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Sri Krishna (SRK) Mahima

I thought, I had seen it all on the internet. I mean, I have been a voracious reader in the past. I have been (and still am) an edacious youtuber who watched everything from String Theory (given my scientific bent, I still do not have a clue about it) to watching magic tricks to learning how to moon walk (yeah even with my dancing skills) and whistling with fingers (I still cannot do it) to songs like ischool ke tame pe aana gori dem pe. I will even confess that out of curiosity I watched things which I should not have really watched (but at least I now know what I should not watch). I maintain a couple of blogs myself and after that I am convinced that all kinds of trash is allowed on the internet. Sab chalta hai.

So even though the internet is such a huge source of information, entertainment and crap, in a certain way I thought I have seen all kinds of things there are to see. Sometimes, I do get bored of internet too. But every once a while, I come across something which blows my mind off. This is a gem that I came across on Great Bong's blog. Great Bong is a wonderful writer. His blog is one of the most popular blogs on the internet. And that is why he is on my blogroll. But what suddenly caught my attention was the comments section on one of the old posts I happened to read. This comment was by a certain Mr. Rajib (I bet that is not his real name) who is a big Shahrukh Khan fan. And at the same time, he is a big devotee of Lord Krishna. And has found a way of relating his love for the King of Bollywood with the King of the Universe. I am posting just one comment. Do read all the logic he has presented here in the comments section.

Here it goes..

