Monday, January 05, 2009

Year's first!

Here’s wishing all my readers a very warm hello on this chilly day. A very cool hi if you happen to read this from Southern Hemisphere. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration. I hope you are out of your hangovers. I hope you are back to work and rocking your work place sharing sweets and photographs! God, I miss Pune and my office there. 

I can understand how tough it is getting back to work. Well you see, 2nd January has almost become synonymous with 1st July since my school days. I love 31st December, I dread 1st January, unless it is a Friday. I can live with a Thursday too since Friday is hardly a working day. :-) Frankly, as far as I am concerned, it is just a psychological thing. I never work!:-)

Well I had a nice, fast paced last week of 2008. I had taken a week off and we hit the road to Houston. Sometimes you do not think enough before doing something. When you do it, you experience things you never believed you could experience. I won’t talk much on that due to inadequacy of appropriate words in the limited scope of my dictionary :D, but I sure did other things in Houston like eating one delicacy per meal, getting a feel of being “at home”, visiting NASA etc! Then some nice site seeing in Irving, completely unexpected New Year celebrations (we slept at 11:59 pm), a lazy New Year day, a completely wasted trip to the Dallas zoo where all the animals had taken a Winter break, finally waking up to the first hangover of the year today. Like last year, I do not have any resolution intact. Unlike last year, I don’t even remember what my resolutions were. And I wonder why I go through the formality of having them in the first place. 

I have been a little restless about some things over the last few days. Some strange questions and no one seems to have an answer. I guess you have to agonize over them enough before you can even get a glimpse of the answer. Sometimes it is the way you interact with the world in general. The more I think I have improved, the more I am reminded how much of a student I need to be of dear life! Does everyone take that long to understand such basic, humane things or is it me with some real old version of brain which God installed in my system considering me to be a spare part in this world? Why is it so that I find dealing with some specific human beings so difficult? What kind of hypocrisy makes me wish the world forgets everything I do but I cannot make myself forget the mistakes someone made once upon a time? I do not know how to change things even with the honest intentions of changing them. Is intention enough? What is honesty? How can you know that you are honest when you know you are an ignorant fool? Hehe. How can you ever know anything? Each question brings to surface some new questions. And I end up writing a blog. Sigh, too much!

No, I do not expect ready made instant answers. I have seen enough to know that it would not help. As I say often, to know something is one thing, to realize it is another. I also do not blame anyone for my particular state. I know 90% of world population seems to be struggling in one way or the other. You see, I am unique, like everyone else. There will be a time, I hope, when I would be a better human. Till than thanks everyone for bearing with me and my flaws. God bless you!

Let’s talk about something else. Someone recently described my excruciating style of writing in words. She described it as contemporary comic thought provoking. It definitely ensured her lunch for the day. But frankly, I want to read some specific people more often. Of late, I realized that many people around me who were simply fabulous with words, have taken a hiatus or simply stopped writing. Rohan is one of the funniest guys with words. But he thinks he cannot make himself write. I want to send him some roses and tell him “dude, stop kidding and start writing!” Amit ji, who can write real heart wrenching poems, has deleted his blog. Nitu, who is one of the most intellectual persons around me, wrote a post last month after almost 4 months! Varsha is still trying to come up with a poem on a different genre or ras as they say in Hindi. I suggested her to write a poem on ganne ka ras but she looked at me and decided not to talk to me for the rest of the day. Shalabh deleted his blog eons back. Shrijeet who is a complete package (funny, intellectual, hard hitting thinker) is waiting for some fine day to start blogging. Come on guys!! Think about me. I write my own posts and then read them too!! A little variety in my life would hurt none!

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, start something new. One thing you might not have done ever. One thing you always wanted to do but never did. Take small steps. Commenting on my blog for example! :D


Sanchit said...

u surely played with words this time.. haina.. nyways yeh template kab change ki.. ?? bolo bolo... i normally read urs from the reader, but this time "someone" and "something" forced me to comment.. hehe.. and yeah get some more songs.. tata

Sourabh Girdhar said...

Good one Maalik..

You inspired me to write something on my blog.. :D

"Like last year, I do not have any resolution intact..."

Don;t you think your new year celebrations formalities are incomplete. Its fun to abide with them for few days.. and suddenly you realize "chadd yaar ki karna hai..."

BTW forgot to wish you.. a very happy and prosperous new year.

PS: This year you should take one resolution. You know what :)

Rohan Shah said...

WoW ! each post on a new template ;)

Thanks a bunch for the roses,, and even more for the praise.. nevertheless "modesty must never camouflage truth"

My 2 cents - the easiest way to deal with difficult people is to stand in front of them and pretend that they don't exist..... the best way to get rid of past baggage apart from off-course kriya is to stop eating almonds (human memory beyond a point is not a great thing to have unless you find a way to format it once in a while)

keep typing ;)

Amit said...

year changed.........template more changes :-)

shabdon ke chakravyuh continues here are the best amongst us n that......keep it up......resolutions are not to be kept intact.....else how the new one will come.


Random Reflections said...

Nice ponderings about life. Do a AOL Part II course this year . A lot happens in silence.


Anusha said...

@ Sanchit - Template kal hi change kiya..yes a few words here and there makes Anusha smile..God bless the reader..Thank you for stopping by Sanchit.. :-)

@ Sourabh - I hope there is something nice to read on Jaane Kya Chahe Man..Yaar tum jis baat ke resolution ki baat kar rahe ho woh ab mere haath mein nahi hai dost...Woh ab mere Ma-Papa ka resolution hai.. :D

@ Rohan - Ah! That was very quick! But I see a few problems with the advice you gave. "Pretending" that difficult people do not exist raises existential questions on my own self. It can be a temporary refuge. Sometimes, in vacations, you get loads of free time to think about these things. Regarding the baggage yeah..I never liked Almonds..I, infact, do not like eating anything healthy! :-)

Amit ji - There is a lot to change apart from the year and template. If you are not fulfilling any of the resolution then why go through the formality..It takes only a few days for new to become old...

RR - Yes, I am really looking forward to the Part 2 course. Hope I would be able to do it in the first quarter itself.

Redfrog said...

Nice handriting. Phresh hai. Liked it.

Sometimes you do not think enough before doing something. When you do it, you experience things you never believed you could experience.

Ahh its so true. Diving into the wilds..

No advice, just a wish - have a happy new year. And hey I have a topping for your pizza - let year 2009 be a fun year filled with 1000s of kicked-butt experiences.

Nitu said...

This is a small step in the right direction :-)
Hope this year will brings answers to your many questions.
Stay blessed.

Anusha said...

Thank you Shrijeet...

My experiences were more people oriented..Not really the results of diving into the wilds

I wish the same for you!

@ Nitu

Thank you..Wishing the same to you..