Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mile Sur..

How do you inspire a nation? How do you instill the sense of pride yet humility in a billion hearts?
We do it with art and music and dance. In our country, there is music in every state, city, street, even every house (one should hear my mom waking me up!) and that becomes the obvious medium..
Back in the 80s, when I was growing up, I was too young to understand anything about the political climate of the nation but from the 9 pm news I remembered it was turmoil. We had a Prime Minister murdered, community hate crimes, formation of many regional political parties. The late 80s was probably one of the most volatile times the nation has seen.
At this time, the Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad inspired a nation’s spirit with Mile Sur Mera Tumhara – written by an accountant and composed by a Marathi Music Director. They created a musical master piece – one message conveyed in 14 languages, rendered by the musical greats of the nation. It started with the power packed voice of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi ji. Then there was Shri Balamurlikrishna ji who sang his piece with the sweetest smile along a beach. I distinctly remember a short wave rising and ending with his notes – perfect timing! And of course there was Lata ji with her pallu in tri-color and an unmatched voice. I learned all the 14 languages by heart even if there was only one line I could really say. I loved the painting that a lonely painter paints on the beach of Goa. There were singers, sportsperson, dancers, painters, actors but most importantly, the general population.
As a child, it had a very deep impact on me. This was my first brush with the diversity of my land. Not a single run of this on TV would be missed. Mom would come out of kitchen to hear it completely and that etched the importance of this work – not just a rare musical feat but a very important one.
Yes, it indeed inspired the nation. It inspired me.
I was waiting to see how the new version looked like. Forget about inspiring, it hardly had any impact on me. It dragged and dragged and dragged – 3 times the length of the original track, yet no where close to what the original did. I liked a few bits of it, the instruments, Bhupendra Hazarika ji and Sonu Nigam doing his bit. But can someone tell me what all those Bollywood stars were doing there? I mean it was not a Filmfare function where every one had to come on stage! We needed youth icons and representatives - not the entire industry! Can some one tell me what was Salman Khan doing in this video? Isn’t he criminally charged with, like, killing a few people and the endangered Chinkara? While, I must admit that his was one of the best shots piece but did the makers not have enough sense to have him put on a shirt while he was around kids? And for heaven’s sake, don’t gesture bite on TV!! Can someone tell Mr. Shahrukh Khan that it is a patriotic album and not one of those stupid romantic movies where he cries, pouts and expects a heroine to run into his outstretched arms? Can someone tell me what was that stupid piece to which Aamir Khan tried his best to bring life to? Lata Mangeshkar ji has been inspiring nation right from the days of Aye Mere Vatan ke logon. I believe she still does that..Did she not deserve a spot here? Haven't the industrialists and entrepreneurs inspired the nation more than the KJos of Indian film industry to find a place in this? And does one really think that Cricket and Hockey will find no representation when showing India and its unity in diversity? Crazy!!
No guys, it is the quality which matters not the quantity. Phir Mile Sur is the display of Indian cinema glamor stars, unlike the original. And that's pretty much about it..
Here's the original one..

P.S : Changing the embeded player to the Youtube URL..It is making my blog load real slow.. 
Long live Indian Republic!


Amit said...

i was trying to compare both the versions....and the impact and the binding effect the earlier version had.....the new one simply fails in every aspect....i can still sing the older version word to word without knowing almost 12 languages out of the 14.....they have made a mockery of a masterpiece

Varsha said...

I didnt like it at all.. :(
the new version of mile sur mera tumhara ,i mean, and not your post :P

Megha said...

Very well said Anusha. To add a few more gripes on this new video -
Did we really need Shahid "Rockstar" Kapur in there? What were Deepika's legs doing in a video for national integration? How come our sporting heroes like Saina, Abhinav, Vijender et al were tacked haphazardly at the end of the video? How about giving them some footage people!! And yes, they missed a trick by not getting anyone from team sports like Cricket and hockey in. Imagine the impact of a Zak flanked by a Dhoni and a Bhajji...

Anusha said...

@ Amit ji

yeah you are impact at all..

@ Varsha

my post usually comes in a similar category..

@ Megha

You are bang on..I was hoping to see Zak and Dhoni..Didn't we win a world cup or something a couple of years back? But Deepika's legs have obviously had more impact on the nation than a WC win..

It looked more of a Bollywood pleasing venture than a revival of one of the most popular song on national integration..

Random Reflections said...

gotta agree with you on that. shirtless salman certainly did not inspire me though with whats on the tubes and papers these days, one wonders....too much bollywood on this one...

Ruchi Bhindwale said...

I totally agree with you as well... The new version is hopeless. I feel the last one was good because it was focussed on people of different cultures that reside together and then came the few film-stars. The new one hardly does something like that and as you said.. it looks like a filmfare award :)

Shweta said...

