Friday, June 19, 2009


All right. So the voting is on, though the turnout is something like we had in the general elections earlier this year. Or are there only 13 readers of this blog? 13, wow, nice. Though, I came to know about some miscreants who tried to booth capture and have multiple votes. And were brave enough to tell me that! :D

You had such wonderful options for answering why you read this blog. The voting trend so far has been nothing what I thought it would be. The option “Others” got the maximum votes. Except Megha, no one specified what their other reasons are, which makes me wonder even more. If you think by not giving the reason you have given me sleepless nights, then I would say my dear, you are absolutely right! Why not when you have the option? :-O

One might think, based on these votes, that the majority has some other reason to read this blog. But I don’t think majority thinks that. If you group in a slightly different way, you would see that the majority has one of the known reasons to come here. 8 Votes have been for one of the reasons I gave. But the interesting factor comes now. I am seeing that blogger poll gives the vote percentages as well (so kind of them considering my Mathematics abilities) and I will use those. 41% think they have a better reason to come to the blog. 16% think that they visit this blog because they have a bad habit of reading it, 16% think were bribed, 16% think that they were blackmailed and another 16% swear they do not visit at all. Now if we have “Others” in one group (41%) and the “remaining others” (16 + 16 + 16 + 16 = 64%) in another, then, wait, lo and behold, I have had a voter turnout of 64 + 41 = 105%!! :D

Did I complain of a low turnout?? :P

Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hota rehta hain, Senorita! :-)


Redfrog said...

105% lol. I know why. But that's not important. Important point is I haven't received this month's bribe, so I am not coming back in July. Enjoy the 12 people club now. Itna paise mein itna hi milenga bai..

PS: I just increased it from 105 to even more. Buhaahahaa

Anusha said...

yup dude!! you screwed my poll!! No wonder no one visits this place!!

Arslan said...

I've made it 157% now! :P

Anusha said...

@ Arslan

hadd ho gayi.. :P thank you for some more screwing up..

but for some reason my count is 131% and not 157...157 is too much..I am not that popular.. :P

Arslan said...

As of now, it's 26+26+26+26+53=157

And, unfortunately, a bigger number doesn't indicate popularity! :P
(do you seriously not know why it's more than 100?)

Anusha said...

@ Arslan

Yeah when i was calculating i missed one 26..ahem..

did you ever hear of the thought "dil behlane ko Ghalib khyaal achcha hai.."

there are a lot of things i seriously do no know (specially things related to 2+2..)..and honestly, this i do not care.. ;-)

Arslan said...

Though you may not care, but my geeky self can't let this go unexplained.

The reason why the total %age has exceeded 100 is becoz one can select more than one option in your poll.

So, if 15 people had selected all the five options each, you would've gotten 100% for each of the options, and your total would've been 500%. The fact that it is less than 500 but more than 100 means that at least a few people selected more than one option.

(Sorry, cudn't help explaining this.. :|)

Anusha said...

@ Arslan,

Yup dude..I know the multiple votes screwed the nice poll i created..And i mentioned that right in the first para..

Now let me guess...You are an IIM graduate.. Or an MBA...nahi to itni achchi ganit, ma kasam!!

Redfrog said...

I feel so complete about my life after reading the explanation given by the geek.
I always knew something is missing in my life.

Anusha said...

@ Redfrog

In short geek gave you Raymonds! My blog is doing a lot of good...

the weird wizard said...

by d way.. i was just googling for something like "khamakha bewajah" and landed at ur blog.. seems a nice blog.. :) so basically i dun visit ur blog.. but now I like this blog.. f crse.. :)

and onething.. m also quoting some sentences from ur blog for my gtalk status msg.. :D :D never mind.. i wont publish them anywhere or i wont claim them to be mine.. :)

god bless u.. :)

Arslan said...

@Anusha: You don't need to guess, it's easy to find out..

@Redfrog: Yes, I'm known to have that effect on people..

Anusha said...

@ TWW (nice name!)

LOL..dude, I once visited my blog by searching "Koi Fata"..My blog was the first google result. Don't ask why I was making that search and why my blog topped the results.

This blog has copy rights..Every right to copy stuff..I am amazed by the fact that someone found something to write it on the so important gtalk status!! Go on! Quote me to glory..Make me immortal in the pages of History (your status history)!!

Thanks for coming..Keep coming..

@ Arslan

Dude you seriously don't know what you are dealing with here, do you? This blog represents me - a minuscule IQ, a totally down the rug sense of humor and readers like err, ahem, redfrog! The only consolation I can give you is that we are just mean..we don't mean bad.. :-) (I think you will get used to us as you read some more posts!)

Thanks for visiting..I cannot tell you how grateful I am to my readers, specially those who visit, read and comment!

the weird wizard said...

by d way.. i nvr imagined such a nice name wud ever be compressed to TWW.. :D and it so happens that all my friends do call me by the shortened form f my real name even.. :D :D

by d way the nice line i had quoted for my gtalk status msg was.. "One of that time when everything seems so crystal clear. You just know that the world out there is looking at you and smiling, the sky's laughing out loud with you and you just know that you belong... :)" loved it so much.. :) and cudnt resist...

and abt keeping on coming.. i m following it now.. :D dun worry.. i can help u increase ur traffic.. :) all u need 2 ensure is maintain the quality f posts... ;) :D