Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Free Spirit!

I had not seen a face more beautiful than hers. She looked familiar as if I had known her as a friend forever. She had a perennial smile and could laugh at will. And when she laughed, everyone and everything around her would laugh. The flowers could bloom and the raindrops could shine. She walked with the grace of a swan, the pride of a young maid. She spoke the words of a Zen with the innocence of a child. She walked through the clouds with her feet firmly grounded. She was with everyone yet she was different. She looked at me once and she said a thousand words in her glance. She wanted me to do something and I could have done anything then. She met for a moment and yet she touched lives. She believed in love and yet she did not fear the hurt love might bring. She was special and she made me feel special, if only for a few moments. 

She was everything I ever wanted and ever wanted to be.  

I saw the free spirit today, I met a free soul!


Kavita said...

She sure is special !! This one's poetry, girl.... And beautiful poetry at that !!
And I am pretty certain that some day when I ask you 'who are you?', you will will reply by saying all the things in this post, replacing every 'she is' with 'I am' ...


Varsha said...

Ameen to the above comment.

jish@ said...

Lovely dear..!!

Anusha said...

Kavita - when you say something like this, I want to post 5 posts a day..

Some birds are free, they cannot be caged..She really was some one radiating freedom! :-)

Varsha - Amen!

Jisha - Thank you ji..Credits to the Creator!

Amit said...

too beautiful.....good you met her and i wana meet her too.....please come to Delhi Anush :-)

Anusha said...

Amit ji - thank you..Aapko sahi mein milna hai usse to mil hi loge.. :-)

Delhi kyun?? I mean I will come, lekin is context mein Delhi kyun?