Hey, when everyone else seems to agree to u in totality I hope I do not annoy you by deferring!I think that the amazing songs like Mile sur mera tumhara, ek titli etc. all had one thing in common...they were all created to appeal to the common people. Now the nature and taste of 'people' keeps changing as a natural phenomenon, and so does the tone of appeal. When u, me and our parents were moved by the glimpses of Wahida Rehaman, Shabana Aazmi etc., this newer generation gets moved by Shahid Kapoor and Salman Khan.Whats common between the faces in both the versions is 'Success'. Of course ur definition of success might not match wid how this newer generation defines it, but we have to agree tht Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan, Shahrukh are an impressive personality for these new kids. So although their presence may seem to be unwarranted to U, they do the task of increasing the memory retention power of the song, which is wht is required, right?
Being a B School Professor I can assure to that the new kids are humming to the tune of Phir mile...., and that makes me really happy, I can hear it in their ring tones,see it on twitter, witness it being made a part of class presentations and hence being discussed about. So according to me although the new version is definitely not as divine as the old one but it does certainly serve the purpose.

Anusha said...

Hey Shweta,

Good to see you comment here..

I completely agree that we need new faces for the new generation..My problem was with the selection of people who represent youth today..I did not have issue with Deepika being represented or even Bollywood being represented..But it was an overkill..We have achievers apart from the "actors"..The original mile sur was celebrating the nation its culture and diversity..The new one for me, is really another filmfare award..

IMHO, I do not see Salman Khan being any sort of inspiration..For all I know, I would tell people to be exactly not like him..Killing innocent people and animals is not something to be proud of..I do not see Shahid Kapur as an inspiration either..All he does in the name of acting is copy SRK shamelessly and he hardly has had hits like SRK did..

Everyone has a choice..I know a lot of young people in college who had a problem seeing Deepika's legs in a patriotic song..

To each their own I guess..

Shweta said...

Hey, yeah to each their own...u r right!
I strongly feel that Patriotism is such a great phenomenon that it is much beyond peoples' dressing ... anybody showing legs or not wearing a shirt cannot hurt true patriotic sentiments.
Moreover how do you know that ur idols are saints in real life...sins committed by Salman became public..I have read about many worshiped actors and singers committing heinous sins in private...So Salman in the song represents a successful and appreciated ACTOR, thts all. He is definitely an inspiration to aspiring Actors.
I do agree to the fact that cricketers deserved a place in the song and so did Lata Ji.But the song does showcase many other young achievers like Abhinav Bindra and Baichung who otherwise do not get much media attention, and they definitely are an inspiration for our youth.
According to me it just a new way of expressing the same feeling of love and respect for our old and much loved product in a new package I guess!!

Anusha said...

You have a point with Abhinav Bindra and Baichung Bhutia..But how much screen presence did they get vs the long list of film actors? the one unity in diversity I saw was films are from every region in India..Ok..point noted..but I don't need 16 min to understand that..

You really think what we wear does not impact what we feel? During the struggle for independence we fought for an identity..We identified some symbols..Like I said, clothes would not have been an issue if other things were OK..

I cannot argue with someone who is getting "inspired" with Sallu..Really..It is beyond my comprehension and so it has been thoroughly criticized here..If he inspires people more than Sachin Tendulkar or MS Dhoni for his "work", then I rest my case..

Shweta said...

Don't take it personally dear...As I said before Salman is an ACTOR..and he is generally considered to be a good ACTOR, dancer etc...ur question to 'who is getting inspired' has already been answered by me...Moreover who is comparing him to Sachin or Dhoni...I already acceped the fact that they deserved a place in the video...
Last point I think what we feel can be beyond what we wear...what we wear shouldn't be made the criteria to judge our feelings.
I do respect ur intense feelings of respect for country and culture and I share the same but I strongly feel we should be a little open to new things.

Anusha said...

I am not taking it personally..Even though this is such a personal opinion..

There is a subset of population which liked this..And this is where the power of original MSMT inspired a "Nation"..It represented nations stalwarts! Seriously Shweta, Salman Khan is a rich man, but not a stalwart of his craft by any standards!! If we accept that as genius then we have to look into what we define as gold standard..And it is not just about Salman Khan..It is about the whole band of film stars..

You know, I am not one of those who rejects anything done by youth completely..Specially where I am now, nothing shocks me anymore..But I do understand one thing..That being open to new things does not mean you let trash in..

Check this link..Another "modern" guy's take on new MS...

Finally, I will not convince you to stop liking new Mile Sur..It is personal..Take it personally.. :P

Shweta said...

Of course what we are talking about is our personal opinions, and arguments take place when personal opinions do not match.
As I said earlier also, definitely the first version is more powerful and divine than the new one.....but the new one is not a 'Trash' either.
Again about Salman, I'am not a fan of his neither are U, there are many people in the old and new versions which I do not 'personally' admire, but I dont mind them being in the video as strongly as you do coz I realize that the video is not for an individual , it is for the masses. And if it appeals to the massess, it is serving its purpose and that is good enogh.
Anyways, we are not here to 'convince' each other, its just a way to express our opinion, and I think we have done enough of it on this topic.
I really like ur blogs, as they make me think! So keep blogging !

