Saturday, May 16, 2009

Korbo Lorbo Harbo Re!!

Ui Ma! What a terrible time KKR had this IPL. I am not a big Dild.. err SRK fan. Nor were my loyalties ever with Lordie err you-know-who. But I am almost sympathizing with them, much more than what I did for Deewar and Bevadaas last year. KKR, after all, are the biggest entertainers (mostly because of this dude..).

Marked by controversies throughout, this last over in today's match vs Deccan Chargers kind of says it all.

21 needed off the last over. Kolkata have the clear advantage here. Mashrafe to bowl


Mashrafe Mortaza to Sharma, (no ball) FOUR, Rohit's taken four of those,

full toss on middle, pulled away to the deep square-leg boundary, called a no-ball by the leg umpire as there are only three fielders in the ring, what a slip up, drama right at the death. McCullum isn't happy, but if there were just three inside the circle, the call is a right one. The Kolkata captain is disputing the decision, and continues arguing with the umpire, but the decision's been made. It's a no-ball, that's final. An extra ball conceded. How costly will it prove?


Mashrafe Mortaza to Sharma, 1 leg bye, misses out, full just a fraction outside off, moves across to paddle it fine, is it on the pads, just a run


Mashrafe Mortaza to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, a scare there, full and wide, made room to cream that through the covers, got a thick outside edge that landed on the bounce to third man, just a single

14 off 4


Mashrafe Mortaza to Sharma, SIX, meaty, juicy full toss on middle, the worst ball you can bowl under the circumstances, heaved away over midwicket for a massive six, what a timely blow, 8 off 3 now, 115 metres that, one of the biggest of the tournament

8 needed off 3. Doable, what a slip-up. The ball's lost, and they're getting a replacement. Nice, hard thump that. All's sorted. Here it comes. Rohit's ready to face.


Mashrafe Mortaza to Sharma, 1 wide, wide, Mashrafe, what the hell are you doing? Hurls it well wide of the offstump, Rohit lets it go wisely and the umpire frees his arms

7 off 3


Mashrafe Mortaza to Sharma, 2 runs, full and wide, swatted down to long-on, scampers back for the second, Rao runs well to finish the run

5 off 2


Mashrafe Mortaza to Sharma, FOUR, four, four, four, Mashrafe has spoilt it for Kolkata, full and wide, makes room and carts it wide of a diving cover to beat long-off to the boundary

1 needed off the last ball. Scores level. Can Kolkata salvage a super over here? Here it comes. Hold your seats. A short cover, a short fine


Mashrafe Mortaza to Sharma, SIX, it's all over, short on middle, pulls it away well over the fine-leg boundary to seal a thrilling victory, can Kolkata ever win?

Next year KKR, thoda extra Korbo, bilkul nahi Lorbo aapas mein and thoda to jeetbo re!!

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Varsha said...

Hey I realized I am completely off-track with T20 this time.. this looks to be a good match..
Nice description of the last over..

Redfrog said...

can Kolkata ever win?

It was shear bad luck; off course an excellent performance by Sharma was one of the reasons.I feel bad for Kolkata team, I have a soft corner for dada.

Bad day for seniors, Tendulkar's team did bad today as well. Guess both are sitting in some south african bar drinking away their sorrows.

Next year they are bringing Steven Waugh and Ricky Pointing, hopefully they do some good for poor bongs.

Megha said...

Ui Ma!! Looks like all KKR needed was a kick from you :) contact SRK pronto and tell him u can help his side win IPL 3!!

Anusha said...

@ Varsha
tum Hawkeyes wali ho gayi ho ab.. :-)

I am kind of missing all the Cricket fun in India.. A few months more for me..and I will be back to my world!

@ Shrijeet aka Redfrog
Sheer bad luck? happened too much with them..I think KKR would do well when they are out of the clutches of bollywood badshah and phoren babas... :-)

@ Megha
Meri kaali zubaan ma kasam!! I am a CSK supporter..I should be careful with my backlashing..

I think I can finally get something out of this blog now!! :-)

Fark said...

Have no fear. KKR will probably make the SF next year (damn that sort of rhymed)!

I get the feeling that 1 or more of the following may happen next year:

1. Give-heart(Dildo in hindi) and/or Roy might sell off the team to someone else despite the public blahs. Someone like Anil Ambs. Some of the pressure/old baggage gone.
2. John B and his posse leave, new team management comes in. Much needed.
3. We'll see atleast 3-4 different players in the team the next time around - and I mean the big guns.
4. Even if none of above happens, they will still make it to the SF. As I've been harping on elsewhere, there's too much money involved with KKR for them not to win - Modi will make sure of that!

great stuff otherwise!

Fark said...

argh ! don't mention the hawkeyes or the cyclones please!!! hate them! :-)

Kidding Varsha!

Anusha said...

@ Fark


i kind of agree with most of your points..there is great tussle of egos within the KKR camp..and Dildo would do well staying away from the game itself!

let's see where KKR go from here..anything will be an improvement for them!! :-)

Indophile said...

Well Mashrafe was batting today against India and I thought Dhoni should have asked Rohit to bowl an over against him. Well everyone should get a second chance in life I guess