Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Buzzing to silence..

Don't you think I have been exceptionally quiet this year?

Writing a blog post is never easy. It takes a lot to write anything. The first and foremost thing is to decide on the topic. You need to have an interesting life to write a personal blog like I do. I mean you need to rely so much on life's tragedies like getting infected by some animal disease like chicken pox or mad cow disease or something like that and then blog about the agonies. You have to rely so much on your friends to do something really stupid like locking the bathroom door from the inside so that you are bathroomless for 3 days. You need to rely on your manager to give you some work to do. More than that you need to rely on yourself to make sure that you screw it up, royally! The only times you do not have to worry about thinking for a topic would be on Diwali, Christmas (yippeee!!) or 14th February (sigh) when you would know what to write and what NOT to.

You see, there was a time when I would sit for hours to come up with a post. It would take every ounce of energy, sanity and loads of crap to write something. I was fresh out of college when I started this blog. So anything that would be written on computer would first be scribbled in a notepad. I then, would play with words and hope someone would understand them. I would look up the dictionary a few times and when I would still not find the right word, I would replace it with words like dhansoo and dhaain and hope to sound uber-cool..Then I would throw heaps and loads of sarcasm in. No wonder people look at me strangely. Believe it or not, I used to even do a proof check in my initial days. Finally, it would take a complete disregard for the English language, grammar and shameless guts to publish it. And then I would read the published post a few times over and take ultra pride in the finished product. And then there would be 4 comments and 4 replies until I come up with a new post..


I know I have taken blogging very casually. Seriously, why would I take it seriously? But even with all that casual attitude, I now find it very difficult to write. Not that I feel any pity for the 4 readers who read and comment here. They do not have much choice and I am a sadist. So no, it is not that. The problem is technology and new products that launch everyday which allow you to keep connected to people and let them know what you are upto. There was a time when having a status message on gtalk, YM(what's that?) was a status symbol. I would come up with a new status daily and dish out life's wisdom in there. That used to be a trap to have junta ping you. It used to be a lure to have people come over my blogs. Then came status message on Facebook. I mean a few messages a day was normal. Almost like tweeting. Then came all those stupid apps on FB like Social Interview and Friends Exposed which demand you give a funny answer to questions like meri bains ko anda kyun maara!

And the latest one, Google Buzz, silenced the world. Literally! Day 1 after the launch was full of only one message everywhere - "I am buzzing yay!" Day 2 and Day 3 saw replies to these messages "Me too Yay!". As if there was not enough tautology in our lives already. And then suddenly the world went quiet. People did not know where to post what. And I, probably for the first time in my life, was speechless. Buzz confused like nothing else I have ever seen and I now have fried peanut for my brain. I don't think anything would ever come out of it now..

With all these different places to "update" your life on, I fear that no one would care about the traditional blogging anymore. Though I wonder why I should be afraid. Who cares about this blog anyway! But then I am confused, right?

I am afraid this blog would die a slow, painful death..It would be fitting, some might argue. The 4 readers will finally be spared and all would be well with them. As far as I am concerned, I have lost hope. Yes, even with my new template. Gradually, this will be left unseen and unattended, a haven for spammers!

Wait a minute..Some kind people, God bless their heart, suggested I should write a novel. I think I would avenge my blog's death with a novel..Gee, any takers? :P


Amit said...

casually wont die.........seriously speaking........i am waiting for the novel and my chapter in it :D

Rohit Murthy said...

For your post - Casually serious but seriously novel...wonder if a blog has ever been "biographed"...btw, hope to see a novel arise from the ashes of your blog...

Nitu said...

You have grown up :) You need a bigger pad than this!

Random Reflections said...

this post got yoou a few comments too ! yup blogging is I believe a lot like life one point one is all exuberant wanting to express express express, at times words flow like water, at other times a dull (or not so dull) silence takes over. Best to accept and go with the an blogging :-) I think...

Anusha said...

@ Amit ji - thank you ji..aisa karo na ki ek chapter kya, poori novel likh daalo..

@ Rohit bhai - I will rise like a phoenix and rise like a shooting star..err, the shooting star does not rise..oops.

on a side note..bhai i am very proud of you!!

@ Nitu
how about an ipad? :P

@ RR
yay!! comments!! yipppeee...they are one high point of blogging and life.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey! No way! Don't think of stopping blogging. I know you won't, just saying..!! It's fun to read haatke posts, then their comments and fir discussion in comments..

Little tidbits is the only place where I like to be anonymous. Lease renewal hai kab hai?

As far as novel is concerned, instead of saying (without reading) yeah sure write it, you write well, blah blah.. I would say GO PAPERLESS.. GO GREEN YAY!! :)

What's next?

Arpit said...

Hey you are the blogging star , i usually open up your blogs , when i slips into the blogging world ... don't think there are just 4 ... long live your blogs ... we wont let them die ...

Varsha said...

A song from me to your blog "Jane nahi denge tujhe.. " from 3 idiots.
see obviously u have more readers than u thought.. :)

Anusha said...

@ Anonymous

Dude you think people would say my book is good without reading? well that is a good point.. if i go paperless people would delete it and i would not even know!!

dark gloomy days ahead..

@ Arpit
Yay Yay Yay!! God bless you dude.. thank you..
(I hope you are not a spammer.. :P)

@ Varsha
aapki aise hi comments ne to humein ab tak is blog se jod rakha hai..

Dear readers! You are the life of this blog..

(chalo ho gaya ab..utar aao zameen pe sabke sab!!)