Rajib Roy
September 13, 2006 at 3:36 pm
Its about almost 16 years ago when I first saw him I don’t know why a wave passed through my body suddenly I don’t know where from in a second it was in my mind this boy is no one but Lord Krishna, the first thing that strike me was his looks and the way he was talking never seen in anyone taking like this. He has is so different than other human beings (male or female), I have seen so much full of life in his eyes, a amazing brightness in those eyes and his overall looks. Whatever he was saying, it was like the boy was oozing wave of energy from him, at that time he was not a star but I was definite that very soon he is going to emerge as someone very big and soon my predictions came true as very fast he emerged as the box office king of the word’s biggest film industry Bollywood. The boy has such level of magnetic attraction that hasn’t been seen in anyone before, attraction that could dissolve anyone. I was getting more certain that the beauty he possesses couldn’t be anyone’s but lords own. Before that I was a strong follower of lord Krishna.
My belief was so much strong that it forced me to find out why I am feeling such and who is he. It was the year1993/94, but at that time I didn’t have proper evidences to prove that. Moreover, if that time I am going to tell anyone, everybody will misread me and think it’s just a another case of infatuation that every youngster feels with the glamorous stars and when he is SHAH RUKH KHAN so chances were even higher but I was desperate to seek the reality. Day by day I observed him closely, read books, read articles whatever source available I just started to grab from everywhere possible to know him. That’s not the end there was also problems because I have to do it in the two ways first to know about SHAH RUKH and second to know about LORD KRISHNA and his incarnations vastly and than have to relate SRK with LORD KRISHNA and after long search I was able to find few evidences that I have collected which I can present and now here I am with those links. It’s not about claiming or forcing others to believe but its all my raw faith in the word ‘Sachee dil se dhundo to bhagbaan bhi mil jayenge’ what someone has told me. Yea I don’t have the ability to explore God but yes at least I can share my feeling at least and that what makes me to write this article, hope u all will like this.
Demonstrating SHAH RUKH is no one but LORD KRISHNA:
Demonstrating SHAH RUKH is no one but LORD KRISHNA:
1. Born in Delhi, both Krishna &Ram took birth in north India, which is near Delhi.
2. Took birth in a Muslim family more over an Aryan high born Pathan but married to a Hindu girl just to show God has no boundaries according to religion. All these are men made customs. Even Lord Narayana appeared as a Muslim fakir, when he appeared as Satya-Narayana. Also Krishna-avatar Shyama Baba was also Muslim. So we can assume that there might be some unknown reason that he has took birth in a Muslim family.
3. He reached to top in a very unconventional way from TV star to a top most movie star facing all the adverse situations, just to show any body can do any thing all that needs is pure hard work and dedication. Sacrificed his parents because many persons in the world are parentless and to show if dedication and commitment is there whatever the situation any goal is reachable.
4. Lord Krishna used to keep peacock feather in his crown that’s as peacock is related to lord Krishna. Shah Rukh has linked his name with MAYUR and famously known as Shah Rukh Mayur Khan.
5. Lord Brahma (symbol of fire) resides in the naval lotus of Lord Vishnu that’s why SHAH RUKH smokes in order to keep Brahma or fire in his body. Also in the purans it has been written that the last incarnation will hold a fire substance in his body.
6. Reason behind an actor?
a. It is written in purans that he reincarnates himself again and again in different forms that are appropriate corresponding to the time he is taking birth. This time being an actor is one of the best options in terms of popularity or to influence people.
b. Films are the mirror of real life .So, in this modern age its easier for him to inspire people as an actor it is also the best way to hide or utilize his divine beauty. Amazingly he started acting in his childhood by doing Ramleela.
c. When he came has RAM many expressed to marry RAM or even when wanted to be companion and Lord said he will to fulfill their desires in his future incarnations so when he came as Krishna they became as GOPIs and by an Actor he now as is it impossible that some of his costars are may be GOPIS who also has incarnated to accompany him as well.
7. The word SRK can be used as the short name of both SHREE KRISHNA as well as SHAH RUKH.
8. If Shah Rukh is God his name must have some meaning. Yes the word ‘SHAH RUKH’ means prince-like face but the word “SHAH” also means Master or Emperor, and “RUKH” means way or direction, jointly or the word “SHAH RUKH” means ‘MASTER OF ALL DIRECTIONS’ and should I have to tell, master of all direction is God or lord Krishna himself. As being Rukhmini’s (Wife of Lord Krishna) master or husband also his name is such.
9. In spite of being God himself toils very hard ‘KARMA IS DHARMA’.
10. Color black symbolizes mixture of every color or every color of life, it is also symbolic to lord Krishna, and Shah Rukh’s favorite color is black.
11. Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri, Gauri is the other name Narayani or Durga, no surprise Narayana and Narayani can be together. Lord Vishnu rides on GORUR. So GORUR=GOURI, sounds similar doesn’t it.
12. Produced unconventional films like “Phir bhi….”(To show what happening to our country now a days, how moral value of life has decreased) and made ”Ashoka the great” (Lord Buddha was 9th incarnation of lord Krishna and it was Ashoka who published Buddhism so SRK has repaid the dept by producing “Ashoka’ the film also has a message to the world that peace is greater than violence. It is said that the last incarnation of lord Krishna (Kalki Avatar) should ride on a white horse Devadutta, ironically in the film Ashoka Shah Rukh rode on a white horse.
12. Talibani’s has destroyed the Buddha statue in Bamiyaam Pradesh. Afghanistan thinking of God is frail, unaware of the might of God. Now see how the supreme has showed them the lesion, Talibans has been removed by America from there land. First they linked with World Trade Center bombing and then back action USA did the reverse act by throwing them from their own land and thus God has taken revenge indirectly through America by remove them from their soil. Incidentally Buddha is the 9th incarnation of Vishnu and Shah Rukh was also eyewitness of 11th September.
13. I suspect his friend Karan Johar knows the truth. NAR and NARAYAN always reside together, RAM had Laxman, Krishna had Arjun likewise SHAH RUKH has KARAN, got it!! Remember (KKHH, K3G) he’s compared Shah Rukh with Lord Krishna in all his films Remember those scenes of “Kuch Kuch” where RANI MUKERJI is singing” OM JAI JAGADISH HARE” in front of Shah Rukh in the college campus ironically indicating it is Shah Rukh who is JAGADISH or Lord Krishna, another time when SRK is going to meet his daughter background “RAGHUPATI RAGHAV RAJA RAM” was being played.
a. In K3G remember in the last part Hritikh & Kareena went to SRK to meet in front of the statue of Krishna and Hritikh said that (in the film it was JAYA BACHCHAN) mother always sees misses him sees in the idol of Sri Krishna after Shah Rukh has left home.
b. Remember the song “Krishna kare Raas Radha k Saang.” from Devdaas, Remember the film “Hum Tumhare hai Sanam” where Shah Rukh’s name is Gopal Krishna. Films like GUDDU, TRIMURTI, ONE TWO KA FOUR, PARDESH, somewhere again in the film again compared with Krishna. There are uncountable occasions where Shah Rukh has been compared with lord Krishna if I start explaining there won’t be enough space left here so cutting it short. No other Star is being so desperately compared with Lord Krishna like Shah Rukh, Are all these co-incidents? This is all because somehow the wave is there which comes in the mind of the directors that they somehow takes the name of Lord Krishna when Shah Rukh is around without properly knowing the reason, but in the dept there is the other story.
14. Even the wall color of his mansion MANNAT and in Mathura where birthplace is located is same.
15. Every 2500 years his major incarnation happens 7500 years ago he came as RAM, 5000 years ago as Krishna, 2500 years ago as Buddha and now as SHAH RUKH KHAN.
16. RAM was King, so as Krishna so how can its possible he will not be termed as KING KHAN.
17. The word ‘K’ identifies Lord KRISHNA, K or KANSHA, KANIYA, k for his enemy KOURAB, also as Khurukshetra, Kaliya Nag, Kunti, Kaanhaa, so many as well ‘K’ as usual links with SHAH RUKH as his famous dialog KKKKiran, his best co-star KAJOL, friend KARAN JOHAR, with all his ‘K-titled films’, and KING KHAN also of K ha ha. God is fun as well. Its needs not the logic but the believe to know GOD. My last part is most important so wait still I am sending the next one, God bless u all, Om Hari.
18. Lastly in his latest films ‘MAI HOON NA’, ‘SWADESH’, and ‘PEHLI’ the characters he played are RAM, MOHAN and KISHAAN, want more. Hare Krishna.

