Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost and Found

Hi people. I am ekdum mast and jhatang and I hope you are doing great as well. I hope you have broken all your resolutions and now all you have to worry about is your job (if you have one), work (you must be really lucky if you have a job and work!) and salary (job, work and salary – you are truly blessed!). All other things to worry about (family, friendship, love etc) are usually taken care of by life itself (provided, of course, you have one!).

As for me, I wrote a real long and serious post today. Then when I finished writing, I read it and realized the horror story I had written. I was shell shocked to read my insights on life and decided not to venture into thinking mode again! So I am back to writing the nonsense I usually do and hope you guys still look for some sense in it.

Talking of senses, how many times it has happened to you that you kept something somewhere and then all your senses fail you at the same time trying to recollect where you kept it. I know you would say often to make me feel not so bad about myself, but deep down I know that you know that I should know that my small sized brain can only do as much.

Haan to sahib, hua yeh ki recently my friend gave me the key for his mailbox as he was going to remain out of town for some time. My job was to go and check his mails regularly. Then I had to come back home, keep the mails in the bag he gave me and safely keep the keys at a designated place. I was so happy with my self for doing this activity every 3rd day and still finding the keys at their spot. I thought I would, finally, make dad proud. Dad, by the way, is an extreme case systematic safekeeping. He keeps everything so systematically that it is completely impossible for him to lose the electricity bill that he paid in March, 1985. Mom has a similar habit, though she is not an extreme case like dad. She maintains the telephone bill copies only since December 1997. The only thing I seem to be sharing with my parents is genes. J

OK, coming back to the key story. I was happy with my achievement until my friend came back and asked for the keys. I went in smiling and came back with a poker face because I could not find the key there. I could imagine the look of disappointment on dad’s, mom’s, uncles’, bhaiyyas’, didis’ and the entire Murthy family’s faces. I swear I could even hear my mom getting mad at me – “Ek kaam diya woh bhi theek se nahi kar sakti”. Sigh! Phir kya tha. Search mission shuru. I searched every nook and corner possible. I searched the shelf stand, bed, behind bed, on the table, under the table, table top, table drawer, behind the wall etc etc. Nahi bhaiyya, mujhe nahi mila. I tried to forget about it hoping that my friend would forget about it too. But that of course did not happen.

But like most of the time it happens with me, God came to my rescue. Varsha was finally able to find it on the table top, where I swear I looked atleast 20 times, while we were searching for my camera charger. Yes she found the charger too. God bless her eyes.

It is not just the keys and chargers I have been forgetting. I have been forgetting some important stuff in life. Like how not to lose temper, how be more regular with the things I want to do and loads of other things which would surely make mom dad proud. But that is how things are!

By the way, time for you guys to congratulate me. I became mausi twice in the last one month! Ek bhanji, ek bhanja! Thank you, thank you! There is lot of joy in seeing your family grow. J

P.S : I am just being told about the arrival of Rohan junior! That makes me mausiji (yes he still wants me to be RT's sis) of 3. Welcome, Rohan Shah Junior!!

I will be back again! Tab tak ke liye - Hum hain rahi pyar ke, phir milenge, chalte chalte..


Amit said...

congrats masiji..........may god bless you with more :-)

vaise we always tend to forget what we want to keep in mind the most....n most of the time it has got something to do with others as well....

another good one n yes a quicky as well.......may be cos of so many new arrivals....

keep writing


Redfrog said...

March, 1985<--Just one month before I was born. Ok who says exaggeration is my thing. Samne to aao.

Actually I had seen that key but I did not tell you people just for the heck of it. And if you are now wondering who had hidden that are right...

Smokin fun.

Varsha said...

Wow.. tum to mausi cube ban gayi.. he he, sorry for the bad PJ. By the way your post just makes me feel good because even after losing my specs I could spot the key..

it was nice to read a post so quickly on this blog.. aane do..

Random Reflections said...

LOL ....brilliant narrative...written obviously with rapt attention...i can almost feel it...dunno what part to laugh at...maybe all of it !!!

p.s.things mysteriously disappear around me too..MP3 players, a gold chain...i tell myself mera tha hi nahin ....karma ultimately. But seriously being more aware after Art Of Living has helped me lose less stuff.

Anusha said...

@ Amit ji,

well the statement "we tend to forget what we want to keep in mind the most" made me spin my head a bit..if we want something most, it will be in the mind (because you know you want :D )..err confusing..but then i get your point i think..i keep forgetting bdays and i do want to keep that in mind..gosh! life confuses..

haan ji nayi khep aa gayi hai ab..nice time..thank you and same to you for the one common case.. :-)

@ Red Frog

Exaggeration nahi hai re..mere Papa hain woh..don't call him an exaggeration.. :D

agar tum mujhe chabhi de dete time pe na, to main tumko thodi pani puri aur khila deti!! And now if you are wondering the heights and depths of my cruelty, yeah, you are right!

fuming fun!! :-)

@ Varsha
Yaar tussi to great ho..poori duniya jaanti hai yeah..aankh, kaan, naak sab tez hain, dhurandar ekdum bhetreen... :D Jai ho...

@ RR
well!! I almost said my friend, koi baat nahi yaar, woh chabhi to vaise bhi meri nahi thi! until I was timely stopped by Varsha!! :-)

I hope my level of awareness improves as is much needed here..!!