Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Outage in IT..

Time for a new post!

I have loads of time today (not that I had less of it yesterday, the other day or any day for that matter). Reason - there is some major network outage in the client network today and the hardworking souls of my company have been left strangled in the middle with nothing better to do. So here I am with the next post. Now, let me not get into the technicalites of the matter, though I am not sure what technical information I can give, but in simple words internet not working. :-) And since a fast reliable internet connection is the raw material in the IT industry, we have no option left but to enjoy the break!

You have to be in a software firm to fully appreciate the kind of reactions people give in distressing times like these. For one, the entire floor becomes empty baring a few souls who can still be found glued to their seats. Nah, dont mistaken them to be the sincere types. They actually are freshers who have recently joined their projects. The young blood cannot rest and tries to go against the basic commandment of internet - Thou shalt not be able to work if the server is down. They try to show their commitment to their project in difficult times - trying to impress a team lead who is not at his/her cubicle! Sooner or later these young turks realize that they missed having fun and that too officially. Well you learn that with experience!

The Team Lead, depending on the person's gender, gets time to discuss matters of grave importance with his/her peers. If the TL happens to be a male, you will find him smoking with others in the clan in the lobby, cursing his Project Manager or planning his next vacation. On the other hand, the female TL can be found having coffee in the pantry, cursing her Project Manager or planning her next vacation. No gender discriminations in such matters.

Some people get the shock of their lives! Network down is the last thing they expect to happen. These are the souls who have a sword dangling dangerously over their heads in the form of a deadline. Each day (and night) counts. They have been working 74 hrs a week to meet this creepy deadline and all they find is a deadend! My sympathies with them.

Finally, there are those who are beyond such petty things. God bless these carefree souls, life is party for them with or without a network! And they find really good means to kill their free time - blogging for instance..

Wondering how I could post this? Well my $ 97 bn company has a network of it's own :-)!


Bruce Almighty said...

nice post....you can as wel post this at your intranet forum..

btw, get your time setting in the blog write. Its showing posted at 2.20 AM.

anusha said...

Rohan, I will never be able to post another one if i follow ur first advice.. :-)

for the second one..thanks for pointing that out..

ASSET said...

Hi Anusha,
First time here.
N find u also a victim of India's Big IT story.
Very true, ur comments.
I had also written a post on IT industry sometimes bak at my blog.
check it out.


anusha said...


Thanks for visiting and reading..

I dont consider myself to be a victim of the IT industry! Every industry has its pros and cons..Considering the fact that IT is still very new and many companies are in the nascent stages some probs are bound to come..Hope these companies take these things as a challenge and come up well!


Ajay said...

wow .Nice quote
Nice commandment :)

anusha said...


Thanks for visiting the blog..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

anusha said...

@ anonymous 1
U dont have to spam here dude..and it would not help u either because very few ppl visit this space..

@ anonymous 2
Thanks for visiting..

Anonymous said...

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