Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh Yeah! I got lucky!

Hello World! I hope you all are doing as great as I am!

Since I came back from Chicago, I have been telling anyone and everyone within earshot about the so so so very amazing time I had in Chicago over this Guru Purnima. I had heard so many Guru and Guru Purnima stories over these last few days in Satsangs, long Kriya sessions and blogs that I was very curious to see what actually happens. You know, Guruji says in Ashtavakra Gita that there is nothing much you gain out of curiosity. It is just the first stage of gaining knowledge. Even monkeys get curious! :P. Nonetheless, I was curious ki yeh kya bolte rehte hain log!?! And is there any chance it could happen to me too!?! The whole thing to me was something similar to playing Housie/Tambola or entering a lucky draw. You just never get it right! I play the game but can never seem to win it. :-)

So the day comes for me to leave. And I see how things start falling in place amidst complete chaos. Looking back I feel that just the fact that I was able to catch the flight was a big miracle in itself for I had lost all hopes of making it because of that issue going on for 6 weeks at work and which decided to bomb itself exactly the same day I was supposed to leave. But then this is something that happens all the time with all the people in all those IT companies. I did manage to reach Hilton@Chicago just in time to see Him.

Everything that happened after that was for me to see how grace flows. I was doing the Advance course and was in silence for most part of my stay there. But I am amazed how beautifully the desires were taken care of without me saying anything. Not one, not two but every desire that I had and even the ones I could have had. I would want to eat something and it would be present in the next menu, I would want to see someone and the person would be right in front of me in minutes, I would want to hear something and it would be said, I would want to say something and it would become obvious. Well, miracles are coincidences which happen when you want them to! And it all seemed business as usual. Tell me, how often does that happen to you?

But that is not all. I had moments of intense physical pain and euphoria at the same time. I had those moments when I was able to see my life in its entirety and not as a subset of my good and bad times. I was able to see that my life is not one event after another but the experience that those events bring. I was given the assurance from Someone who has the authority to assure. I have never been more relieved in life.

Miracle is not just getting what you like. The bigger miracle is to see your dislikes becoming your likes. I am fortunate I experienced that too. But for me the biggest miracle happened when I saw gratitude flowing out of my eyes when I saw how much I have been blessed with. Gratitude for those who brought me to this world, for those who did everything to make my life what it is and especially for those who contributed in me being there at that moment. All those years of worring and complaining vanished as if they were all lies and never existed. I just wanted to thank the world for just being. Infact, I almost crushed my friend (without who I would never have had taken this path) with my display of gratitude. In this world where there is so much pain, where the majority chooses to suffer, where it is so difficult for people to see the good in me and vice versa, I cannot think of a bigger miracle than seeing gratefulness and contentment oozing out from everywhere.

I had my moments of doubt before going to Chicago. I am so fortunate that I was able to see things beyond my doubts! Afterall, that is what adventure is! To go beyond the doubts and see for yourself. I am so glad I went for this adventure.

And yeah, I got that one look from Him which I had not even dared hope for!


Varsha said...

I was waiting for this post to come and I knew it would come..

You have described the experience very well in words.

Good good..

Random Reflections said...

Beautiful Anusha ! And you got the "look".....ah...the memory of my last look 2 years ago remains imprinted on my mind so much - it makes me smile even when i am really down !


Random Reflections said...

"To go beyond the doubts and see for yourself" -

so glad you took this adventure. When I did in 2006, it changed my life forever. Am sure it will change yours too !


Anusha said...

@ Varsha


I have talking to you a lot about it.. :-)


@ RR

the "look" was something very special for sure.. :-)

my life has changed a lot since i took my first basic is amazing isn't it?

Random Reflections said...

@yes amazing indeed ! can't imagine life without seva-sadhana-satsang now !

Redfrog said...

Its delightful-slash-inspiring-slash-exciting to read your experiences with AOL.
In the presence of the sun, does the sunflower bloom...Hence proved once again :)
Enjoy the summer and beyond!

Anusha said...

@ Redfrog

In the presence of the sun, does the sunflower bloom

beautifully said!

Thanks for reading and commenting..I hope you do the course soon as well! :-)

Amit said...

one more reason for me to start the AOL u need to taste yourself to know how it tastes like....

a long awaited event and a very well written experience

Anusha said...

@ Amit ji

yeah you need to taste it yourself!

Jisha said...

Really, very insiring one Anusha...

Waiting for myself to experience the same...

Anusha said...

@ Jisha..

:-) I am sure you would have wonderful experiences..Do the part 2 whenever you can!