Friday, April 07, 2006

The new Chaska..

Being in a software firm has one big advantage..A free access to a computer with 1GB RAM and an internet connection whose speed is rivaled by the supersonic jets.So here I am, with a free blog space and hundreds of thoughts, raring to go..

Right now I am just trying to acquaint myself..and will start posting soon..

Till then take care..


Anonymous said...

aise hi chaska lagati bilkul colourful aur sangeetmay ho jayegi

anusha said...

@anonymous..Thanks dude!! but u would have done better by revealing your name..

Deepali said...

Well done Anusha.. Sangeet ke sath sath aur kya kya chaska lagna baki hai madam?

anusha said...


Thanks a lot...dekho yaar jitne chaske lag jayen utna achcha hai..bas ek hi to life hai..:-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Vishwanath said...

Hi there.

Its good to have hobbies like this, but kindly avoid using office resources for this.

Senior Operations Manager
Infosys, Pune.

Anusha said...

@ Vishwanath

Thanks for visiting..

I would remember that piece of advice if I would ever be in Infosys..

Thanks for letting ppl know that you are a big gun in Infosys..

This is a personal space and what I write here is a personal discretion. Should not hurt ppl who are not stakeholders..

I hope you like reading the posts here..