends just because I thought, I would be able to call them later. I have gained a lot of weight because I thought I could always workout later. Now the only consolation left for me is the fact that round is a shape and so I can still consider myself to be in shape. As a child I used to dream a lot – “kaash aisa ho jata..kaash vaisa ho jata”. My uncle said once “Duniya mein sab hota hai, bas yeh kaash hi to nahi hota”. I think I might add that there is nothing like later also. “ bhi hai bas yehi ek pal hai..” So, my sincere apologies to everyone I could not talk. I am clearing my backlog and getting back in touch with all of you – “Aap katar mein hain..krupaya prateeksha karein”.

So that is all about this post. You must be wondering what I wanted to say about “latest”. Well it is nothing but a small joke played on me. The joke is my latest salary slip. It gives me a good laugh every time I see it.


Varsha said...

It is wonderful. And I can say that it is original.
After this blog I can say that writing doesnt need constant practise. After a long time u wrote and it is wonderful.

Lets Celebrate Tonight :)

Karamjot said...

hain...(can't hear or can't understand)..;-)..u being lazy...can't beleive..u made me come out of my laziness(more specifically nikkammapan).hehe..u know what...IBM always has one or the other slogans which makes u fit so well in a situation and particularly an embarrising one..I am the Reason, I have my hand in it ..u remember ur previous blog..u mentioned about the advantages of being a south indian(more or less the same as that of surds) other words of not being human, it is what made u enter the mall gates at 23:59..;) comes the LATEST..i don't think i need to say anything about it...u know it very well...hehehe ;-)

Shrijeet said...

Agrees to this female (the one below). Nice reading, loved the flow specially.
Hand writing was alos good :)

Shrijeet said...

excuse me plzz..the female above

Abhay said...

hey di...u were lucky enough..I rmbr, I was late in one meeting nd my boss gave me the day off...neway dont be late in writing new post...lots of ppl r waiting including me..

anusha said...

yeah this is an original copy!! ;-)

and another thing is.."practice makes a man perfect!" women are anyway God's perfect I will not practice writing anymore..

The latest thing is really the worst..i know i dont work that much..lekin fir bhi peanuts ke liye to paise hone hi chahiye na... :-(

thanks sir...your comments are always awaited and appreciated.. :-)

@ Abhay
yeah I have been lucky a lot many times..the biggest luck factor is I am still in IBM.

Keep coming ppl...

Shaan said...

Okay, u said women are perfect creation of god. What about men?

anusha said...

@ Shaan

Welcome to my blog..

I think you missed the pun in my statement..I will, anyway, not comment on what I think about men in general.. ;-)