Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Spin Off..

Howdy people!

My mood swings amaze me like nothing else..I mean only 10 days back wasn't I writing about this blog dying and writing novels and grim stuff like that? And here I am, not only writing on this blog but about to throw a 1000 words on you..

I have another spin off from this blog. A picture is worth a thousand words they say. My few thousand words fell flat when I saw Shrijeet's (aka Red Frog on this blog and elsewhere) photos. And I bought a DSLR. His photos literally inspired me to take up this new hobby. 

So and since I am such a showoff, I was not satisfied publishing my photos on facebook. I received so generous comments on some of my pics and that made me think (?)..Gee, let's just start a new blog..So I have a new blog with some clicks I have been taking with my new camera..Here is the link

I can be very dangerous with my talents. I become especially dangerous when I try something for which I have absolutely no aptitude. Creativity has never been my forte and my arts and crafts teachers always had difficulty help me pass their subjects. Teachers usually love to bring the heat on students. In my case, they just wanted to see me go. Yeah, I was that bad..

So really, you don't have to go and see this..And you absolutely don't have to comment there..But you better start thinking what you are going to do if that dirty little secret of yours comes out in public if you don't! 


Amit said...

great work......u will surely do wonders wd your SLR as you did with the pen (er computer) cos you typed not wrote :P

but not been able to comment......pls solve

Anusha said...

Amit ji..You are so sincere.. :-)

You should be able to comment now.. :-)

I know you have already.. :P

princess said...

Happy to see a post again.. after the previous one I was wondering if I'd ever see another. U write well, and keep going. I am sure there are several readers like me who enjoy ur posts but never comment. Well, there's a first time for everything!

Redfrog said...

thanks rahega ;) aur all the best bhi rahega!

Anusha said...

@ Princess
Comment like this makes my day..Thanks much..

(Between you and me, I was just threatening people..I am not going to stop writing anytime soon.. :P )

@ Redfrog
Shukriya to aapko hai.. thank you ji.. :-)

C G said...

First time here and loved your pictures. Especially the first and the last ones. Cool hobby and you are quite good at it! :)

Anusha said...

Hey CG.. Thanks for visiting the two blogs and the kind words of encouragement.. :-)

sandeep said...

luved that last threat of urs :) i am sure people will comment there for better reasons!

and yeah ... hope and wish u keep up ur enthu with the camera

Anusha said...

@ Sandeep

hehe..the threat kind of worked I guess.. ;-)

You sir, are amazing with your camera..Loved each and every pic of yours. I am going to blogroll you..

Thanks for the wishes..

Random Reflections said...

am in the US. If you post you num on my blog, I'll moderate it and we could chat.


Varsha said...

Wish you a great luck :)

I loved your pictures!!

Anusha said...

@ Varsha

Thank you...