Wednesday, April 19, 2006

May, Mitra and Mitraa

Well does not allow me to type in Hindi. So pls read the title as "May, Mitra and Mitraa" :-)). See Mitra - friend and Mitraa - beloved.

May is the hottest month in this part of the globe. And it's going to get really hot this year. No I dont work for the Metrological dept and unlike them, my prediction's gonna be correct..And the reason for Mercury rising like the Sensex this year is one of my mitra has found his mitraa. That's not all! His mitraa also happens to be my mitra and they are getting married when the mitra (mitra also happens to be a Sanskrit word for Sun) is going to shine brightest! To cut the long story short, Rohan, my classmate and a close buddy, is tying wedding knots with Aarti, one of my first roommate, this May..

Ok! Enough playing with words. But I like dramatic openings :-). And Rohan Aarti's wedding is a big news afterall..The first one in my gang of brats. Now we all knew of their long courtship - the lanky, handsome dude falling all over Aarti who drew loads of oos and aahs form the guys...The surprise element was the date (and month and year as well!!) and you bet it was a pleasant one..Frankly, I was not expecting it to happen so soon..But Kabirdas probably had couples like Ro Ro and RT in mind when he gave the world the famous "Kaal kare so aaj kar" doha!

Rt u break hearts of many! Though I am not aware of ur heart breaking abilities, Rohan :-). Yeah but I remember u broke many promises. Rohan skipped so many brain storming sessions we used to have while making our final year project that we stopped counting him in our batch! Well, that we used to end up eating samosas in canteen or playing taash in Varsha's place in these meetings is a different story altogether (More on that in the coming posts!) ..This true fokat son of Instru wanted to change his branch to TC in his final year. Even we wished it was possible for their convenience (and ours too..). But that did not happen. And we had to tie him to a computer in our lab to finally get some coding done. He actually did a wonderful job in just one day and that was the only part working in our project :-).. Rohan's a stud in his own right..

And his sweetheart is nothing short of an all rounder..She is beautiful, she has brains (as per Rohan that's a rare combination in females, though i beg to differ!), she sings, she dances and is a total mastikhor when it comes to having fun. I would always remember the way Aarti's slapped this guy during Dhadkan practices (dont want to mention his name and risk getting sued in the process)..So Rohan u know that u will have to behave urself!

All in all a very sweet couple...Here's wishing both of u a very happy and wonderful married life..Khoob saare bachche hon aapke aur dher saari shaitaniyan karke pareshan karen tum dono ko (u both deserve this - itna pareshan kiya hai sabko!)..

Waiting eagerly for this May!! When all mitra will meet once again for the marriage of our mitra and his mitraa!!


Bruce Almighty said...

Thanks for courtship,

I still feel beauty and brains are rare combination in female species nonetheless i found two for sure : one would my wife and the other my half-wife.... saali that is, u i mean...

great post...

open invitation for this may to those who read this post...


anusha said...

Khulle aam gaali Rohan?? :-)

Good u liked it! and I still dont have RTs approval to be her sis..She might just want me to be ur sis! :-)

Gharati baarati dono side se hone mein yehi prob hai..


Amit said...

again a good one anush,you shud start writing,,,,,,,you are just too good wn its come to play wd words written s wl s spoken..... n i also agree to Rohan........BEAUTY WD BRAINS IS DEF A RARE COMBINATION.....wishing both rohan n Arti a happy married life......cheers

anusha said...


Amit ji zarra nawazi ka shukriya!

Aarti said...

What a skillful Software Engineer!! Specially when it comes to articulating things and playing a Guitar.
Though i havent heard, u playing a Guitar. But I am sure it would be as lovely as hear you singing.
Now i can not write as much as you have written about me. Thanks for-all-the-complements..(zyada ho gaya kya? );-)

Good,,, i am remembered for giving a tight slap to this Guy. Already this has been noticed by some,
whom i wanted to notice! ;-)

No more oos and aahs...;-)

Are yaar, this blog is something i should blog on!!

Bbye for now

anusha said...

Hey RT!! was most desperate to see ur comments here.. :-)

I hope "this guy" would excuse me for mentioning that incident..

and dont be so sure of ooos and aahs..they will be there i am sure as always..

btw from whose side you wish me to come?? Rohan wants me to be gharati..He has some vested interests..he is quite fascinated by "saali aadhi gharwali" concept :-) u may try that slap on him once before marriage too..

Aarti said...

Well, i am confused..if he is so much fascinated by this concept..
But then, let us prove him wrong and you come from side
what say?

Aarti said...

that was a blunder


let us prove him wrong and you come from MY side..
what say?

anusha said...

okay done!! that ways we both can keep him on track..:-)

Just kidding!! meri to dono taraf se aish hai..would have max fun!

|>e\/@ said...

anusha !!! copy cat ho !!
but a good post, better than wht i cud muster !!!

anusha said...


copy cat nahi hote to Engg nahi kar paate..

But this post was long competition with u sir! aap to guru ho.. :-)

Thanks for liking it..

main_sachchu_nadan said...

Well done dude..ooopss sory!!I shud not make such mistakes.In afty itself u told me tht u r a gal ;). Yaar par duwayein dete samay desh ki aabadi ka bhi thoda dhyan rakhna chahiye!!

anusha said...

Thanks Sachin..

Abhi Rohan RT ko to de di dua..Maybe tumhe dete time dhyan rakhungi..



Hey I never knew u write so well!!! Agar pehle pata hota to sari project report tumse he likhwate!!!

anusha said...

Thank you vandit..samajh lo sangat ka asar ho gaya hai..

aur mujhe kaam karne ki aadat nahi hai isliye yeh hunar(if at all there is any) chupa ke rakha tha aaj tak..

Anonymous said...

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anusha said...

Thank you anonymous..I don't know about the excellent part..but thanks for liking it..