Anusha said...

but the new one is not a 'Trash' either. more comments on this..

..but I dont mind them being in the video as strongly as you do coz I realize that the video is not for an individual

well liking and disliking is an individual personal i said, i do not mind bollywood's presence at objection was that it was 98% bollywood..a very commercial venture and a total disregard for even the talents of bollywood..

And if it appeals to the massess, it is serving its purpose and that is good enogh.

Sigh! a big Sigh!!
Tell me something..being a B school professor, what do you vouch and push your students for? Good enough?..I am sure you do not in your class..These things are bigger..specially when we boast of more advanced technology and better exposure of our talents!

Anyways, we are not here to 'convince' each other, its just a way to express our opinion, and I think we have done enough of it on this topic.

Yup!! Peace.. :-)

I really like ur blogs, as they make me think!

err...really?#me blushing# CHOOO CHWEEEET..

Shweta V said...

OK You Won!!!
Got your message Loud and Clear.....
'You better agree to whatever I write in my Blog.Its not a place where freedom of expression and differences of opinions shall be respected or even tolerated'
Till now I thought it was a healthy discussion taking place,without any play of ego, but the last part of your last comment proved it wrong.Sarcasm was not required, I really meant it when I said I like ur blogs.I dont need to prove anything but you can refer to my previous comments on ur blogs and songs when I had appreciated u from the bottom of my heart.
I just thought that may be I could help you look at things from a different angle, but I didnt know it wasnt possible without hurting ur ego, and that wud be d last thing I wud ever want to do.

Anusha said...

Whoa Whoa whoa!! Let's take a deep breath in...and breath out!!..

You have issue with my last comment? The so sweet one? OOPS!

Honestly Shweta, I do not consider my blog to be a place where people think...I have been blogging for almost 4 years now and I have always maintained that I post any of my post..and I stick by it..It was an innocent reply to your comment that you found this blog stimulating..let's put it this way..i tried to be humble..NOT sarcastic..epic fail!!

Trust me..the discussion has been very healthy...very interesting..And no egos bruised at all..yeh sab baaton ko leke doston se ego rakhenge kya!! Nopes..not me..

'You better agree to whatever I write in my Blog.Its not a place where freedom of expression and differences of opinions shall be respected or even tolerated'

Ouch!!! While I remain passionate about music, talents and my take on a lot of things in life, this is not what I practice on my blog..Unless a comment is rude/abusive in any sense, I do not censor..and when I censor it, I delete it..Your comments were healthy..I was enjoying them..I also enjoyed getting back to you with some of them...(#evil smile#)

I have respected comments here always..I throw more jibes on myself than anyone else..My last comment to you was NOT a sarcasm..

You are perfectly entitled to your opinions and that you decide to express them on my blog is MY privilege as a blogger, writer and a friend (for whatever I am worth)..

I look forward to your comments and continue to do so..I hope this will not deter you from tolerating all the crap I write..

I hope that clears some things for you..

Everyone together..Deep, long breath in...and breathe out...


SHYAM said...

With reference to the Phir Mile sur ......" the objective was to recreate the magic which was created in 80s.

The current one has its share of film personalities and also with the latest / revised one where Sachin is also presented. Bollywood is represented well so is the other streams.

I feel that we need to look at it from a rural audience point of view where these actors would be able to sell across the message rather than a Boxer (Mary Kom ) whom hardly people remember and considering the time frame shez in the film no body would recognize her.

At the same time, there are many other prominent and notable persons on this magic like the sand artist Sudarshan; apart from the other stage actors and thespians like Yesudas & son, Dr. Subramanyam and Kavita Krishnamurthy fly.

All the above are major achievers but are they noticable enough, if we take the case of Vijender and Abhinav Bindra, Abhinav even though has been a gold medalist and endorsed the brand Samsung, it hasnt been much recognised..... Vijender also endorsed on some clothing brand......... the issue is that they have failed to convey the message; either for the brand or for this film...... hence the over relevence on certain bollywood actors who may not be gr8 achievers but still a good conveyors of the spirit of freedom esp to the tier II, tier III, tier IV where 80 % of the audience lies and to reach them and make an impact we need their support.

The result of the Phir Mile Sur has triggered a debate which means job accomplished...... irrespective of whether urban audience likes it or not.......... what matters is that whether it triggered the other 80 % of the nation's population we are not sure; with so many channels available and so much clutter in the media space I am not sure whether it did reached them or not

Shyamal Kumar V

Anusha said...

@ Shyam

Thanks for visiting and commenting..