Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Inspired!

What is the best way to spend a weekend? For me, it is having your greatest friend at your place, eating as if we are from Somalia, sleeping as if we are small babies and smiling as if we shared some of our biggest secrets without much talking! Yeah I just had a wonderful weekend. :-)

There is another way to spend a nice Saturday evening if you are in Bangalore on 30th May. There is this new thing in town called “Talk Instead” where there are going to be some real life people from our own community who have made it big for themselves and the world around them. They are no stars but they are achievers. The kind of people you look up to when you are really down specially if you have just been disappointed by your manager and you wonder what the heck you are doing in your office! Just see if you can make it to this event. There is lot of inspiration waiting for you. :-)

Get inspired, talk instead! :-)

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Redfrog said...

talk instead , hm sounds cool. Do you have a connection as well?

Anusha said...


Yeah..a good friend's.. :-) want some tickets?? :-)