Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Those Little Things

This is inspired by the 25 Notes a friend put up on Facebook. This one is Top 15 about me.

Those little things..

1. I was told by dear mommy that I used to look like Chipkali (a house lizard) when I was 15 days old. A lot of people think I still do. I was also told that dad cried when I was born. Well, I suspect, silently, he still does!
2. One of the best things I did in my school life was saving pocket money and spending it on recordings of old songs. I am a big time Indian semi-classical music fanatic and I get maximum peace hearing it. I thank mom and God everyday for giving me the sense of music I have.
3. I love sneakers. It is one of the biggest obsessions I have after music. May be it is because of those I collected because of my singing. I always used to dream of having them as a kid. The school white canvas shoes were the closest to what I had that could be called sport shoes. I have three pairs of sneakers today. Some dreams do come true. Thank you, God!
4. In school, I was around friends who were extremely well read. I never understood how they could read that much. I used to get my kicks reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys when my friends were reading stuff like Divine Romance (by Shri Paramhans Yoganand). Well thankfully, I became a reading addict in college (strictly non-academic) and would not spare reading even the newspaper pudiya in which we used to eat poha!
5. I love driving. I stopped driving bicycle since 5th Standard because I used to drive a moped and then Bajaj Classic in 9th. Those were the times when TVS Champ, Luna and Avanti were planning strategies to capture the minds and hearts of middle class aunty jis. We had one in our family for mom. Yes, it was and still is illegal to drive them without a driving license. But, well, I used to drive. Today, I am happy to be in US where driving is a great pleasure. I am loving it!
6. I cannot carry a purse or a handbag. Even if I carry a purse, I can never put my stuff in it. I would have the purse in my shoulder and carry my mobiles (yes in plural sir ji and ma’am ji..kya karein, kaam hi kuch aisa hai..), keys, a book, wallet and everything else to be carried in my two hands. It happened today and I noticed that my purse was actually empty. I prefer bags which can rest on both my shoulders and dump my stuff in it and walk comfortably.
7. My bag, wallet and anything meant as a utility box is always full of paper. No not paper in the form of currency, but bills and receipts. Once Ankita spent an entire afternoon to sort stuff from one of my bags and she was able to collect enough junk paper to make the local raddi wala run for his money!!
8. I am a movie buff. Watching movie for me is a passion. Going to theatres, getting tickets against all odds, sipping a cool cold drink during interval is something I inherited from mom dad. I can watch any movie. Right from Swades to Devdas to Dev D to Hero No 1 to Singh is King! I watched Victory today..:P Sab aan do!!
9. I love Pani Puris. I think I have mentioned this fact more than the total number of comments I ever received on this blog. But my fascination for this wonderful dish is such! Most of the people who ever gave me farewell called me for dinner and served me with unlimited pani puris. Sometimes I feel that I was born to eat pani puris. Sometimes I feel I will die eating them. Quite a possibility if you see me eating those sometime!
10. I am an Electronics Engineer by qualification. I don’t know how a transistor works. I cannot differentiate between analog and digital signals. I do not have any clue how I cleared my Engineering. I have seen a lot of Engineers prefixing their names with “Er”. I can aptly prefix mine with “Err”. The only things I remember of my Engineering are poha, hot dog, sabudana khichadi, sanwariya seth soda, Calcutta veg-roll and of course pani puri.
11. If Engineering was a mistake, my time in IT is a crime. Ask my leads and managers. They will have all the good things to say about me. Blackmailing is a crime!
12. I fear chipkalis. I can never make myself be in the same room with her. I had to skip my shower many times because it occupied space in my bathroom. Once, as a kid, it fell over me doing a particularly impossible stunt of eating an insect by jumping from ceiling. The trauma is still there. I sweat seeing it, I cannot make myself move, my breath becomes extremely shallow and I see myself dying eating panipuris.
13. I cannot dance even if my life depended on it. Well, they tried a lot to make me shake my legs in hostel. I am the only one who did not dance in my entire college life until my farewell. And when I did, my juniors were the happiest to see me go. I danced at Harsha didi’s wedding. Aaj bhi didi se nazarein milane ki himmat nahi hoti. I danced at Girish bhai’s wedding. My family threatened to disown me. I danced at an office party. They kicked me out and I landed up here in USA!
14. I can cry a lot. I become especially vulnerable when I see an emotional or a supposedly emotional moment on screen. Today for example, I started crying seeing Harman Baweja hitting winning sixer in Victory. Anything which intersects me 6 inches about my heart has the ability to stir my emotions deep down. Crying is one of the best (and very useful) forms of expression ever!
15. Blogging. I started this blog with a curiosity to see what all the fuss is about. It has come a long way for me. I started a few more over the last 3 years. Infact, there are a few more blogs hidden elsewhere which are out of sight and out of reach. But this one has stood the test of time. Blogging is a great form of expression. It helps flush the toxins out. :-)


Amit said...

first of all a very nice template....

these small things only make a great human being called Anusha Radio Murthy :)

i still love to see those chipkalis eating insects :P

no shoes can comfort you the way those canvas shoes used to in school days.....i still miss them

i love driving too though this love blossomed when i came into job n still after taking classes n trying hard cant drive a four wheeler...andar ki baat ye hai ki fat ti hai :D

in short you have transcripted last 16 autumns of your life extremely beautifully here (asli umr nahi bataunga)

keep it up dear.........

waiting for the next one

Redfrog said...

