Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Second Homecoming

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking and possibly even asking in the online gossip rooms. What has happened of me in this last one year? I have been getting a lot of concerned calls and comments on this blog asking me whether I was still alive, or worse I got married or something. So let me begin this post by assuring you all that I still exist and am very much single. Some of you might argue that existing and being single is really one and the same thing, but yeah, whatever.

So what really has happened of me in 2011? Lots, to be honest with you. So much so that I could have posted reams on my blog and blogger would have actually started charging a handsome for every post. But I did not have the heart to post any of it here. That’s because none of it was funny or just a tidbit. They were major happenings, the kind of events which shake the earth beneath your feet, make you cry like there is no tomorrow and change you as a person forever. You try to hold on to things and people. But you realize that they are gone and your tears will not bring them back. You are humbled and brought down to your feet and 2011 suddenly starts feeling like 2008 all over again, if you know what I am saying. No, you don’t blog about such things. You write them in your personal diaries and cry every time you go back and read them.

But my dear readers, if there are any left that is, there are a few things which you might be interested in knowing. Three of my favorite people got married – my cousin Rachana, my good friend Amit ji and my best friend Varsha. “Varsha”, probably, has been the most used word in this blog after “I”, “me” and “myself” so you all already know her. She is married to prince charming from Pittsburg - Shashank. I do have a hand in helping these two meet. You see, theirs is an arranged marriage and the ceremonial tea which Varsha took shyly in a tray when she met Shashank for the first time was made by yours truly. Like coffee, a lot can happen over tea as well and Varsha and Shashank can vouch for that. The celebrated and highly bribed commentator on this blog, Amit ji got married to this amazingly warm person Archana. Now I do take some credit for their marriage also because I have a habit of taking credit for everything good that happens around (? Ok, in spite of) me. The thing is Amit ji, at one point of time in his life, decided that he will never ever marry. And at that precise point of time in his life I let out a laughter louder than a F18. That, people, was the turning point in his life. But to be honest, one look at Archana ji is enough to understand why Amit ji is married to her. Yeah, she is that good. And finally, my sweetest and naughtiest sister Rachana married this cutie pie from AhmadabadRavi. Do I have a hand in this too? Hell yes! Rachana could never have married any guy without my approval and she knows that bloody well!!  

But for these joys of life, I can’t imagine how I would have made it to 2012. Almost everything else tested me. I was tested for life and the results came positive. Wow! I like that sound of that! But in the midst of all that, I completely ignored this space. I did not feel like writing. I am back not because I have found an urge to be funny again. No, no, not that. But my friend Vishu, disguised as an anonymous, made me realize that it has been almost one year since I last posted. This has been my longest time away from this blog and I almost felt a little sad. It is not time to say sayonara, yet. But one more year of draught of posts, I think we can then call it a day.

Let me take a chance to wish you all a wonderful 2012. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that some wonderful things are in store this year. Some are shouting Armageddon already but hey, it might be the best thing that happens to us, who knows. Look forward to hope and happiness, take care of your health and your loved ones and love a little more than you did last year.

I sure am going to do all of that! 


Trance Music Forever said...

Ok. So finally you posted again. I hope you never stop posting ever. Ever wondered sometimes,why we have this urge to enjoy every moment of a happy event, family-friends gathering, tours and travels?
That urge leads you to enjoy things, doesn't it? It happens because of the tough times, whose memories are etched on our souls, and these memories say to us: "enjoy matey, these are the good times! You know how tough times feel like, doesn't it?"

Ujjwal Trivedi said...

Awesome! didn't know you blog too! welcome back ... it would be pleasure reading you. keep posting!

Kavita said...

Funny or not, at least you are back. And I for one, am glad you are...cuz it feels great to feel inspired, and I certainly am in need of that :))

All I can say here to you is, "shine on, you crazy diamond"! :) [umm..not much of my originality in that line's a track by Pink Floyd]
But neva mind my originality, cuz the intention's for real...
So..have a tremendous 2012! And if it's not tremendous, make it!!! :))) you are so capable of doing that :))

And oh yea...keep writing too (whenever u feel like it ofcourse)
Love n Hugs...

Shashank Sahai said...

awesome :-) you know what, you've inspired me enough to reboot my own blog :-) anddon't feel sad Anusha, you've gained people, not lost any :-) wonderful words for me and Varsha, thanks :-) can't thank you enough for KC 12/30/10 :-) for the readers for this popular journal though, let me just say, the meeting was arranged, the marriage certainly not :-)

Varsha said...

So you needed me to get married so that you can blog again.. pehle bata deti to we wouldnt have to wait for such a long time.

I am glad you are back. Thanks Vishu :):) Vella ladka kabhi kabhi achche kaam bhi kar deta hai.

And yes, alot can happen over tea, like my husband dear has already said above.

appu said...

I really like readin ur blogs... interesting they are...

Amit said...

i got this late this time....only a bit though...b4 i could say anything else....i would like to mention that you were being missed too much not only in my wedding but also here......and i agree with varsha that we all got married to make you blog again and we could have done it a bit earlier..i know she is good but i wish you could have given some credit to me also to choose Archana :P....welcome back and ye dil maange more madame

Anonymous said...

@varsha: yes, ye ladka velle time mein hi acche kaam karta hai :P

@anusha: when you get married, I'll update your blog. Ek post meri taraf se :D


Anusha said...

@Trance Music Forever
Very nicely put friend..Thanks for reading, liking and commenting.. :-) (btw, I know you mate!! :P)

@ Ujjwal
yup I too indulge myself into thinking that I can write.. :P Thanks!

@ Kavita
You are always kind! Really! :-)

@ Shashank
Start writing and please share the link! :-)

@ Varsha
jaaneman, jaanebahaar, gulegulzar..tumhari shaadi se mere blog ka koi lena dena nahi hai re..Lekin fir bhi mere blog se tumhari shaadi jaldi ho sakti thi to pehle bata deti na..Main bahut bakwas likh deti!! :P

@ Appu
Thank you!! (your name and my comment rhymes..Isn't that cool? :P)

@ Amit ji
Look at my comment for Varsha.. :P
btw, read again. Saara credit aapko hi hai for choosing her. Excellent choice my dearest friend!!

@ Anonymous aka Vishu
LOLMAX!! Neither of that is happening.. :P