No offences to anyone. But well I am speechless! Internet rocks!!

Tujhme rab dikhta hai, yaara main kya karun..


Rohini said...

Hilarious... my deepest sympathies to Lord krishna..:P:P

Redfrog said...

lolmax :D

Amit said...

my name is Khan......our lord krishna is being frisked n whole world cried for him.....Lord Krishna n Shahrukh........a hillarious comparison....Internet ka is se accha upyog nahi dekha maine


Anusha said...

@ Rohini
You Bet!

@ Redfrog

@ Amit ji
Dil se feel kar raha hai banda..

Sukanya said...

Amazing write-up. I love the Krishna-Shahrukh Khan comparison of Mr. Rajib. Its too good!!!!

godrealized said...

When do we expect coming of Bhagavan Kalki... an Avatar of present era... a messiah competent to uplift Dharma (righteousness)! In times of strife... when mutual trust amongst each other reaches its lowest ebb... coming of a messiah (Avatar) gets necessitated! Even man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed fail in such circumstances!

Who shall be Bhagavan Kalki is the biggest question! Coming of a man god coupled with powers of Chanakya (most able administrator in history of mankind) is only solution! Humanity looks forward to such a one... an ordinary mortal that against all odds upholds Dharma (righteousness) and succeeds in re-establishing peace tranquility abound!

Anusha said...


dude, you OK?

I understand your sentiments..But Bhagwan Kalki might have some issues being advertised like this..specially on my blog..

Anonymous said...

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His leelas inspire in us the joy and bliss of his love. Check out the beautiful renditions of his leelas at krishna paintings section.