Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Q & A

I am back people! Actually I am not back, I am front. You see, I am in front of you, on your computer screen, so technically, I cannot be back. Ok, before you decide to not read further, let me get back (?) to the post.

Well these are some of the questions I have been seeking an answer for. You know, in the loads of free time I get I dare think about these. Why? Well avain. I like to do things which are free of cost. Thinking is free and that is my idea of free thinking. I am convinced of the answers for a few of these questions, I am still seeking answers for a few. You might find them a little silly and you will be right because a lot of people think I am silly. You might find them confusing and you won’t be wrong because heck! I am confused about life. These are not pearls of wisdom because this is no place to seek wisdom. But this works for my life. These are in no particular order. Well, actually they are. They are in the order as they appeared as flashes of light in the tiny space of my small monkey mind.

So go on, read it and be happy!

What is height of confidence?

- Me participating in a handwriting competition and dreaming of winning it.

How to be popular?

- I don’t know. If you are me, you can try cracking jokes or sing or even dance. Notoriety is a type of popularity.

How to kill time? 

- Blog. Hey! That was simple.

How to deal with difficult people?

- Just the way you deal with yourself! :-). But that is very difficult!!

Does love exist? (Can you believe I actually thought of this!!)

- Stupid questions deserve no answer. But for the records, the answer is yes. However hard it may seem to believe at times, it does exist.

How to fall in love?

- Ah! You cannot fall in love. I have fallen enough and I am not in love. Not even close.. :-)

One of the biggest paradoxes I heard lately?

- Virtual reality. Or is it an oxymoron (like deafening silence) to stress that reality, as we perceive it, is virtual?

Who is more important - you or me?

- We are important. I strongly believe in it.

How does it feel to be living an unpredictable life?

- Business as usual.

What is the purpose of life?

- You lose the purpose when you seek the purpose. (Err, what did I just say?)

One of the biggest discoveries I made about life?

- To know something is one thing but to understand it is another. And I have no idea what that means.

One of the worst nightmares I ever had?

- Losing friends. And I lost too many of them lately. I wish I could go back and say sorry to them. But I need to move on. Hopefully, our paths will cross again.

One of the biggest joys of life?

- There are many big joys like a great AOL course, good food, nice vacation, time with family and friends. But I realized one more joy. It is the joy of honesty. To be wrong and yet have it in you to accept that as a fact. The terrible pangs can actually give you some pleasure. And I don’t call myself a masochist, I just call myself honest.

Do you get a second chance in life?

- Yes you do. And you keep on getting second chances until you are able to get out of it. Life is not a test. You are not being judged. You are being loved. Someone told me this once upon a time in life and it has been true for me.

How has my life been so far?

- A bed of roses with long stems and thorns intact.


Redfrog said...

[compliment] Famous writers [/compliment] send checks to readers who find error in publication. Like this one

I have found one in yours. Pehle paisa bhejiyega fir hum error batiyega.

Anusha said...

ek?? anek honge yaar...paise ki kya baat hai!!

vaise kaun se wale ki baat kar rahe ho? :-)

Megha said...

"To know something is one thing but to understand it is another. And I have no idea what that means."

so you haven't understood your discovery yet? hmm....interesting...

Anusha said...

Megha..yeah because to know it is something and understanding is something else..i know it..cannot claim to understand it..

still interesting, huh?

btw I liked the sweet note for Dravid you sent..I hope he does not disappoint.. :-)

Redfrog said...

Arey wo abhi mil nahi raha hai. You corrected it. I just lost tonight's dinner, damn you.

Food apart, very interesting post Anusha Murthy ji!

Life is not a test.someone said something very apt sometime.

Anusha said...

To fir paise vapas karo..Grrrr... :P

lekin tareef ki hai to dinner ke liye chalte hain...Krishna Chhaya!! :-)

Anusha said...

@ Megha,
You might want to get back to this..
"You might find them a little silly and you will be right because a lot of people think I am silly."

Varsha said...

wah kya sawal hain! wah wah kya jawab hain :D

back-front wala to sadi ka uchchatam PJ ho gaya :D

Sourabh Girdhar said...

Maalik you have mastered the art of negative humor.. :)
BTW good one.... Your blog has been one of source of our smile in midst of work in office (Although we rarely work :D ).

Just don't indulge these words outside your blogs...

Be Inspired! Believe in Yourself - Believe in Others!

Amit said...

best questionnaire i ever got to read in any past.........can give KBC a stiff competition.......great work again

Megha said...


After the success of the sweet note i think i will write love letters from now. Vijeta won't mind, right? ;-)

And the Q n A is not silly...or wait...*maybe* I don't find it silly bcoz I am silly...i am silly m(a)id-on

main_sachchu_nadan said...

How to kill time? - I agree, but by reading blogs in my case.
What is height of confidence? - Well, my definition is saying I love u to a gal and expecting the same :P
How to be popular? - Never argue with people, it will not make u popular !!!
How has my life been so far? - Good or bad, it depends upon how the flowers are placed stems-down or stems-up?? :P

By the way, it is a really nice blog. You always keep experimenting with a stuff. I wonder how come u r in a service industry :P.

Abhay said...

Q::Seriously, do u really think so much???


Anusha said...

@ Varsha
wah kya comment hai.. :P
uchchatam lucchatam PJ!! aapka mere blog pe swagat hai.. :-)

@ Sourabh
Yeah, dark and negative humor are my forte..and i take a lot of care in not joking outside this blog..Sometimes I fail and then I have to pay for that.. :-)

Thanks for coming..

@ Amit ji
best hehehaha..:-) great

thanks!! (ROTFL!!)

@ Megha
yeah your words work like a balm..And looking at RD's last bad patch, I am sure Vijeta will have no objections! Anything for his form.. :-)

You are not silly, silly.. our blogs are (your title and my content.. :P)

@ Sachin
LOL for all your answers..specially the last one.. ;-)

i am serving sir in this service industry..i am a server.. eeewwww...

sometimes even i cannot tolerate my PJs..

@ Abhay
Q::Seriously, do u really think so much???

A:: I think that I think.. :-)

My answer could have been "I, do" but I have saved that answer for some other, more appropriate question..koi pooch nahi raha hai lekin..

WOW..You guys are many comments, makes me smile.. Thank you people for visiting.. KEEP COMING!!!

Random Reflections said...

How has my life been so far?

- A bed of roses with long stems and thorns intact.

Loved this one......defines life !

Anusha said...

@ RR..

true it is, ain't? :-)

thanks for coming... :-)

anosh said...

you are so smart, anusha
i like your writing style and value the content :)

Anusha said...

@ Anosh,

That is so very kind of you.. :-) Thanks for visiting mate..