Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Bye 2009!

I am back to US, people, after a 15 day trip to India. I came, I ate and I went back. These were the general sentiments of my family after my trip back home. While almost everyone was unhappy about the very short trip I made, the chat walas, the mithai walas and the namkeen walas of Bhopal were the unhappiest of the lot the day I was leaving. Nobody cried just like 1.5 years back when I was coming for US except my mom of course. This trip was marked by completely illogical conversations, for example statements like “Anusha you need to lose weight” and “Anusha ek roti aur, thoda chawal aur” uttered in a single meal by the same person (yeah you guessed it right) and heavy doses of what ma ka dil goes through (ma ke dil pe kya beetati hai yeh tum abhi nahi samjhogi etc.). Dad maintained his stoic poise and Sandeep felt I did not get enough things for him given the numerous times he has bailed me out!

I wanted to meet a lot of people, but the ones I met made me realize what a wonderful family I really have. Specially my brothers – Sandeep, Raja Bhaiyya and Prateek – the three pillars I have (I wanted to call them Gandhi ji ke teen, you-know-what, but I thought that would be rude) touched my heart in ways I had least expected. Brothers care in a very very special way and I say this because these three showed it this time numerous times. Bhaiyya log, aap logon ne Rakhi* ki laaj rakh li.

Also, with Jan 1 round the corner, I think it is time to retrospect again. This has been an amazing year. As far as I can remember, this has been the greatest year I ever lived. It was marked by amazing experiences at every level. I did things I never thought I would or I could do. In fact, about a lot of things, I amazed myself. I had some of the most meaningful conversations with my best friends. I had some of the most relaxing times with a friend I never thought I would be able to ever spend time with. I had some stunning celebrations this year during Guru Purnima and Diwali. I lost a few things too. Some losses were more devastating than others. Some of them permanently damaged my personality. Some can call that a change that happens to everyone every few years, though I wonder how different change is from deformation. But I would just let them go and not brood over it on this blog too. I have my spare time and Varsha around to think about it! You get the drift, right? But 2009 has been magnificent in every sense of the word. I would love to have a few more years like this one minus the losses of course!

So people, this is going to be the last post this year. And I will take a moment to specially thank you for all the comments you posted this year. Trust me, comments mean a lot to me. All those who have been bribed or blackmailed to read and comment here, I want to tell you that you guys have been doing a great job! Varsha, Amit ji, Shrijeet you guys are great! Even after being bribed and blackmailed so much, you still come, read and comment! Hats off!! And then readers like Megha , RR and Sachin– the only thing I can say and which may make any sense would be thank you for being so kind to me with your regular presence here. Thank you so much! Any silent readers? I would say don't bear it in silence, speak up! All others, like the anonymous dudes who are identified so easily by their usage of certain words (kia, velli etc), well it would help if you guys are more regular in commenting, but umm, err, okay, never mind! I won't be too mean. :-P

So let me wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2010! Let’s have wonderful memories to retrospect in December 2010! :-)

* Rakhi is a holy thread tied by sisters on the wrist of their brothers on the full moon of Shravan. (In times like these when Rakhi can come with a last name like Sawant, I thought I should clarify!)


Arslan said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Varsha said...

great. hny..
rakhi ko clarify karke bahut achcha kiya tumne.. by the way, i wished you started bribing me rather than blackmailing me to comment..

nonetheless, i like all your posts.. but those that mention my name are special.. the more they do so, the better they are :)

Amit said...

i was never blackmailed or bribed....i just love reading your blogs and as varsha said....nothing like it if your name is being mentioned :)
could not meet you this year as well but def we will meet soon and we have more of your posts......may your every year be as wonderful as this one and much more than this

12/30/2009 10:46:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Kia velli naam hi bata diya hota readers ko.... mein disclose nahi karun to theek.. now even you are keeping me anonymous :)
Good hai!

Likhti to kamal ho hi, comments bhi kamal ke deti ho.. Keep posting..!! => Be more n more velli next year :P

Anusha said...

@ Arslan

Thank you Arslan..How are you doing? :)

@ Varsha

LOLMAX..that was a good one, sweetie..but what do i bribe you have everything i could ever hope to offer and some more.. :-)

btw, tell me the snow on my blog any good or is it the ridiculous thing that happened here in Dallas? :P

@ Amit ji

Arey yaar, aapka case alag hai..aapki sehat ke liye I want to bribe you to NOT read my blog..lekin aap imandar ho na..rishwat nahi lete.. :P

Thanks so much and a happy new year to you too.. :-)

@ Anonymous

Dude, yeh tera mera secret hai..tera naam jo hai.. :P

Thank you ji woh zarra nawazi ke liye..

Megha said...

"Hippy" New Year dear Anusha :)

Keep writing, Keep singing...

main_sachchu_nadan said...

Present Mam ...

Random Reflections said...

H N Y 2010 Anusha ! Here's to more blogging, rakhis, trips to India, food, ma ka dal (oops 'dil'), advanced courses....not all necessarily in that order !