Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ek Sitam..

Hi People,

With loads of free time, I keep on doing something or the other. You remember my post last year on Prateek bhai's wedding. I was just seeing some videos and just thought I would post how I tried my best to torture people around. Here is the video with the innermost feelings and amazing discussions people had while I was singing(?). Keep your eyes on the video (and I suggest you mute your speakers!! )



Varsha said...

Hilarious.. I couldnt control laughing. I am sure people in ITRC will through me out if they would have heard me laughing like this.

By the way, poora video nahi hai.. kahan gaya? And I still maintain this thing... I simply love your singing..

Amit said...

this is not a sitam madam.......its one of the best examples of two of your best qualities.....sense of humor n singing...........its simply superb n a very great idea.......keep rocking us with some more of these....


Shrijeet said...

jey baat!

"hain hain??kya keh rahi hai.." ROFLMAO.

jabardasht idea..mere ko bhi banana hai aisa ek tho.

Anusha said...

@ Varsha,

ITRC ke saath tumhara contract hai..kauno chinta ki baat nahi hai..khoob hanso aur khoob hansao..

Well even though, I feel that I could have done better with this song, thank you for having such nice sentiments for my vocal abilities..

For some reason, I could only upload this much on you tube (uske upar shayad woh bhi bardasht nahi kar paa raha tha..)

@ Amit ji

amit babu, sa se sangeet hota hai, sa sur bhi, sa se singing bhi aur sa se sense of humor bhi!

bahut bahut dhanyawad!

@ Shrijeet

je bahut saral kaam hai..bilkul kariyega.. :-)

Guys a few more added on this video since you checked..might wanna have a look at those too.. :-)

The LOLs, ROTFL, ROFLMAOs made my day..hopefully yours too...

Sanchit said...

thats ur problem.. everything turns out to be good... :)

Anusha said...

@ Sanchit
hehe haha! So kind of you.. :-)

Shweta said...

heard ur voice after such a long time.....d combination of ur jokes nd ur singing was extremely nostalgic....

Megha said...

have been a silent reader of your blog till now but I had to say something after listening to your singing after such a long time....
Your voice is awesome dudette! and you haven't lost a bit of your amazing sense of humour...keep rocking :)

Anusha said...

@ Shweta
did i remind you of the abuses you had to face because of yours truly..i think i did..i think i was successfull..yipppeeeee!!!

Thanks for visiting..aur aiyega.. :P

@ Megha
my friend! why silent..this is the place to shout HOWZZZAATT!!! :-)

thank you so much for finally commenting. and yeah, no, I have not improved a bit..neither in my singing nor in my sense(?) of humor..


Megha said...

I know you haven't...kisi bade intelligent aadmi ne kaha hai ki perfection ko improve karna bahut mushkil hai ;-)