Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love makes Life Live. Really?

No, I won’t regret anything about this day! It is just another routine day and I fail to understand what all the hue and cry is about, why the rate of roses looks like our Sensex turned upside down! Infact, I totally am with Sena (no not the nation’s armed forces, I mean the local forces armed with a moral lathi!) on this issue. All those “celebrating” the Valentine’s Day are a threat to our culture and should be stopped at all costs! They are doing nothing but polluting our, err, moral values!

Sigh! I wish I really believed in all that I just said. I wish I could stop myself from thinking about why after a quarter of century I still find the most beautiful emotion so elusive and out of reach. Why it is that some people keep on being in love, almost incorrigibly and why a few like me assume the famous poker faced, marvelously clueless expression whenever the dhai aakhar of Hindi and four-lettered English word is mentioned! More than that, why some people are loved by so many and why some others (uff! like me again) are never subjected to even a single proposal. I have been wondering about these things of late but another lone V-Day has spurred the writer in me to action.

As I see it now, the best chance I ever had of “falling” in love was in college. Now, for that, you need to do a few things. For one, you should go to the college! In my case, I used to be the benchmark for short attendence. Rohan would remark after missing a couple of classes that “Arey! Anusha ki short nahi hai attendence..I can still miss a few classes for RT!” So you see, I had already lost the edge! And since I never cared about my education, I would lose a little bit of edge everyday. My friends, Vandit and Rohan were extremely kind. They tried to find a match for me - a best fit given my circumstances. The dude was the AB baby (err..please don't rake your brains with the initials..) of our class who was trying to finish his BE in Elex and Instru since I think 1995. :-( Well, my mangal dosh was really bhari on our AB baby and the poor guy flunked the exams yet again. Ek choti si love story shuru hone se pehle khatam! There is another thing you should probably do to get the attention required to be loved! Behave like a girl (if you are a female homo sapien that is!). my case, Shant would fear my entry and exit the few times I chose to attended classes. “Bhago Bhai aa gaya” was something very commonly heard whenever I used to pass through corridors! So you see I never was considered an eligible contender when it came to matters of the heart.

I never realized in college that life would become very tough once I am out of it. If you are in a company such as mine, you wonder why God stopped manufacturing decent guys anymore. The few remaining specimens of this type are already married or engaged or even worse, younger than you! The can-be-considered cases cannot be considered because I find many of them have this strange habit of drinking, puking, and then drinking some more until they puke again! I love my mom too much to consider such cases. Even though the fact of the matter is they never thought about me as well. They were busy puking I guess! The remaining of the can-be-considered cases cannot be considered because they have a better choice and are not interested in me! :-(

Ab what to do other than sit in office on yet another 14th of Feb and utilize the “free” time to write another stupid post! I know people will have loads of plans for the day. They will wear the brightest of red color, gift those heart shaped balloons and buy expensive gifts. It must give all those lovebirds a high. I have plans too. :-) I will prepare the design document, attend a call with a firang and wish for everyone in love. And when it is night again, I will go to my bed and wonder with a poker face, clueless expression what love is all about.

"To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down." - Woody Allen, Love and Death


Nitu Chiring said...

A master piece!!!!!
That poor guy flunked !!!
Now let me tell you a secret, don't frighten guys.. Already they r frightened to death :)
N the quote, it is too heavy..Don't you think most of us hates recursion?
You rock always..I guess you will keep on mocking even on your death bed...

I will come back again to comment :)

anusha said...

yeah Nitu..I guess I will keep on mocking..Mocking bird I am...The only difference from my POV is that all the mockery is a reality!

The quote was just to prove that love is complex. Difficult to understand. And yes I hate recursion.

Please keep coming and posting!

Varsha said...

Hey anusha wonderful post. The good thing is though you do have something to do on this day, even if thats writing a post. Unlike others who just keep on popping out the chat windows if at all someone says something :)
Well i do remember the college days when vandit and rohan sir with nidhi didi ofcourse, tried so hard to enlighten the candle of love in your heart for AB baby. :) I hope you find the love of your life soon and I am waiting for the post when you would write about how the increases prices of roses look so less when u are in love, may be nxt year!

Keep writing... Have a happy Valentine's Day! God bless u as u have no other choice than celebrating this day with me!

anusha said...


I have been living with the maybe next year syndrome for a long time now..But I guess with the way my mom is proceeding, I think I will finally be over with it!