Whats Facebook? Sounds social..:P
In last two days I am reading the fourth version of "25 points about some one", all four on blogs. I want to write one about myself. I shall ctrl c + ctrl v some from yours. Specially the dance one. I did a similar crime too in one of the same events as you did and outcome was worse. I was blamed(^_^) being drunk.

I had a laugh!

Anusha said...

@ Amit ji

Thank you for visiting..

about the sneakers, i cannot live without the ones i own today..but my canvas shoes were taken care of very well..

about driving, well driving in India is not easy..kahin yahan se cut to kahin vahan se cut..driving 4 wheeler is tough! yahan thoda saral hai.. :-)

@ Redfrog
yup it is social..and the rules of the 25 points is that you get tagged and then you write 25 things about yourself and tag 25 more..so we keep knowing about people..

well i am eagerly waiting to see your blog! jaldi se post karo.. :-)

Shweta said...

Interesting!! No. 8, 12 nd 13th are surprising....

Anusha said...


They are? well i thought they might be pretty obvious to you..

ah but then you have never seen my movie passion, going comatose in front of chipkali or worst of all, seeing me dance! atleast for point number 13, i can say, that you are extremely blessed! :-)

keep coming!

Anonymous said...

Man good to read such light and funny post just after starting your day. Hmm.. many facts are new and USEFUL to me in many UNEXPECTED ways :) Bahut kuch likha hai bhai... :P

Point No. 8 is what I also follow.. I feel why should we follow reviews or IMDB rating when we can watch a movie and rate it ourselves... :) People do hardwork while making a movie atleast ek bar to dekhna banta hai. Craziest stuff that I did is to watch Vivah 6 times and that too 2 times back to back (from midnight - 7am).. one with so so print and another with DVD print, trust me I can watch it 1 more time :)

Somethings that I would like to watch Anusha doing:
- Dancing blunder
- trash in the purse
- cry on a movie scene
- Chipkali fever

Best line... "I have seen a lot of Engineers prefixing their names with “Er”. I can aptly prefix mine with “Err”...

Waiting for next set of facts... and plz make it fast.

Keep posting!

Anusha said...

@ Anonymous

Ah my friend! Comments like these make my day!! I write exactly to see comments like these.. :-)jahan meri thodi tareef hoti hai..thode maze liye jaate hain..aur thode aur comments ka scope banta hai.. :P

Well about point no 8, i do read reviews on imdb, rotten tomatoes, rediff, apna bollywood etc..but i do not give a damn! i still watch the movies in spite of the reviews..

Vivah 6 times..awesome...a secret between you and me, i watched hum saath saath hain 22 times. my mother counted..reason, they did not take me when the entire family watched it..it was my idea of revenge.. :P

Thing you want to see are easily accessible...

dance - i have videos :P
trash in the purse - aajao dekhne..
cry on a movie scene - make me watch TZP again...har scene mein roungi...
chipkali fever - bas yaar yahan baksh do..bahut zyada dar lagta hai!

thanks for visiting...and I know who you are!! :P

Varsha said...

To jaisa ki humein pata chala hai ki aap hamare boring comments se itna bore ho chuki hain ki boriyat main aapne hamare liye ek interesting testimonial likh diya hai taki hum aapke interesting post par poore interest ke sath ek interesting comment likhein.
to is baar hum har baar ki tarah achchi achchi aur obvious batein nahi likhenge. Balki darshakon ko ye batana chahenge ki yahan jo 15 tathya likhein hain wo kafi had tak sach hain. Ye madam kitab padhti hain to itni magna ho jati hain ki baki sab kuch bhool jati hain.
Lekin ye itni bhi buri nahi hain dance main. Baarati dance to ekdum mast karti hain. Pani-puri ke liye inhone kai baar mujhe jhaansa bhi diya hai. Aur inko purse taangne main itna jor aata hai ki adhiktar ye apne sath chalne wale ko purse thama deti hain.
Inko ghoomne firne, trekking ityadi ka bahut shauk hai. Kul milakar abhi to sirf aadhi baatein yahan post ki gayi hain, bahut sari aadatein baki hain jo inki pehchan hain.
isike sath, NDTV TV India se, Varsha Shrivastava, AajTak.. ;-)

Anusha said...

@ Varsha

hehe haha...itne interest se itna interesting comment kiya hai aapne..mera aur mere testimonial ka jeevan saarthak ho gaya!

to dekha behnon aur unke bhaiyon! varsha ji mere sabhi tathyon ka samarthan karti hain...

Varsha ji, bina aapka comment aaye, agle post ka Shree Ganesh nahi hota..So don't delay in commenting! Wait a minute, is that your strategy to keep me from writing? Or is that your way to get some more testimonials? Or is it well, you know what.. :P

"isike sath, NDTV TV India se, Varsha Shrivastava, AajTak.. ;-)" - Makes me smile..

Dhanya said...

Totally hilarious! The 'Random 25 things' is circulating around FB like fire. I completely agree with the last one :-) Blogging is a great way to express yourselves. Keep posting!

P.S : I am a newcomer to your blog..

Anusha said...


Welcome and a big thank you for stopping by! Comments are greatly treasured in this blog space.. :-)

Keep coming..