Thursday, February 05, 2009

Game On!

Nothing elates more than having your long lost friends commenting on the traits you displayed as a teenager in school. At the risk of sounding arrogant (or stupid, depends on your perspective about me), I myself, was laughing out loud at my last post. I know I surprised my regular readers and commentators. And Shweta and Megha surprised me with their comments. They took me back to those days when I was having fun with them in the school corridors. So Shweta and Megha, thank you guys for dropping by! 

Happy to see India winning the 4th ODI against SL. That’s the way, Mahi ve! Now I did not really see the match. I can’t, being where I am, you see. There are however, some tell tale signs when it’s game on! For example, cricinfo opens more often than even Orkut on my computer. And no one is interested in talking to me when I call my folks because they are glued to their TV sets. “Haan beta, achcha laga tumse baat karke. Take care” is what I hear when I expected to hear “Hello! Haan beta! Kya haal hain? Bade dinon baad phone kiya!”. When I was in Pune, we would coincide our snack time/lunch time with the slog overs to be able to catch the action live! I was very small when Kapil paaji brought home the World Cup way back in ’84 (yes I was already born then, unlike the 15-20 year-olds of today!!). No one but Megha had the sensibility to question my memory! Guys it was 83 not 84!!! But the joy of winning the T20 WC was nothing less! You love it, you hate it at times, but with all due respects to other sports, Cricket rocks! Go India go!

I am back to searching someone to share my apartment with. I have stayed away from home for almost 9 years now and I can safely tell you that it is one of the most boring and draining activity to indulge in. I have had some great experiences with my apartment mates so far. Good and bad, but great always. They all had something to teach. But then life moves on and it is time to look for someone new. And I can also tell you that finding a room mate is even more difficult than finding your soul-mate because you have to maintain a certain distance with your apartment mate which hopefully, you won’t have to with your life partner. Infact, one major advantage of marriage is that your search for an apartment mate ends for ever! Mom, are you reading this? So yes, it is time for me to again be in the lookout. 

This automatically implies that it is going to be another lone Valentine’s Day for me. Now, yahan US mein, you don’t have to worry about the bans on the V-Day from Bajrang Dalis, Shiv Sainiks and the recent addition to the outfit that has the contract of saving Indian culture, Shri Ram Sene. But kya fayada. Sigh! I hope, as I hope every year, there will not be any red colored, heart shaped balloons flying across my way. Hopefully in 2010. I am still an optimist.

There are a lot of things which I have been procrastinating a lot. It is time to finish those things and get a few of them on track. No, don’t worry it is nothing special. We all do that, very often with our lives. Half of the guilt in this world can be eliminated if people started doing what they really want to do, now. The other half will be eliminated if people stopped doing things they are doing at the moment. Deep down they have no intention of doing them. Either case, there always comes guilt later. Therefore, I am struggling hard to do nothing. J

And finally, the joy in life, many times, comes in small packages. Small surprises, random acts of kindness, an unexpected phone call etc. Are you creating joy somewhere? Be my guest!



Varsha said...

Hey this is real quick.. I am glad at the frequency at which ur posts are coming.
Well, I cant seem to agree more that finding an apartment and an apartment-mate are really painful activities. Though I guess I have been luckier than u in this regard ;-)
About your writing and this post.. I must admit that the posts appear to be very natural and effortlessly written these days.. Soon I hope to read novels written by you. Ever considered writing as a profession seriously? Now it the time..
I am your fan mam.. :)

Shweta said...

hey dear, I'am optimist bout ur optimism...i'am sure u'll find a gem as ur soul mate very soon...after all if I can get one so can u and everybody else under d sun....?:)
by d way aap kin abuses ke abuses ke baare mein keh rahi thi...main khuchh samjhi nahin...clarify karein toh bahut meherbaani hogi....

Shweta said...

...and yeah u write really well

Anonymous said...