Well I don't mind writing..I pity the readers! And you very well know what my regret I dont know if that really is a great situation to be in..

Thank you for visiting and umm...commenting! It means a lot..and I guess with your workload there are not going to be even those celebrations!

Come let's go to cafeteria! I am hungry...

Amit said...

Madame again at her best .....amazing blog about this red letter day for love......problem is smwt same here...attending so many parties on V'day.....seeing so many people so deeply in love that it starts overpouring from everywhere.......thoghts as well as deeds....but with only a single message that too from :) (you know her better).

But i know this dhai akhar will def blossom your entire life, not only this day.

n keep rocking n loving the way you do now.


Ankita said...

hey didi,
a wonderful post.n remember these dhai akhar prem wud soon b in ur life n then u wud rock d world n would b writin a post abt tht lovely ocassion...
n u wud b buyin a bunch of roses of tht SPECIAL one ... until then keep celebratin the special day of 14 feb wid me n varsha di...

take care n lots if luck

anusha said...

@Amit ji

yeah..ummeed pe duniya kayam hai..But your case is different as atleast have ppl someone jo aapke peeche pad gaya hai!! :-D

neway..thank you for coming..and please keep coming and helps!

@Anki baby
yeah..Mom will take care of that..but you know that again will be a situation jab I will not be able to ask the question..i will have to be with that person only..something similar to what I am doing today.. hehehhe..

Sridhar Oruganti(Lead or Deal) said...

I liked the decription about guys...but hey not all are like your colleagues at team dinners

anusha said...


You know what, my colleagues at team dinners do not belong to the, for the lack of better word, puking kind. They behave soberly because you see, most of these team dinners are organized by yours truly!! Rookhi sookhi parties at the local Ram Krishna hotel kind. ;-)

Well now I know why the male specie is terrified by me... :-D

Thanks for coming. And keep coming!

Sanchit said...

good sample of every species are always engaged/married... :D
mast post

anusha said...

err Sanchit..

That comment leaves me wondering about myself.. :-)

Thanks for visiting and commenting...

Vishal said...

Kia baat hai Anusha... nice group of words you put together, expressing multiple feelings - sadness, jokes, happiness, masti and all. But I would like to say something if I may, even on 14th Feb you were in the office, writing this blog and attending firang calls but but but... at the end of the day who had spoken to most of the boys as compared to other girls who went out with red colored clothes... well many boys visited YOUR blog on 14th isn't it? so there are some virtual connections :) and hence multiple comments instead of just 1 date.... well thats (my view) the other side of the coin.... keep posting :)

anusha said...

Well Vishal,

1 lukhha(on v day) + 1 velli(on v day) != v day celebrations...

but yes people are kind enough to visit this place, read the crap and get subscribed as well...

The virtual connections are important..they keep this blog running..and i am sure, i enjoyed the comments more than a possible date (angoore khatte hain!)

Thanks for coming and keep visiting... :-)

Sourabh Girdhar said...

It appears that u have stolen words from heart of singles. You have materialized it hard what the every single thinks on the V-Day (For us its Independence day :) ). The thing is you made it a dare to extort all those stances and many people conceal this as they represent the cool part of society.
Well the thing is true – ladoo jo khaye pachtaye jo na khaye who bhi pachtaye….

Love is a very immense feeling which is developed only when you don’t have anyone to love :) , and importantly love get aroused like mukesh ambani’s property when the person you love leaves you (specially he/she gets marries to some one else) :).
This is the time you start feeling like a monkey which is tied to a bamboo tree.

I spent my valentine day with a gal whom I met few days before valentine. I simply dropped a call to her. I said there are many options to ask. I can ask it very pretty way by singing a poem for you and asking you to be for an outing. Even I can drop a bunch of flowers to your door with a V-Card. But the Idea with whom I am convinced most is –

Neither you have anyone nor have I. So let be out for dinner, At least it would be better than watching superfluous news channels.

And she was also convinced with the great thought.

Basically what the great philosophers have said there is always some one whom you dream about.
The only difference you are lack of dreams as you are not able to sleep only.

And most importantly one advantage of being single is suddenly you turn creative and start writing for time pass. When you feel like lonely in this lovable world full of love all around , it comes to your mind that you have a passion for writing and don’t how it has got vanished in the past. Take this example only :) I was never interested in writing even my exam paper and now I reply to blogs posted by others.