Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hey Hi People! Wassup! :-)

It has been a while since my last post now, isn’t it? But I have intentionally taken time with this post because, because, well, because, I needed this much time to come up with “words” for something I experienced in “silence”. :-)

I did the Art of Silence (the advance course or the part 2 as it was previously called) at the AOL Texas ashram in March with one of the senior AOL teachers – Tanuja Limaye (lovingly called Tanu ma). The Uvalde, TX retreat center is a calm serene ranch where you don’t get phone network (wonderful relief for the ears) and no internet connection (wonderful relief for the world!). Couple that with Neelam Aunty’s food and you have the perfect place for the Art of Silence course.  And what can I say about Tanuja didi! She is one of the best teachers I have had the good opportunity to be with. Her strong, affectionate presence is something you have to experience firsthand to understand. Really.

And for almost a month now, I have been trying out to pen down my experiences into words. I could write about the emotional tug of war I was going through just a few days before this course. I could write about the so many “important” things I had in mind to dwell upon during the 5 days. I also could write about how these things were replaced by a single emotion – anger about a conversation I had with a friend, so deep that it captured my whole being. I could write about how I was able to get rid of the small mind gymnastics and how the deep silence penetrated deep within me and even after a month I feel so great about life (yay!!). I could write about the wonderful, wonderful people I met during the course. I could even write about how, coincidently, I met Random Reflections who I call RR, a fellow blogger who I have been following for about a year and how I made his anonymous life miserable by totally popularizing him and his blog during the course. I could even write about how much love and affection you can get from complete strangers who are ready to accept you, I mean really accept you for what you are for they are in that deep state of being where it happens naturally. I could write about how wonderful it is to be in a far off place, away from the world, enjoying a nice meal and singing and dancing in complete masti!

Yes, I could write about all these things. But words can never convey something which only can be experienced. Words can definitely never express the power of silence. That would be silly right? :-P

But I think this one pic says it all for me.

And I am going to cherish this for a very long time to come. :-)

Until the next time, as RR said, “Jai Jai Radha Raman Hari Bol…” !!


Varsha said...

I like your template.. Welcoming spring :)

And u r right, the picture says it all.. you look very very happy..

Amit said...

Words can never convey something which only can be experienced..........and i seriously cant convey what i felt after seeing this pic.....which truly shows happy n contend u r.....jai guruji ki

Random Reflections said...

Was wondering when you were going to break your silence and write :-) !

"Words can definitely never express the power of silence." - Amen to that !

Where is that pic that says it all ?

Anusha said...

@ Varsha

Thank you..Yes, this is one of my all time favorites.. :-)

About the template, it has kind of messed up a few of my widgets. But I am gonna still live with it for a while.. :-)

Thanks for visiting and keep coming.. :-)

@ Amit ji

Jai Gurudev Amit ji...Jai Gurudev.. :-)

Aap bhi jaldi jaldi course kar lo..Fir we will talk about the inexpressible.. :-)

@ RR

What picture! Don't tell me you are not able to view the pic!

I will send you the pics separtely.. :-) You see you are not anonymous to me now..I even have your email id.. :P

Part 2s are addictive..seriously.. :-)


Random Reflections said...

Am serious about the pic. I use Firefox and all I see is a white line. Internet Explorer however shows it fine - is your new template to blame ? . cute pic indeed !


Anusha said...

@ RR

My blog is to be blamed for a lot of problems in this world..I think this is just one of it.. :P

Thank you boss for liking the pic.. :-)

Nitu said...

This is one of the best pics i have ever seen. Your eyes speak thousands words. Silence is such a bliss.

Anusha said...

@ Nitu..

Thank you ji.. :-)

It indeed was blissful..