So RM I'm back again :) As was my style previously, to pick some key statements from the post and comment on the same. Well this post was indeed interesting but the line that I liked the most was.. "....."Haan beta, achcha laga tumse baat karke. Take care” is what I hear when I expected to hear “Hello! Haan beta! Kya haal hain?....." :)

May be you already judged what I'm thinking :P and I guess its time to reconsider the statement Ms. Writer. While commenting, I think the red rose and V'day discussion has more to comment on... shld it be here or on orkut or via email??? Anyways, you keep writing, I'll keep commenting (in my way) - YOUR OLD Anonymous READER.

It feels so relaxed and good to be in lime light yet hidden :)

Anusha said...

@ Varsha
Lucky huh? Only in terms of searching for them...Living with them, I am sure has been tougher for you compared to me..

Writing professionally? Well, all I do is writing in my profession..emails, ADDs, RTVMs.. ;-) it earns me my living..for sure!

@ Shweta
I meant the abuses you had to bear because of my singing and sense of humor..Both of these traits are popularly known as weapons of mass destruction.. ;-)

Haan yaar..koi to were always the good girl..Bhagwan jodi salamat rakhe tumhari..:D Hum jaison ko thoda sochna padta hai..

Thanks again..i mean it from my heart.. :D

@ Anonymous
It is so very easy to guess you!! You are the most obvious Anonymous poster ever..My old anonymous reader(how old are you btw?). Roses and V-days are not for me..

How about disabling anonymous comments here? I don't like sharing anything..especially the limelight..

But then, anonymous comments are better than no comments..So you can enjoy your moments of glory!

Thank you.. :-)

Random Reflections said...

"This automatically implies that it is going to be another lone Valentine’s Day for me" . For someone who has knowlege, how can you be lonely ? Alone perhaps but lonely ,,nah....As Guruji says "Make the Divine your Valentine " !

Jai Guru Dev,

Amit said...

yaar is baar to gazab.......2 mahine me chaar....i wish u soon find a appartment mate n sooner your soul mate.....happy valentines day madame ;-)
i was always lucky in this....use to get readymade room mates :-)

Varsha is right.....i am also waiting for your first novel...n u will be a sure short best seller

keep writing...

Redfrog said...

"Yes I was already born then, unlike the 15-20 year-olds of today"
You saw the match missing your 10th boards!Awesome, now thats a true indian fan there! Dang man. Wish I arrived earlier. But I saw highlights 10 years later.

Anusha said...

@ RandomReflections
Yes..That definitely helps me lift my morale for the next weekend.. :-)

Guruji rocks! But divine is divine because I am not very close to it..(I am kidding)...:-)

@ Amit ji
2 mahine poore nahi hue abhi..aur chance hai sitam pe sitam hone ka...

and what is with novel ppl? it is a bad idea, i tell takes every ounce of my brain to come up with a you guys want me dead writing a novel? :P And then there will be more dead ppl around after reading that..You guys are sadists... :P

@ Redfrog
That was a rude way of reminding me that I am still single, and that it is going to be another year when i am going to be "alone" on V-day, and that I am really, really old to get married now, almost too late!

No manners huh?


Random Reflections said...

if you can make it , a great way to spend Valentine's day :)


Anusha said...

@ RR

I am planning for it..But sometime in March/April...

For this Valentine's Day however, I am going for this -

The teachers and coordinators were kind enough to allow me.. ;-)

Random Reflections said...

Ah Nice ! Enjoy ! Jameelah is a nice teacher. JGD

Megha said...

Anusha...sorry to be painfully pedantic..but wasn't it 1983 when the WC came home?

and girl..things happen when they have to happen...tera number sure aunty bhi puri koshish kar rahi hain ki agla V-Day tum akele nahi dukele manao...tum bhi mehnat karo :)

Anusha said...

@ RR

Thank you!! :-)

@ Megha
err, ahem, gulp yes..1983! Corrected on the post as well...But I am sure you would excuse my brain...It does not function very well you see..

Rahi doosri mujhe ab sirf dua ki zaroorat hai.. :P

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