Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mushkil kaam hai Bhaiyya

Maintaining this blog is becoming difficult by the day now. I don't get a clue what I should write about. A friend asked me to comment on India's T20 World Cup win. I thought, finally! I have something to write about. But before I could finish up the post, India was already 2 down against the mighty Aussies..So I thought, I will write about the way the Indian Cricket team swings and how unjustified it is to give them the status of Demi-Gods. But before I could finish that one, India pulled a heroic win against the World Champs in the Chandigarh match. So the Indian Cricket team needs to perform consistently so that I am able to write something on this useless server space. 

I also thought writing something about the musical shows - Star Voice of India and SaReGaMaPa. Specially, the oust of Toshi from Star Voice of India. But before I could do anything on that, Toshi was brought back by the TRP boosting Wild Card round. Also, this site http://starvoiceofindiashow.com/ has everything about this show and yes you can even hear the videos. (Do check out Toshi's performances in this show..) I thought I would compare SVOI and SRGMP but Poonam's and Amanat's recent performances on SRGMP has removed all the doubts I had about which is the better show. I am however, planning to compile some performances which I consider to be this season's best. But you gotta wait for that.

In the end, there's nothing I had to write about. But, then I wrote a comment on a friend's blog and I thought I will post it in my blog. All I could manage to write was this..

Manzil apni, raaste paraaye,
teri raah poochti woh hawaaein,
kabhi hote the apne bhi afsaane,
aaj gumnaami ke andhere saaye..

samjhana kya, dil jaanta hai,
har safar tanha hi kat ta hai,
koi tanhai mein mehfil dhoondhta hai,
koi mehfil mein tanha ho jata hai..

Btw, I want to thank my friend for the above lines. Words from my keypad, inspiration comes from her blog.. :-) Without her, today would have been another postless day..


Varsha said...

These are wonderful lines. As you know things are changing like pune's weather these days be it Indian team's performance or our singers from talent shows.

May be when the October heat is gone you will have lots of things to write. Well, do I need to remind that the month of october ends with an important day!

anusha said...


Which is more wonderful, I still wonder.. - koi tanhai mein mehfil dhoondhta hai,
koi mehfil mein tanha ho jata hai..

Priceless question for both of us! :-)

October has a lot in its store..The last day of October is 31st - the day when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead! (Btw, her blood group was O-ve..Oh! Do I see any pattern here.. :-( )

Varsha said...


Correction here the month of october has an important day 30th october! now, do i make it clear! well, do you see a pattern now?


Nitu Chiring said...

Somewhere I read, one should never look for perfect consistency...Indian team is a living example :-) So you can talk about whimsical stuffs :-)

Amit said...

you picked up two of the most difficult topics because you never now how Indian Cricket team is gonna perform and how the janta is gonna vote for these talent shows. Anyways the last two lines are the most imp because they say it all about us............Tanhai is the only key to peace when mehfil starts hurting :-)

anusha said...


That sounds better and the date you mentioned is an important but dangerous one.. ;-) So God save you from the effects of that date

@ Nitu,

I know I have disappointed you with this post..But the standard is degrading now..can't help...

@ Amit ji,

Amit ji, bang on! Indian team consistently performs inconsistently..And you know, Toshi is in Chakrawat this Friday..so you are again correct how unpredictable Indian junta is..I feel Indian junta has never been really good in voting..nahi to desh kahin aur hi hota.. :-(

aap to mehfil vale ho..tanhai aapke liye zaroorat hai..humara haal kuch alag hai..hum mehfil ke bahaane dhoondhte hain..err..i am planning a party for the dangerous date... :-|

Keep visitng people..

Amit said...

aap mehfil ke bahaane dhundhte ho..........hum tanha hone ke liye mehfile dhundhte hain :-)......any party shd be rocking.........ab thoda change karo.........you re a big girl now ;-)Hope could have been there again

anusha said...

@ amit ji,

yeah i am getting "big" in every sense..

Nishant Modak said...

Please keep writing...
Even when it is mushkil!

anusha said...


Thanks for visiting and doing the tougher job of reading what I write...