Friday, October 26, 2007

Meri kahaani, blog ki zubaani

Ah! Honestly, people, it takes a lot of effort to make myself write. But the problem is I am not able to stop myself once I get into it. So what am I thinking about today? 

I read a beautiful line somewhere. “Never take life too seriously. Nobody comes out of it alive anyway!” So you see, we spend our entire lives dodging the inevitable but one fine day you finally face the thing that has been chasing you since the day you were born and then you are free to sleep without any interruption from the mobile alarm (2 mobiles if you are on IT support) or your maidservant or doodhwala. Well, I have successfully dodged the inevitable for another year in this lifetime. Also, this happens to be a very special year because I will be completing a quarter of a century and I expect to achieve the quarter feat at least three more times.

But then this makes me think about my life so far. Has it been good? Have I done any justice to it? Have I been a good daughter (umm…interesting question!), a good sister (well, this is the best I could be to him), a good friend (no comments!), a good student (definitely not!), a good professional ( gotta be kidding)? 

Okay! It all started when I troubled my mom for the first time by disturbing her sleep on a reasonably cold night. Octobers are cold in Bhopal, at least they used to be a quarter century back. I have mentioned in my earlier posts that I am a lazy person and I was too lazy to even born. My parents were waiting for me for a complete week. They thought that I would remain in my mom’s womb for the rest of my life. But I finally decided to open my eyes to this beautiful world. I am told that my dad was in tears when he saw me for the first time. I hope it was because of euphoria and not because of a rude shock! :-D Well there are many legends surrounding my birth. One was that my dad was in tears, another one being I used to look like a chipkali (many believe I still do!) and the most sensational and popular one being that I was picked up from a naali. :-| Why do all the parents in this world have to crack that pathetic joke! I will never do it to my kids (or maybe I would. it is a nice way to annoy them! :-D). 

And since then it has been a journey. Sometimes I had company, at other times I was alone. Sometimes I wished I had company, at other times I wished I were left alone. Some people made my life look ordinary; some others made mine extra ordinary. There were moments when the entire world seemed to be at my feet; and then there were moments when I was brought down to my feet. There were days when I could relax (the entire semester would be time to relax and idle) and then there were those that made me work like a donkey (it happens a lot in IT). There have been people who trusted me and then there were those who broke my faith. Some were funny; some made me look funny. It has indeed been a mixed bag and maybe that is how life should be. Of all the good and bad things that have happened, I think this life has been worth living for. :-) 

After living for such a long time, I still don’t know what is that one thing that is waiting for me. I still don’t know what I want to be, where I want to be. Recently a friend questioned on his blog – how many of us start with a single most aim and work towards it till the end? Well, there might be some who do, but I do not fall in that category. I achieved some unexpected things at times and failed miserably at others. But did I learn my lessons? Umm.. I think yes. I might be adamant at times to accept and follow them, but I have learnt them, definitely. My life has followed the path in the following lines..

Apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain…
Rukh hawaaon ka jidhar ka hai, udhar ke hum hain..

I have no regrets, though, I would try not to make the same mistakes again. And life has been kind to me to give me some important support systems throughout – my parents, my brother and some extremely good friends. 

And special mention about two very special people who have taught me the ways of living. I would have been a very different person without these two and I want to say THANK YOU. One will definitely read this and the other most probably will not! 

So wish me a very happy birthday, pray for me and just come down to Pune for a party!


Varsha said...

I am feeling very good after reading your blog because of the positive flow in which u have described your life so far. Everyone has grey days and heyday in life, the way we take them matters the most.

Wish your life be filled with lots of happiness always and you complete the rest 3 quarters of your life with peace and prosperity.

Well its too early to wish u happy birthday, so wish you a happy life!

Jiyo mere lal. :)

Shrijeet said...

Looks like bday gal is in town ;-P

Point Kramank ek: Tum jiyo hazaron saal , saal ke din ho 256Kbps(err..).

Point kramank do: Bahut badiya likha hai. It made a good read, refreshing and interesting.

Point Kramank teen: Aaane do...


Amit said...

No one could have dscribed her birthday n life thereafter in such a positive n prolific way.........again Anushaji at her best.....Lets celebrate this birthday in grt fashion n mk it memorable for rest of your life..........wish could hv bn there n...lets get slotched ;-)

Wish you all that can get a smile on your face n peace to your soul on your birthday :-)

Nitu Chiring said...

An incredible writing..Life n lol together -- what a cracking hit!! Don't worry about the time that has passed by, count the smiles that you have lived by. Life is beautiful n as always you keep rocking...

Anonymous said...

Very intresting Radio Murthy..!!

Its very well written.

Jeevan ki aapa dhaapi main hum bhichad se gaye hain.

How r u doing...??

anusha said...


Well I wont comment about how colorful my days are..I have caused enough trouble already so can't say how well i have taken them..Thanks for the wishes.. :-)

And as for the +ve energy, you know the source of that.. :-)

@ Shrijeet
err..256 Kbps..yeah that is the only thing that keeps me out of touch with so many moves just too fast! i wish i could go back to the 64kbps days.. :-D

thanks for liking it...

@ Amit ji
yaar aap hote to thodi party sharty ho jaati..abhi kya memorable..lekin fir bhi aap phone to karoge koi fata maar dena.. :D

@ Nitu
Wow..I will believe that this piece was better than the rest! just because you are saying it.. i just love your writing style..

@ Anonymous
Arey dost, college yaad dila diya aur apna naam daalna bhool gaye..jeevan ki aapa dhaapi mein bhi aap sabko bahut yaad kiya..sach mano.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anusha, many many happy returns of the day(belated).
you gave such a short notice for the party, so i could not make it!..


anusha said...

@ G

Hey you are not bday is are most cordially invited..

UFO said...

Rajat jayanti ki haardik Shubhkaamnaayein :)

Vilamb ke liye khsamaprarthi hu...pachchees saal jaisi awadhi ke uplakshya mein do-teen dino ka vilamb to kshamya hai na!!

anusha said...

@Shwetank aka UFO

janmdiwas ek diwas ki khushi nahi..balki ek mahotsava ki tarah manati varsh yeh mahotsava Dooj tak hai...isliye aapne vilamb nahi kiya hai tatha kshama yaachana ki tanik bhi aavashyakta nahi hai..

aap padhaare is webdainiki pe..yeh humaare liye atyant khushi ki baat hai.. :-)