Sunday, April 25, 2010

Programming songs..

Sahiban, meherban, kadradan (and all types of other daans..)! Aap sabko Anusha ka pyar bhara salaam!!

I am not one of those bloggers who like to post forwarded messages often. Though I agree it would be such a better world if I did not torture you guys with originals. But sometimes, you get something in your inbox which is such nonsense that you cannot but smile reading those. I got one today and I must admit it must be an old one. But I loved it so much (because it was such nonsense) that I could not resist posting it. It was forwarded by a dear friend - Vishal Bahirwani. Those of you who are not privileged enough to know this mahaan hasti must skim through the comments in my blog. You would find an anonymous dude who writes 'kya' as 'kia' ,  calls me 'velli' and that my friends, is Vishal (honestly, I can write a whole post on him. But that's for some other time!).

All you programmers out there, I am sure you would love this stuff. This is a small tribute to all the hard work you guys pretend to do in front of your managers! :-)

1.Two Recursive functions calling each other
Mujhe kuchh kehna hein
mujhe bhi kuchh kehna hein
pehle tum, pehle tum

2. The debugger
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum dena saath mera hamnawaz

3. COM programming in VC++
Roop tera mastana
Pyar mera deewana
Bhool kahin hum se na ho jaye

4. From VC++ to VB
Yeh haseen vaadiyan
Yeh khula asmaan
Aa gaye hum kahan

5. Untrackable bug --
aye ajnabi, tu bhi kabhi,
awaaz de kahin se

6. Unexpected bug (esp. during presentation to client) --
Ye kya hua, Kaise hua, Kab hua, Kyon hua

7. And then to the client --
Jab hua, Tab hua, O chhodo, ye na socho

8. Load Balancing
Saathi haath badhana
ek akela thak jayega
mil kar bojh uthana

9. Modem - talk on a busy connection
suno - kaho,
kaha - suna,
kuch huwa kya?
Abhee to nahin...
kuch bi nahin

10. Windows getting open sourced
Parde mein rahne do
parda na uthao
parda jo uth gaya to bhed khul jayeha
allah meri tauba, allah meri tauba

11. Local variable
Mein pal do pal ka shayar hoon,
pal do pal meri kahani hai,
pal do pal meri hastihai...

12. Global variable
Main har ik pal ka shayar hoon
har ik pal meri kahani hai
har ik pal meri hasti hai ...

13. Null pointers
Mera jeevan kora kagaz kora hi reh gaya.

14. Dangling pointers
Maut bhi aati nahi jaan bhi jati nahin.

15. GOTO
Ajeeb dastan hai yeh
Kahan shuru kahan khatam
Ye manzilen hain kaun si
Na woh samajh sake na hum

Hi hi hi.. loved it! loved it! :-)

Three cheers for Vishu!! :-)


Anonymous said...

WHAT :O :O ....
matlab KYA!!! ... :)
Man! so this is what you asked me to look at.. LOLMAX.. Monday morning office aake neend uddgai meri... ab mein apni tarif kia karun velli...

But still, zarra nawazi k liye shukriya :)

Varsha said...

:) yes that is Vishu.. samjhe KIA..
itni spelling mistakes karta hai isliye iska naam maine Blunder Boy rakha hai.. :)

Anusha said...

@ Vishal aka anonymous

main teri kia tareef karun yaar..isliye maine tere message daal diya..

@ Varsha

blunder boy mein blunder ka l hata do.. heheheh...

Anonymous said...

BLUNDER boy se L remove kardiya to kuch zayad nahi hoga.. bas thoda typo hojayega... :P

Random Reflections said...

"pehle tum, pehle tum" :-) That would be infinite recursion though . At some point the singers would have to start singing "Stack Overflow...Stack Overflow" !

Amit said...

Kia blunder kiya hai is Bunder boy ne....good one to read..........long live Vishu
Kia Hasti hai Bi GOD.......

Anusha said...

@ Vishu
how do you know ki typo l hataane mein hai...typo l lagaane mein bhi to ho sakta hai.. :P

@ Amit ji
Arey bunder boy ka wonder hai blunder.. :P

@ RR
You got it mate..I am just imagining the tune they would be singing "Stack overflow.." in.. :D

Irwin said...

Here it comes form a Non-programming, Non IT.. guy
Dangling Pointer what sort of a name is that?

Unfortunately the community I belong to is a rare species in India and cant think of such nonsense emails :)) =))
Sai Kiran

And what about the song " Mai shayar toh nahi" where can that be put to use?? Anyone?

Anusha said...

@ Kiran

hehe..welcome to the insane world of programmers.. :P

You spend a little more time with us programmers and then " Mai shayar toh nahi" could be aptly applied to the non-programming, non-IT guys like you.. :P

Irwin said...

your blog is like "lively", I too tried writing some, its a fiasco.. No one reads them :P Becoz they are true events mixed with some fiction.

Btw thought of Mai shayar toh nahi:

There is this concept of short circuiting in C++ I remember,:
But cant think of a better one.
God I am jobless since the time I came back to India.

Anusha said...

There is this concept of short circuiting in C++ I remember,:

dude, you are exposing me now.. :P For me short circuit is Circuit's (of munna bhai's fame) son!! And I have no idea what he would have to do with C++... :P

My blog is all inspired by true events..And you have no idea what kind of a disaster this has been so far! Can't say if it is "lively" or not. But my blog just refuses to die..Even with new technology!

and we always have silent readers..I am sure you have some!! Don't give up.. ;-)

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