Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kya likhun main?

Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most. A certain UFO has taken my last post very seriously and as promised I had decided not to write anymore. But then, well, I could not stop myself. So here I am back again. 

Now what do I write about. Dada is back on track, infact the only one on track, Reshamiya is still rocking, reservation will happen and I have not been kicked out of IBM till now. The small piece of code I wrote has been deployed by God’s grace and it is working; only God knows how. And they are trying very hard to keep me away from computer so I really don’t have anything to tell you anything about anything happening in office. (err..anything wrong with the last sentence I wrote?) 

OK. I can tell you a couple of things though. I have changed my flat. The ek kamare ka ghar has now given way to a proper 1 BHK flat. The old flat was so small that it was getting impossible to fit Varsha in, I mean her stuff in. You know, she has this big wardrobe and I reckon she has some kind of a database where she keeps track of all the tops and suits she has. I have been sneakily wearing some of her tops and I thought she would not recognize that they were one of hers, but then I could never fool her. And it still amazes me how she remembers how she acquired all her tops and the long story associated with each of her suit. Smart girl she is, no doubt! My stuff has been far less than hers as far as wardrobe is concerned. That I have more books (novels and stuff which I never read!) than her tops is a different matter altogether. Shifting the stuff was quite an ordeal. And thanks to Shalabh and Nitin(yes we needed some manpower for the shifting ;-)), things are settled now. Though there is still a little difficulty in getting Varsha’s wardrobe in. 

But then she did a fine job in keeping things in place. So much so, that my mom liked my flat for the first time in 2.5 years. Infact, she was ecstatic. Mom and dad were in Pune for 3-4 days. It was refreshing to have some authentic rasam prepared by mom. I had almost forgotten how it tastes because whenever I try my hand in, it tastes anything but rasam. Do moms do some magic trick when they are in kitchen? Thankfully mom did not do any of her “jawan ladaki ki ma” roles and so their stay went off very peacefully. Probably she understands me now. Or maybe she agrees with my brother that I need time to grow up. Whatever be the case, it came as a relief. 

The New Year weekend was very boring. We had nice Chinese food in MG Road. I was made to stay up till 12 after which Varsha and Ankita wished me and allowed me to sleep. I broke some New Year resolutions on 1st and that was how New Year was celebrated. 

Well this post has been longer than I intended. But then, you see I could not help myself. But I can assure you I did not use brains to write this. The brain’s gone for good to a certain alien and he/she had a good Xmas dinner of it.


Varsha said...

hey people,This is no publicity stunt nor a means of flaunting my elaborate wardrobe!!!

@anusha-- yar how can u make my wardrobe size public and that how painful u find the stories associated with it?

Anonymous said...

Dear not even an UFO can even think of taking ur mind;-)

u r actually publicising her wardrobe(next item on sale)...... i hope varsha is not reading this.....& nothing better than to have a quite new year........i miss it so much.......keep blogging


Shobhit said...

well....varsha has a big wardrobe....yes...varsha has a big wardrobe....thats news....varsha has a big wardrobe!!!
n ur mom didnt do any customary "jawaan ladki ki maa" recitals...maybe....maybe coz she already has found a "jawaaan ladka" for u.....hehe...
keep them coming.....the posts...I meant;-)

anusha said...

well, I did not mean any publicity stunt. and the "elaborateness" of the wardrobe mentioned should be treated as a simple fact and the motives behind bringing those facts in public are still unknown to me. :-(

And moreover, this blog is virtually unknown to public. So dont worry and dont publicize the URL.. :-)

and why dont u notice all the good things I write about you? :-P

UFO has taken it away and I am told that s/he had a great XMAS supper because of it..and it is because of you ppl that the aam junta celebrate their new yr so lavishly..wanna come to this side of public amit ji?

Tumse kya dushmani hai meri? Maine kya bigada hai tumhara? Maine badi mushkil se varsha ko samjhaya aur tumne woh comment karke sab satyanas kar diya.. :-(


UFO said...

I always believed that one doesn't need brains for blogging. You just gave me solid evidence. :)
Boy, am I happy that you are back to blogging!!!

And I see u have made me somewhat like a public figure as well...It won't be long before the initial U is dropped from my name.

Your profile still reads as mentally challenged. I thought the mental part is way beyond any challenges now. ;)

@Varsha: Bade bade shahron mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rahti hai. Nevermind.

anusha said...

Yes..you are right..You don't have to put in any effort to maintain a blog..some useless crap, and some generous friends maketh a good blog!

Keep enjoying your celebrity status..atleast till the time, as you said, you remain unidentified. ;-)

But, then, I would not allow the sacred f word here..You are always welcome to this blogspace dear UFO.. :-)

Keep reading and commenting,


Bruce Almighty said...

elo madaame,

shifted flats, good... i now know where to accomodate myself while in pune.. so howz life , IBM, varsha, mum, software and the sacred one treating you??

UFO said...

Hmmm FO can be interpreted in different ways, some of them not so tasteful. ;)
I would rather fly off than wait and see that day!
Thanks for the warm welcome. :)
What better can an unexpected, gatecrashing UFO expect?